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  1. ~^< ❤ >^ and ^< ❤ >^ WE ARE THE SANCTUARY, THE HEALING PLACE…. clearly one of the best gay films ever made.

  2. La mejor película (drama) y para mi romántica gay lejos!!! No me canso de verla, es como mirar titánic jaja

  3. The acting, the script, the backstory by itself, THE SOUNDTRACK. God. This show is truly a masterpiece. Realistic and exquisite, heartbreaking and wonderful… ❤️❤️❤️

  4. IT's best copy available on youtube with non intrusive Spanish subtitles, is for the first hour: Michael & Thomas parte 1, etc., and for the second hour: Adam & Steve parte 1, etc….Thanks youtube for making it possible.

  5. Man in An Orange Shirt received the INTERNATIONAL EMMY IN NYC November 19, 2018 for best mini-series, albeit only in two one hour segments… Equally the best gay film, ever

  6. Juxtaposing 1950's to today's experience of being gay was very interesting – and then to find out that Patrick Gale's father was gay! That would be amazing: a gay "Who do you think you are" series.

  7. This was a really good movie. It was so thought provoking and I loved how both the past and present stories brought tears to my eyes.

  8. Why do they always put modern whites gays with black boyfriends. Like that’s all we want? Pass.

  9. There are many gay people that right now..are going through this. That right now..can't love the person they want because their family, friends, church, and society will not allow them too. Most of the world is still incredibly homophobic, intolerant and hateful towards gay people. The fight is not over. The struggle is not over. Especially in small towns and rural areas. But never give up..because love is never wrong..and you deserve to be loved. As a gay man..I send my love and support to all of you who know this struggle.

  10. At the beginning, perhaps by the title and the editing, I thought this was a piece of british comedy

  11. It is so good, why it's so underrated, it's almost as good as Call me by your name, Morris, Brokeback Mountain and God of Own Country

  12. Messed up life gay people go through. You live to be who and what you are but get ridiculed and discriminated by society, you choose to live a straight fucking life but still get shit for it. Where do we place ourselves?? 😑😒

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