Man Finds Magnums But He Says He Doesn’t Wear Those (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Man Finds Magnums But He Says He Doesn’t Wear Those (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case
ofRosenzweig v. Rankin.You all have been together
for two years, in fact, today is your
two-year anniversary. And, where most people
would be out celebrating
their two-year anniversary, Mr. Rosenzweig,
you have brought
Ms. Rankin here to court, and are accusing her
of cheating. Tell us why
you’ve opened this case. I’ve opened this case,
Your Honor, because I’ve been with her
for the last two years. Things went very smooth
in the beginning. We met at a party. It was a party
of a mutual friend. We actually went
to high school together. But we were never
in any classes together. The first year was real smooth. And then she picked up
this new job as dog trainer. She was out of the house a lot, trying to build up
this clientele. And that’s why
you brought her to court
on your anniversary? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. What does
that feel like
for you to believe that this young lady
that you love, and you spent
this time with, is cheating on you? I mean,
it doesn’t feel good.
I’ve done a lot for her. I’ve been there for her
through a lot of stuff. It just feels like, you know,
she’s taking advantage,
at this point. All right, Ms. Rankin,
why are you here? I’m here to defend myself
to claim my innocence. He knows I’m not cheating,
he’s being ridiculous. This is our
two-year anniversary, and I’m here in court, when I should be getting
flowers and chocolate. So, what I’m hearing
from you is not, like,
“I feel sad,” but you sound
a little angry
about at all this. Oh, I’m pissed, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
So, it’s not just angry,
you are beyond that. Mmm-hmm. Yes, Your Honor. So, what was it like
in the beginning with him? In the beginning,
it was great. He was the perfect boyfriend. I was at,
kind of, a low point
when I met him. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And he brought me up,
made me feel good
about myself. And, now,
I’m just over it, ’cause I’ve been having
to defend myself way too much. Wow! Ooh! Things made
a real turn. Mr. Rosenzweig, she said
in the beginning you put
the swag in “Rosenzweig.” You know,
you were the man. I like that. What did you like about her
when you first met her? I liked her smile. Uh, she was very nice
in the beginning. But, you know… What went wrong?
‘Cause it sounds like
things were going well. Where did the turn come? I would say,
about six months ago, when she started this new job. This new job is something else.
Tell me about this job. You know, she told me
after the training was done that she’d be working
from home, and she’d be bringing the dogs
home to train them there. JUDGE DANA:Okay.MATHEW ROSENZWEIG:
You know, the dogs would
come by sometimes.
Sometimes they’re
real terrible.
Tearing my shoes up,
and do stuff like that.
If I had known
that I was gonna go through three pairs of Jordans a week
with her dogs that she brings
to the house, maybe I would have been
a little less supportive or I would have been out
in the beginning. They obviously can tell
something that I couldn’t. You’re talking about the dogs? RANKIN: Yeah. So, you think the dogs
are chewing up his shoes because of how he is? Yes. All right, so, tell me how
this job has affected you, Why do you think that
because of the job there has been this turn
in your relationship? Okay, you want
to hear a story? We went to go get
an oil change, a few weeks ago. Please. Okay. We sat there for, like,
four hours. And she just
didn’t speak to me, she was fully involved
on the phone. You know,
I was asking her questions like,
“Who are you texting?” Stuff like that. You know,
I don’t like asking
questions like this. Yes, you do. Okay. Anyway… What made you think
that she was texting
somebody that she might be
involved with?
What was it about… It’s just the way
she looks at the phone, you can see the way she’s
laughing at certain things. JUDGE KEITH:
What does that look like?
Show me what that looks like. It’s just a smile. Show us the smile,
come on. So, she’s texting
and she just gets
this look on her face. Yeah. You know… Okay. No, it was… Back around Labor Day, one of our sons
was texting. And we were
at a family gathering, he’s off to the side,
and he’s just texting. And then he… He had this look
on his face. And I just,
very calmly asked him, “So, what’s her name?” He kind of
dropped his head. He’s like,
“How do you know?” I said, “I know what
that looks like.” It’s the body language. JUDGE KEITH:
It’s the body language.
That’s what you saw. Yeah, so, we went back to the house. And her phone was dead
and she needed a charger. She told me to go
look through her purse. So, I went to go look
for the charger in her purse and I found
three Magnum condoms, where she hides her cards. And I took a picture
just to have some proof. Okay, do you have that? ROSENZWEIG: I do have this. Ron, would you please get
the evidence. Please. All right, so you go
in the other room… Yes. With the condoms.
And you confront her.
What do you say? I said, “What are these?
Where did these come from?”And she told me
that she had,
you know,
stopped taking her pills,
and that she got these
from the doctor. And I said, “You know,
the doctor doesn’t
give away Magnum condoms. “I’m pretty sure.” Okay. Let me…
Not to get all
in your business… We’ll get there. We got to
find out, right? We got to find out.
But the question is do you use Magnums? ROSENZWEIG: Uh… RANKIN: No. Honestly, we don’t
use condoms. JUDGE DANA:
You don’t use condoms. Never. Okay. So, you’re like,
“Why did you have these
if we don’t use them?” ROSENZWEIG: Exactly. And you’re thinking
if the condom don’t fit… Listen, I went to the doctor
to start a new birth control. The first month
doesn’t work. And at the doctor,
I grabbed a handful
of condoms, for us. And I have friends
that are very promiscuous. I grabbed them
for them also. That sounds good, right? It was very innocent. I think he is just
not appreciating
me enough. He’s a leprechaun
and I’m his pot of gold. So, I think
he should just… So, what kind of
doctor’s office is
giving out Magnum condoms? Yeah, they usually
just have generic. This is a very
fancy doctor’s office. JUDGE DANA: No doubt. JUDGE KEITH: Clearly, yeah. And look, and not only
did she grab some
for herself, she’s like,
“Oh, she would want some, “and I know
she’d want some.” ‘Cause she’s a giver. Yeah. “And I know
she wants some.” “Excuse me,
do you have a bag
I can put these in, “so I can take them
to all my friends?” Really? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: That’s your story? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
You weren’t using these condoms
with someone else? No. We don’t use condoms. All right, Mr. Rosenzweig,
why else do you think
she’s cheating? We had this dog at the house, and this was
probably the worst dog that she’s trained so far. She told me that she’s
finally going to drop the dog
back off with its owner, and she’s going
to collect her money. It was only going to take,
like, a half hour. Two hours go by
and I hadn’t heard from her. And I was texting her,
Facetiming her,
doing all that stuff. And she comes back
and she has no money. Okay. Ms. Rankin,
who did you spend
the money on? I didn’t spend the money. The owner of the dog
I was training was one of my friends. I hadn’t seen her
for a while, so when I dropped the dog off,
we were just catching up. My phone died. Literally,
everything is innocent. So, you’re saying
that you went… And you’re saying
that it was a female friend, I heard that. RANKIN: Yeah. Yes. So, you were not there… You were not
with another man
is what you’re saying. RANKIN: No. But you believe
that she was. It’s always a female.
She always says
for the dog training that it’s always a girl. But when I see…
You know, I’ve seen
over her shoulder at her phone before
and I see what she texts. And I’ve caught her
and she just lies. She just lie
straight to your face. She’ll start twirling her hair,
and I catch her and everything. Just twirling her hair.
That’s her sign? That’s her tell? ROSENZWEIG:
That’s the sign. Yes. That’s her tell? See, right there,
she was giving us
an example. That’s her thing. Don’t forget the classic,
“My phone died.” Yes, I heard that. I heard that. You know,
phones die at the most
inopportune times. It’s always
when the other person
is looking for you. And you’re gone,
and you’ve been gone, and you’ve been gone
longer than you said
you going to be gone. That’s when
the phone dies. Doesn’t anybody
have a charger
in their car? Nobody has a charger,
nobody has an outlet,
nobody has anything. You know what
she does that’s slick? She leaves the phone on, that way the messages
go through and she can say, “See, my phone
didn’t die one time.” He has my location
on his phone. He tracks my location. The problem is
that when you’re
telling him, “I’m going to be gone
for 30 minutes,” and then you end up
being gone for two hours, that will raise
some suspicion. It’s not my job to show him
every paycheck I get. But, Ms. Rankin,
think of it this way, what if he did that?
What if he said, “Hey, I’m going somewhere,
I’ll be back in
a half hour. “And I’m going
to pick up some money.” He comes back
two to three hours later, no explanation, no money. How would that make you feel? She would snap. Honestly? Honestly,
I wouldn’t… It wouldn’t bother me
because I know he wouldn’t be getting
another girl. Come on, Ms. Rankin. He looks like
a kneecap
with hair. He’s not going
to be getting
other girls. I’m not worried about it. A kneecap with hair? He got you. Hey, wait. You say
he’s not going to get
any other girls. He got you. I’m the best
that he’s ever got. You know, with that attitude,
that might not necessarily
hold out to be true. You know, he’s accusing you
of cheating. Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
And if he finds out
you’re cheating, you know,
this relationship
could be over. RANKIN: Yes, Your Honor. You realize that, right? I do. JUDGE KEITH:
And then, you’ll be
in the dog house. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) He’s a leprechaun
and I’m his pot of gold. Have you caught her
with any other issues
with any other dogs? Not any other dogs
but she did pick up
this new job as a reptile assistant. Yeah, she’s
a snake handler now. I like snakes. Okay. All right. I’m good with wrangling snakes. JUDGE DANA:
I don’t like snakes.
So, that’s just a lot,
right there. So, if I do that… No, don’t do that. Yeah, that’s
creeping me out. ROSENZWEIG: So, Your Honor,
she’s supposed to be working
sis to eight hours a week at this job. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Okay. The first day
she goes to work, she’s texting me.
She’s telling me
it’s the worst job ever. And then, all of a sudden
she just disappears. You know, and I understand
she would have to put
the reptiles away… I’m working. …and go back to the person’s house.
So, she says she’s working. Okay? But, you know,
where did she go
for three hours when the phone is off
and all that stuff? JUDGE DANA: That’s where
the questions are. I was doing an
educational program. I bring the reptiles
to schools, birthday parties, and I give a whole program
for little kids. Is there any reason
why you can’t share
with him what you’re doing? I told him I was going…
He knows what I’m doing. JUDGE DANA:
Well, clearly he doesn’t. It’s his insecurities. In the beginning. You say you’re
handling snakes and he thinks
you’re being a snake. Wow. Wow, Mr. Cutler,
you just went there. Am I right? That was good. That one hurt
a little bit. Look, these
are his allegations
against you. She’s a snake. She’s a snake. You know, it’s very important
for me for Mr. Cutler
to be happy. He knows who I’m with, he knows what I’m doing, he knows where I’m going. And, that way he knows
that I’m not handling snakes. You see what I’m saying? Yeah. And let’s put it
in your world,
in your terms. Because, you say
you’re the best
he’s ever gonna do. Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
And so, if you’re all that, then you should
put his mind at ease
and let him know that you’re into him,
if you are. Do you love him? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH:
Do you care about him? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Rosenzweig,
do you love her? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
Do you care about her? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
You want to be with her? I would like to with her.
If she wasn’t being shady
it’d be completely different. JUDGE KEITH: Right. So, let me just
say this, love. I think we have enough.
And what we have is he believes
that she is cheating because her attitude
has changed at the
dog training. He found condoms. A specific kind of condom
in her purse, and they don’t
use condoms. And then he says
his girlfriend is lying. He believes she’s lying
about the kind of snake
she’s handling. She’s out there
handling snakes
but which one? Right, and the
text messages. The looks you get
when she’s secretly texting
while they’re together. And because of that
he believes she’s cheating. And if she’s cheating,
he’s done. Yeah, I’m out. Right here, on their
two-year anniversary,
it’s up or down. All right. Well, to get
to the bottom of these
cheating allegations, this court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court
will call forensic voice
analyst, Guy Wolfe, to determine,
Good day, sir. How are you? I’m wonderful, Your Honor.
How about you? Doing well.
It’s good to see you. GUY WOLFE: You too. Thank you
for being here. WOLFE: Thank you. Would you state
your credentials, please?
For the record. Yes, Your Honor. I’m a forensic
voice analyst, and I have been
in law enforcement
for more than 23 years. Explain to our litigants
how forensic voice
analysis works. Forensic voice analysis
works on the spoken word. When you speak
you have two frequencies
in your voice. AM and FM. And when you tell a lie
the FM frequency goes away. It shows up a certain way
on our computer, as you see her
on the monitor. One of the things
we also do is we will ask a series
of baseline questions to kind of get an idea
of what someone
is going to respond or how they’re going to respond
or even how they’re going to do
on the test. Did you learn anything
during your pre-test
with Ms. Rankin? Yes, I did, Your Honor. Now, before I conducted
the voice analysis, I asked Ms. Rankin
how she would do
on the test. Ms. Rankin replied,
“I plead the fifth.” JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Rankin? Yes, Your Honor. Why did you
plead the fifth? I was really nervous. I’ve never taken anything
like this before. And, I don’t know
how much I trust the results. You don’t trust
the results or you
don’t trust yourself? The results. And you understand
this is what they use in law enforcement? WOLFE: Yes, Your Honor. And this is
the way that you all
catch criminals? Yes, ma’am. So, is there anything
you need to tell him? Because, we’re going
to get the results. And these results don’t lie. No, I have
nothing to say. JUDGE DANA:
You have nothing to say. No. JUDGE DANA: All right. The results don’t lie
but the question is,
do you? Hmm. We’ll find out. All right,
Mr. Wolfe. No, you will find out. Just being real clear. Let’s take a look
at the first question
you answered, Ms. Rankin. The day your boyfriend, Mathew,
found condoms in your purse, did you buy those condoms
to have sexual intercourse
with another man? No. What did
the forensic voice
analysis determine? The forensic
voice analysis determined
that she was being… Deceptive, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Like I said, you going to find out. I don’t… I don’t trust
these results. There’s nothing
to not trust, Kellie. You don’t trust
your results… Go ahead, love. We’re in the same place. I know. But you do it. You do it. You don’t trust your results
because you think
something is wrong or you don’t
trust your results
because they found you out? I think something is wrong. I’ve never cheated
on him, ever. Or planned on it. JUDGE DANA: All right. Let’s take a look
at the next question. The day you say you worked
a reptile assistant job did you have
sexual intercourse
with another man? No. What did the forensic
voice analysis determine? The voice analysis determined
that she was being deceptive,
again, Your Honor. All right. This is ridiculous. JUDGE DANA: It is. And, I think you think
it’s ridiculous for one reason and I definitely think it’s
ridiculous for another one. Let’s take a look
at the final question. Since the beginning
of your relationship, in October of 2016, have you had
sexual intercourse with any man
besides your boyfriend,
Mathew? No. What did the
forensic analysis
determine? The voice analysis determined
that she was being deceptive,
Your Honor. I… No. No. No. No. I don’t believe that. I’m done
with this relationship. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s the… RANKIN: I’m pissed. And that’s the best
you can do? Yeah, I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. Well, I’m kind of
done with you. RANKIN: I’m kind of done. I’m kind of done. Would you escort her out? RANKIN: Yes. ‘Cause we both done. I’m out of here. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Rosenzweig, I don’t know how you put up
with that for as long
as you have. I’m done with it now. Yeah. And you deserve better. Yeah, she’ll sleep
in the dog house. She’s going to sleep
in the dog house. JUDGE KEITH:
You kind of knew it
in your heart. Yeah, I know my gut.
My gut’s always… I have very strong intuition. And usually when I think
something like this,
I’m correct. JUDGE DANA:
Let me just say this, you’re a nice guy. And you seem like your heart
is in the right place. You deserve a woman who’s going
to appreciate you for that. Who is not going to call you… Thank you. A kneecap with hair. You deserve
better than that. JUDGE KEITH:
And, Mr. Rosenzweig,
as for the confirmation, we performed
a polygraph examination on Ms. Rankin. And our executive producer,
Myeshia Mizuno, has those results for you,
after we adjourn. Okay. Thank you. As we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity to have a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. MYESHIA MIZUNO:
“Have you had sexual
intercourse with any man “besides your boyfriend,
Mathew?” You said, “No.” You failed that question
as well. But I just wanted
to let you know, because you did take
two examinations, that both examinations,
independent of each other, support the same answers. Yeah, I’m done
with this.

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