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  1. I'm excited about this one. I just hope they can finally have some good buttcape physics. Not like Crystal Nomad please 🙁

  2. Yeah, another non-cimbinable outfit for gems out of the stupid gemstore. This way makes me so aggressive, they show directly that they have the time for new content, but put everything optical in the gemstore for generating new money. It would be ok, if their were enoug new skins and armor/weapon-sets in the game, from map-rewards e.g. (Bloodstone Fenn could be an opprtunity to bring new con….ah no, gemstore is more impoartant).

    Outfits are the game's cancer. Retrospective, the armor-sets from gemstore were a "good" thing, if i look at those outfits. That the revenant-set wasn't an outfit was a real surprise for me, when you look at Anet's philosophie.

  3. I so hope we get this in the game soon, I really want it, it looks so nice, and would work perfectly on my Female Revenant and Necromancer

  4. That's a pretty sweet outfit, I noticed it in the Living World. Too bad we had to get the cabbage armor first. I assume all the old gang has gotten new outfits.

  5. that outfits thing is really annoying… armor sets would be much better much better creativity and combinations but NOOO it's easier to create outfits and the zombie idiots buy them anyway… That one looks great but I prefer some parts over other that would be perfect combo with some other set parts but yeah… I am not playing from 6 months anyway . That raids and broken promises pushed me away from that game and I was hardcore fan. Still no legendary armor even fken images , no move then 3 new legendary weapons and that raids are so depressing. You need a big guild with commander that orginase a group whole day then start and fail and fail and change builds, people go afk … just pain for someone with limited time for gaming. And besides raid nothing new on the horizont…

  6. Well normally I'm very stingy with buying outfits. I would have preferred armor.

    Butttttttttt that being said, except for the hood, this one is perfect for my Norn Necro, Mortica Eirsdottir. I already have the gems ready for the purchase!

  7. marjory looked amazing in it. also is the song you used here a gw2 song? I don't remember hearing it

  8. it looks so good especially the shoulder part!! i would buy it if it was armor skin set, but outfit, NO D: I literally regret every single outfit that i've bought before, they looked great at the first few weeks, then getting boring since you couldn't match and mix them.

  9. Is it seriously too much to ask for ANet to make more shoes that cover all asura toes, instead of them clipping though or getting cut off? They at least put some effort in with the charr, but never the asura.

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