Masha and The Bear – Laundry Day (Episode 18)

Masha and The Bear – Laundry Day (Episode 18)

Your mommy is here now, la-la-la, la-la-la! Oh, my dear little baby! Oh, my darling sunshine! Oh, my honey bunny got so skinny! Ahh! We are going to the Bear to get some milk from him! We are going to the Bear to get some milk from him! Oh! Oh! Hello! We came to get some milk! I gotta feed my baby. I gotta feed my baby. Hmm! My baby is crying with hunger. Oh, I will now feed my baby so good! That’s it. Let’s go. What do you mean? I’m not a mommy anymore? But what about my new outfits?! We forgot all about my outfits!

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  5. I love masha and the bear today i am 13 years old and i really watch his everyday cuz i love this❤❤❤

  6. This is my favorite episode. I love this show. My son and daughter also love to watch all episodes of masha and the bear show.

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