Manipulation photography Dress ( Vlog + How to edit )( photo manipulation ) Skippable

Manipulation photography Dress ( Vlog + How to edit )( photo manipulation ) Skippable

we are on our way to do a manipulation photoshoot with the floating dresses and stuff its going to be fun we are going to a nice
open field and than you will see the end result back in a second we are at the location we are going to a manipulation photoshoot
with a nice dress we are at a very beautiful place look at this i hope you can see it she is going to change thumbs up if you are oke i cant well than the watchers need to thumbs this
video with one hand filming it so this is going
to be the image i hope you can see it its very very light the sun in shining right in
to the camera i think the shots is going to be amazing and offcourse i will explain what
i’m doing specialy for you guys stop stop right now oke first i need to focus i hope
the camera can see it oke again just like the levitation photo im going to zoom on her
face its hard to see because of the sunlight so let me focus ow always put your lens on
manual first sorry let me see if i can focus on her face ok i think we are set so the camera
is on manual and i focust on her face so her face is the sharpest point and again i got
a trigger so what need to right now is put it on my
camera yes channel 1 put it on right here channel 1 and i can take a picture the model
need to stand at the exact same place other the focus will change and all i need to do
now is throw the fabric i need to find a place need to be pretty now these are the where i can set my camera up i wil be right
back so im done with the floating parts of
the fabric so a ll we need now is the correct photo the photo im gonna use with all the
flaps little bit up so again short recap recap recap
recap so if you are starting put you lens or camera at manual you do need a tripod that
is very importent without a tripod its litterly impossible you need a camera optional is a
trigger you can let somebody else throw how i normally do but if i have a triggger i can
do it myself so thats why you need a trigger you dont need a trigger if you dont have a
trigger get a assistent let your assistent throw the flaps of fabric and you just take
a picture and make sure that when you focussing on the
model always focus on the face always we will see you again at home at the editing session
see you guys later bye ok guys we are going to work on the manipulation photo the deal is
i already sorted them out to put these photos this one this one tis one and this one to
incorperate it into this picture so the deal is just make it very simple drag it on top
of the other one the only thing we need is the flaps anything else is just back so what
i do is putting it on feather 30 pixels only thin i need is the flap select it with the
lasso tool and than command C on a mac control C on a windows computer command D to deselect
and control command V the thing is the color is a bit of not just a bit we need to even
that out later its not that importent right now is to make it look right so black brush
on a layer mask select the layer mask the opacity around 40% just brush it with a soft
brush and brush it away this is the way how i do it other photoshoppers prefer the pen
tool but again i dont like the pen tool it s a time consuming project but at the end
if you see the results oke im almost done with this part the thing im doing right now is blending in this flap to make it look right like this and the color is a bit of but i
wil correct it at the end of the photo thats not the main goal of the photo right now the
goal is to show you how you connect pieces in to one photo if i want to color correct
it i can pick a adjustment layer selective color clipping mask it will only effects the
layer where its clipped on thats already adifference again make a clipping mask just

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  1. You look like a really buffed baby, like someone put protein shake instead of formula in your bottle. Adorable and menacing at the same time.
    Great work, by the way!

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