Marbling Fabric and Paper with Jacquard Marbling Kit

Marbling Fabric and Paper with Jacquard Marbling Kit

(♪♪♪) Today we’re working
with the Jacquard Marbling Kit for paper and fabric. This includes
everything in the kit except the surface
to paint on. The one thing I do want to
point out is that it has fantastic instructions
in the kit, and you’ll want to keep
referring back to it. It even shows you
different patterns for your paint
and the design, it gives you troubleshooting
and everything, so throughout
your whole project, you can use this paper. Okay, the first thing
you want to do is pull out
all your ingredients, and take your alum. This product is what
we put in the water to set our fabric or our silk
so the paint binds to it, it’s a binding agent, so we’re going to
mix some in there. Please follow
the instructions. Then we’re going to
immerse our fabric, make sure
everything gets wet. Now another way you can
prepare your surface for painting is put your alum mixture in
a spritzer bottle and spritz it, or you can take a sponge
and lightly wipe over it, again allow it to dry
for at least a half hour. Okay, the next thing
we’re going to work on is preparing our water
for the paint, and we’re going to use
a product called METHOCEL. This treats the water. Okay, what you want to do is
take a gallon of warm water and four tablespoons
of METHOCEL. Make sure that you have
household ammonia handy because you need
one tablespoon of household ammonia to put into your mixture
to allow the METHOCEL to break down
and not have lumps in it, so the METHOCEL is
already mixed in our liquid, and then you let that sit
for at least a half hour to an hour. ‘Kay, I’m going to make sure
I put on gloves, because my hands are going to
be immersed in the liquid. Okay, this is the fun part. Okay, I’m going to start
with my light colours. What makes marbling
really interesting is you don’t know what
you’re going to come out with, and you can kind of
play with it, so I’m just going to start
by putting a few dots. Just do some swirls, have fun coming up with
some designs. Do you see how the white
has started to break down before the yellow? Many of the different colours
break down differently. I’m just going to come out… and try to put more paint than
what you think you’re going to need. Because it does get absorbed
in your fabric or your paper. Okay, this is the first step,
and you don’t need to rush yourself on this. Take your time. Now I’m taking
just a normal comb, or you can use a fork,
you can use a knife, or any object, and I’m going to just
put it in the water and start pulling my design. Do you see how it looks
marbleized already? If you see an area where
you might want to add a little bit more colour, like I want a little bit more
red over here. You can go back and add it. Wow, look at this white,
it’s really looking neat. Okay, I’m just going to
lightly pull. Okay, we’re ready
to get started. Now I’m going to
take my paper, and look for my mark, making sure the alum side
is down first. I’m going to drop it
in the water. Let it set for a minute. Then gently on the ends
I’m going to sort of pull up and work very slowly
and let it run. I’m going to place it
over on paper towel. This is the point where you would take it
to your sink and rinse it, and not try to overwork it
but just rinse it gently. Okay, I’m going to now just put a little bit
more green in here, and sometimes if
you’re going to do fabric you can always put paper in and test it at first
to see if you want to change anything on it. Okay, I like that. Let me pull this here. ‘Kay, I’m going to comb
the paint mixture again, getting another design,
preparing it for the silk. Okay, going to take my silk
and gently lay it on top. See how it just
disappears in the paint? Wait a minute. Let the paint
adhere to the silk. And then gently
bring the corners up. Now this is the point where
you would take it to your sink and rinse off the excess
sizing and the dye. Okay, after you’ve rinsed off
the sizing and the dye, the excess dye, you can hang it up
or lay it flat to dry, and then what you want to do
is heat set it with an iron or in your dryer and this will just
ensure permanency. The water can be used
for about four days, and all you have to do is just
continue to add more paint and do your special comb or designs that
you want to do on it. It is so much fun using
the Jacquard products, and especially
the Marbling Kit, because you never know what
you’re going to come out with so experiment
and have fun. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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  1. @vegasretrovintage It is best to contact the Blick Art Materials Product Information team at [email protected] com or call 1-800-933-2542 to discuss your project in detail. In addition to the large size, double-sided material such as a shirt or dress will require a special technique. Please contact our experts. Thanks.

  2. does it have to be silk to dye it like this? or can you use any fabric of your choice? please get back, thanks.

  3. For answers to technique and materials questions, please contact our Product Information experts by email at: info @ dickblick . com or by phone, toll free 1-800-933-2546. Thanks

  4. We want to make sure you recieve the proper information, and unfortunately most questions to not have a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer. Our product information team can be emailed and they respond promptly and directly. Thanks

  5. What is the difference between Jacquard ink and the ink she uses in this tutorial of yours:
    I don't understand why you need all these chemicals with Jacquard? 

    Also do you need to go through the sizing stage of the paper, if you have something like aquarel paper?

  6. I just tried the Jacquard Marbling Kit.  I was so excited to do the marbling.  But I was disappointed with the outcome.  I need some advice.    I mixed the solutions as directed.  I let the carrageenan rest for several hours.  As I put the drops of paint in the solution, a good bit of the paint dropped to the bottom.  So my patterns kept dissipating.  Finally got the pattern I liked and applied my treated paper.  pulled it up and rinsed as directed.  The pattern ran as it was drying and a good bit of it washed away.  Very frustrating.  But I am not giving up!  Please give me some guidance.

  7. All your paints are sinking……your design is kinda muddy. :/ Not exactly good considering the cost of this brand of materials.

  8. What is she making, napkins? I watched this because I don't know what Marbling is and I still don't know what marbling is.

  9. can you also use other acrylic paints and nail polishes or does it only mean to use only jacquard's paints,. I am looking for teal turquoise colors and more brighter colors too. can you use other colors?

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