23 Replies to “Male actor dresses as woman to experience sexual harassment”

  1. I wish women would carry knives with them so when man gets sexually aggressive, when a man's is bleeding out on the floor you all know why

  2. Damn, I would like to live Cairo. Then I could live out my nature not like here in the West where they kick me out of the nightclubs because they are fucking white knights.

  3. i think they are so used to burka that they didn't even think twice after seeing if it's a guy or a girl

  4. Weird, in all of the catcalling (and men harassing women) the women have been immodestly dressed in short dresses, or wearing shorts, tops that reveal a lot of skin, and so forth. In this video the actor was dressed modestly and not wearing revealing clothing. I only wear longer skirts and non-revealing tops (and I’m over 45, but I’m not old…lol) and it’s disturbing to see younger men do this to young women who are dressed appropriately and not showing a lot of skin. Do men do this in the U.S. with younger women who are modestly dressed?

  5. I have been to Egypt, precisely cairo and Alexandria. I was sexually harassed and some guys actually came to saying they want to fuck me openly. I wasn’t dressed half naked. But I believe no all Egyptian are like this. Be careful in egypt

  6. You don't need to be a woman to be sexually harassed
    I'm male and I've been sexually harassed

  7. 0:23 like wtf…..kids sexually harassing kids? Am appalled & disgusted, is this the kind of world w/live in

  8. Dressing like a female doesn't make you female… Lol just like bleaching my skin and relaxing my hair won't make me white…

  9. I had a car of men follow me down the street screaming at me "do you take it in the ass?" They followed me for blocks. When we were coming to the corner it was a red light and they would have stopped next to me. I panicked and ran down a side street which on retrospect wasn't smart since it was small and secluded. They didn't follow me or jump out but it scared me and thats in the USA. Richmond VA to be exact. Some of these first world guys saying it doesn't happen often here really are just unaware.

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