Marly Granny Square Cardigan Crochetalong 2017 Intro

Marly Granny Square Cardigan Crochetalong 2017 Intro

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  1. Hi Marly, I love your follow along projects. With that said I have been crocheting for most of my life and I can say that I hate, hate, joining motif projects. But I am looking forward to your project because you always provide clear and easy to follow video instructions and really great tips. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I would LOVE ❀️ to hook this. The only problem is Red Heart boutique is really expensive and really hard to buy in the UK. Please can you tell me an alternative Yarn that I could use that would be available in the UK? I appreciate that it is A Red Heart pattern but I would really love to hook it.

  3. Oooh, I'd love to join this as I enjoyed the KAL so much but I loved it so much that I'm still working on making shawls from the KAL for Christmas gifts. Might join and do it later because the group is,so much fun.

  4. I want to do this but have two questions. The color I want use is "out of stock" (so is the regatta). What to do, I want to get it ordered? Second question, I usually wear a medium top, but I do not care for too overly large. Do recommend the small? Can an advanced beginner do this pattern. Oops that was their questions. Love granny squares. Thank you.

  5. Wish I could join in the CAL but I have too many projects on the hook πŸ™ I will make it at a later date though…it is beautiful!

  6. This is beautiful. Looking at the supply list there are three size measurements. Is that small medium and large or is each measurement for a range of sizes. Example does the first measurement fit small to large and so on for each measurement. Thank you

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  8. I've crocheted fifty years – When I started to crocheted I was about the age of ten – and this is the one of the most beautiful – cardigans I have ever seen

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