Marvel’s Daredevil Costumes and Props!

Marvel’s Daredevil Costumes and Props!

everybody norm from tested here we got a
special treat for you I am down here at the prop store warehouse you guys know
Matt Matt we’re in your home now yes welcome guys thanks for making the trip
oh it’s so great to be here because you have a massive collection of costumes
and props from the Marvel Netflix TV show yes yeah that’s the Marvel
television live auction it’s open for bidding now but it’s got pieces from
Marvel’s daredevil Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s iron fist oh well we know
the production on those shows have wrapped they’re done making those shows
that this is really our chance to get sense of what it feels like to have to
be on set with these costumes I see them in person streets of Hell’s Kitchen yeah
such a big fan of the production design the costume they made especially for the
Marvel’s daredevil show yeah let’s talk about that yeah totally I think we all
fell in love with that show when it first premiered so we’ve got a lot of
examples of his gear around us but we kind of start over here with the first
iteration of the costume this is actually a version of it from season 3
he goes back to just wearing the red garb but you know this is before he had
his suit from Melvin Potter this is before he had you know became the
daredevil and was just kind of the devil of Hell’s Kitchen if you will I mean it
was the thing that sold me as a fan of the comics and a character because it
really calls back to the designs I was familiar with with the genre me to jr.
and John Romita art and so you have that black mass that covers it loved all that
texture I can see it’s bandages wrapped around beautiful and then of course in
my tight gloves yeah I think premiered in season or episode 2 but he went back
to you know you knew when it was gonna be a big fight when he was wrapping up
his fist to get going there and the martial arts on that show was so good
yeah and then the costuming of course leveled up a little bit as we got the
end of the first season yes yes he got to the daredevil costume we know and
love yes he meets Melvin Potter who makes him the daredevil suit so these
versions of the suit are from what we’re calling iteration one this is actually
an FX version and then this is what we’re
calling the repaired version so this was effects for when Frank Castle eventually
the Punisher went up shooting him in the head and obviously this was the quick
stitch job that was done while the other suit was being designed for him and
these are stunt cows these are yeah these are mostly foam rubber and this is
actually a two-piece this cowl and this front mask bit being separate from the
actually helmet itself there but then of course this design gets tweaked a little
bit to the guy that’s right behind you here and this becomes the later season
to through defenders and into season three version of the suit though in
season three of daredevil it’s worn mostly by by Dex
you know and this is the hero costume this is the hero yeah this is a mask
from season two oh my god yes absolutely I mean like just the lenses
in there alone really kind of sell it the same way just that mask tells the
first one can we take off the cowl and was put on yeah so it’s a little simpler
this time whereas that that mask piece in the first iteration was separate you
know this is its own mask its own full cowl with a little bit of a balaclava
here wonderful this is it’s lightweight but it has its really small there’s
density – yeah I get the fiberglass backing on the inside you’re not worried
about it even the trim I mean it’s something I
read so well you have different textures on the trim it’s not just black you have
these black stripes and also a little bit of that that tactile yeah kind of
mimicking the the faux Kevlar look going on here – you know with the again the
idea being that he could take a shot with this and keep going you know right
one of my favorite things on him – you know he doesn’t have a utility belt or
anything like that but he does have the holsters for his billy clubs over here
which i think is just an awesome little piece of gear we’ve got stunt persons
out on the table over there – yeah I was gonna say in addition to costumes there
are hand props there are set decoration there’s so much let’s talk about the
billy clubs yes yeah so a couple of different versions here this is the one
version that we have at the rope which is in the same type of holster that he’s
got in his leg over there this is obviously a stunt version that was
awesome probably huge on set you know just judging by the painting and the
cracking it feels like this went through some abuse during production you know
and then this is a hero version this is it you know twist it together so this is
a solid piece of aluminum but it’s just a flawless and beautiful you know it’s
some really really good weight to it yeah it’s a machine it feels good
doesn’t it Wow that’s been test yeah really exciting
initiative that you got of course classic yeah with this guy just ran back
to comic-con a lot of this stuff two guys were shooting but this was a big
hit for us at Comic Con everybody loves that sign and just kind of that I think
the foggy and Matt Murdock relationship in general you know is a big draw to
that show I mean it’s the world building even though it is Hell’s Kitchen
it’s to your rights these iconic places from the comics like their law offices
like boggles gym exactly yeah we got the fog Welles gym bag over here where
Matt’s dad used to fight and now he trains as well and also just talking
about we’re old building we were talking about the first iteration suit over here
next to it is kind of the ultimate kingpin this is Wilson Fisk’s from
season three when he’s being held by the FBI though is he you know yeah I mean
the Wilson Fisk portrayal is just so spot-on
great performance unreal and seeing an all-american you get that sense of how
imposing of a character big of a threat even and like even down to you know it
we’ve got the painting behind him the rabbit in the snowstorm that he buys
from Vanessa is eventual wife and even down to his cufflinks here that he got
from his father which anybody that watch the show who knows how significant that
is so when the show wrapped you guys work with production I identified you
know we’ve been working there talking with Marvel to hopefully get something
like this going for a long time when we talked about this the the appeal was we
got to go in and pull what we thought would be best for fans you know so we
were looking for all the different versions from the hero to the stunts of
the key stuff and then anything that tied to the comics anything that really
you know sold the world of the show like your Siam
well it wasn’t just one show it was a series of shows a culminated in Marvel’s
defenders and so the first day of the auction it sounds like it’s all
daredevil stuff yes the first day of the auction is all Marvel’s daredevil and
then the second day is split between Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s iron
fist and I see there are some pieces from those shows he’s gonna take a look so what were we have here Matt so this
is Marvel’s Luke Cage you know this is some highlights from that we starting
back there with the seek a penitentiary prison sign where of course he wound up
he was incarcerated and wound up getting his powers through there and then into
some more of the Harlem that that he represents you know we’ve got pops
barbershop chair we’ve got a few of these in the auction but they’re all you
know very representative of what part barbershop was to the show which was a
safe place in the community you know same with the swear jar yes and
of course bullet-riddled kind of says all that it needs to say there but but
such an iconic piece and then even you know we’ve got other pieces from that
area which this was some merchandise for Luke after he became kind of the hero of
Harlem you know like he became known the known hero around town so they’ve got
this obviously the colors here tying back to his original comic book costume
and then even over here we’ve got DVDs of him fighting Diamondback Diamondback
yeah on the streets and Diamondback costume right behind you there and even
more so another Easter Egg to the films the incident being yes the invasion from
The Avengers you know we also see the weapons and props here that yes hammer
industry yeah how about that but yeah these are the Judas bullets that that
hammer tech made which are the only bullets that could kill or injure Luke
Cage Wow good weight to that yeah really cool
really cool so Diamondback here will striker is we have a lot of cool
costumes in the in the auction this is like my favorite villain costume you
know it feels like it’s straight out of the comics very much referencing
Diamondback with the ridging here for the snake they added the helmet in for
this this iteration but I think the details are in it are great these little
metal pieces here or faux metal I should say we’ve even got some of the dirt on
it still from his fight with Luke Cage you know well you see that detail your
gloves yeah you have a combination of what was sown for this costume but the
hard part’s embedded exactly completely custom fabricated for the show yeah to
sell the idea that he could take a punch from Luke Cage and keep walking you know
he’s even got a to light up power pack on the back you know well even like Luke
cages costume itself that’s also custom totally something off the shelf yep no
this is hoodies that we have were custom-made for the show even to the
point where they added this lining in here which is again a callback to his
iconic you know yellow costume in the comics but I mean I love these pieces
especially these bullet-riddled ones just kind of sell the whole aesthetic of
what what he was as a character you know now moving on from this – yes Danny Rand
yeah iron fist over here so this is this is close as close to the iconic you know
Iron Fist costume as we get but this is his ceremonial costume while he was
fighting with Davos in Conlan to actually become the Iron Fist so of
course he won this but we’ve got several different versions of this in the
auction we’ve got a few that are just the masks themselves we’ve got some
bloodied ones from him in Davos but I mean the the mask it’s it’s very simple
but it it sells it you know it’s really cool to me I mean you say it’s simple
but I see a lot of complicated this inside of here you see the part it is I
mean it’s firm like you think in the comics as an artist you can just draw a
cowl right draw a mask and it’s gonna fit perfectly but to fit over an actor
like it is really beautifully he’s sewn mess and keep some of that comic
aesthetic with just the very graphic eye detail here yeah so whatever he’s doing
it looks like he’s scowling at ya also we’ve got if we’re talking about the
iron fist we’re talking about Colleen wing to which this is I think the first
time we see her in the cage match I love this costume because of the reference on
the back we’ve got these dragons on the back her of course being the daughter
the dragon kind of similar to what she wears in the comics as well but this was
a again her first fight costume there there’s a lot of dragon iconography on
the show for show apps yeah we’ve got the the scroll over here the prophecy
scroll with the dragon we’ve even got some pieces down here this is actually
this is decayed Iron Fist skin Oh what Davos pulled off a dead Iron Fist and
winds up using in conjunction with this bowl over here to steal the Iron Fist
power from Danny yeah you guys have a bunch of cows a bunch of he says even
this one you can tell a little warehouse got some bloody on it
got some plenty on the bend down there too you know these like weapons yeah
tons of weapons and well the ultimate weapon exactly the iron fist itself this
is kind of a cool piece but this is you know this is an effects piece this is
what the actor would have been wearing on his fist when they were filming him
as the iron fist and if you will a couple different color combinations that
they could pull in there real practical lighting very practical lighting effect
and then obviously they would CG over that and just putting the glowing fists
there but some other cool pieces we’ve got Danny’s letter to Colleen we’ve got
Madame Gao who of course is a villain throughout the series all the series’s
excuse me is ready for combat as well Wow very cool piece this is actually a
retractable version of her spear cane there and some stunts or yeah and then
this is these are Colleen’s of course such cool detail here even with the
different clay effects that they do here which is how they would have made the
katana and even to the hilt being kind of a bird of prey design referencing her
family obviously so as all of this stuff is being accumulated and inventoried and
cleaned up here you’re just immerse fully in the universe of these shows
exactly thankfully you know it comes easy you just a lot of prop store
employees we’ve all either seen all of them or you know had to catch up on the
season or two but it’s been so cool to just dive into these shows and really
kind of live in these worlds a bit and figure out the best way to to put them
out to the fans how many total pieces are there the auction of 893 pieces over
two days so I believe a hundred and fifty or 450 some are daredevil and then
like I said the second day is split between Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s
iron fist and that’s why you also have a two-volume a catalog yes I’m very cool
all the pieces are inventoried some great photos amazing ways
our design team just knocked it out of the park with this catalog good I
personally think but yeah it looks beautiful and I think is it must-have
for a lot of Marvel fans that are into these shows as well I know the auctions
are happening August 12 and 13 live auctions here at be here or in Valencia
yet my fancy California August 12th and 13th will have you know live bidding
here we’ll have foam bidding absentee bidding and online bidding which is
available now so people can log and start bidding on any of these pieces
and if you out there ever wonder how we get a chance to get up close well you
guys are opening your doors to people that check these pieces out we are yeah
a week or so before the auction if you’re in the area please feel free to
look up the times and stop by we’ll have a similar type display up where you can
come and take a look at and preview all the items and love peeking behind the
curtains seeing how these costumes were made getting up close with thank you so
much Matt for giving us a tour of these pieces thanks for coming man
yeah I can’t wait come back

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