Male attire for servants of Jesus Christ

Male attire for servants of Jesus Christ

This is what Jesus Christ expects all His
male disciples to wear: Remember, you represent Jesus Christ. Your body is the temple of God. Would Jesus Christ wear expensive high quality
clothing? No. Do you think Jesus Christ would wear in the
streets basketball clothes to look cool? No. If you love and respect Jesus Christ, you
would dress up appropriately to do God’s Will. Don’t over dress nor under dress. Stay simple, humble. But most importantly, be obedient to the Holy
Spirit daily for this pleases Father God the most. This is the end of this message. If you have further questions, pray to Jesus
Christ to reveal you the Truth. May Father God give you the Peace, Wisdom
and Knowledge of Jesus Christ in your heart, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

2 Replies to “Male attire for servants of Jesus Christ”

  1. Dear Sister, Peace be with you, may the Lord Bless in his Glory. Remember that God looks into the Heart and does not Judge by Apparence. God Bless you

  2. You are right about the clothes you can not wear just anything the word of God said be ye holy because I'm holy you can not wear a tiet dress Suducing men and still be a Christian God also want his children to cover them self as holy not to many women are doing that it leaves men in to fornication so you keep preaching the word of God because you are right on this subject and many women don't like to be called out God bless you and may jesus christ show you many things

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