Matching Linen Jacket With Different Fabric Trousers? – Match Linen With Cotton – Wool – Synthetics

Matching Linen Jacket With Different Fabric Trousers? – Match Linen With Cotton – Wool – Synthetics

Matching Linen Jacket With Different Fabric
Trousers – Match Linen With Cotton – Wool – Synthetics Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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this question. A gentleman’s asking, “Antonio, I love reading
your style guide,” which hopefully you know I’ve got an awesome style guide over at the
website, “I have a question regarding a linen sports coat. Basically,
I purchased it and I’m trying to match it with trousers, so do I have to wear it with
linen pants or can I wear a pair of khakis with it or any type of cotton dress pants?
Also, can I wear a cotton dress shirt underneath or should I wear a linen shirt with it? Sincerely,
Michael.” Okay, Michael, there is no rule that you have
to wear the same type of fabrics altogether. So if you have a linen jacket, you’re not
limited to linen shirts or linen trousers. You can match pretty much any other type of
fabric, and I like that look. It adds a bit of texture. Linen’s a very casual fabric and
the reason being is it uses usually a thicker weave when you get down to the yarns that
are used to make the fabric. They’re usually a bit larger, not as fine as you’ll see in
really high-end cottons. Silk, one of the reasons silk has its sheen
is not only the weave, but the fineness of the yarn used to weave it. Because it comes
from a rougher plant material, you’re using larger yarns. And therefore, you get this
basically thicker-looking weave that’s very prone to wrinkle. So because of that, linen
is considered casual, but you can mix linen with cotton. You can mix it with wool. You
can mix it with synthetics. You can mix it with pretty much any other type of material
used to make men’s clothing. Let’s talk about a few of those options. Linen, typically I’m thinking of something
hot weather, so I’m going to be sticking with that realm. Now, a great option, probably
one of the easiest for most men to match almost any type of linen jacket is with a type of
blue jean, so denim, basically going with a high-quality denim. You can go something
with a darker linen jacket that’s going to look great going out at night perhaps in New
York City or Chicago. Match it with a lighter colored denim jacket and that same look has
a bit more contrast and is more geared towards day wear. Now, the problem with jeans or any type of
denim is that usually it’s got a heavier weight. It’s not as breathable. There are lightweight
denims out there that are made specifically for the summer and especially in a lighter
color with perhaps a lighter colored jacket if you don’t have really strong contrasting
features. It sounds like a great combination. I have to actually see it to be able to tell
you. Another option, chinos or khakis. “Chinos,
khakis, what’s the difference?” I’m not going to go down that path too much, but basically
chinos are less formal; khakis are what you typically see guys try to wear at work made
with usually a twill weave, less room, breathable. Let’s focus on chinos because those are made
with a lighter weave and typically, those can be rolled up at the bottom. I think they’re
a great summer wear especially if you get a good fit. You can roll up the bottom that
allow air movement and allow them to vent a bit, and you can wear those with topsiders
or any type of shoe that you can wear, in a sense, sockless or look at a saddle shoe
as well. That right there would go great with a linen jacket, perhaps throw a cotton button-up
shirt with that, white or a lighter color. That will give you a very airy, very nice
feel. Let’s talk about tropical weight wools. This
is going to be dressier than any type of chino or khaki. Tropical weight wool is typically
what you see with a suit, although they’re going to be lighter weight. Most suit fabrics
we’re talking about like this one right here, this is actually a flannel, so it’s not a
great example, but this is like 13 to 14-ounce weight right there. Tropical weights are going
to be half of this, so around 7 ounces. The great part about tropical wools is because
they’re lightweight, they’re really loose, a very nice drape, is they just glide along
the skin and they just feel cooler even though they don’t always have as much breathability
simply because that they’re lightweight. They’re just going to allow you to — and wool does
a great job not only in cold weather, but also hot weather. A lot of people don’t realize
that, but wool will help keep you cool in hot weather as well. Synthetics, something that most guys — and
for a good reason — stay away from, but there are some good ones out there and you need
to know what to look for. I always like to look at the weave of the synthetic and look
at the brand that it’s coming from. I just found a great pair of synthetic trousers.
It was in Austin, Texas. I needed a pair of lightweight trousers. I went to, I think it
was Macy’s, and because I knew exactly what size to look at, I had a tape measure with
me — actually, I only had it because I asked the sales clerk for that tape measure, so
that’s a quick tip there, always ask for it. I knew what my size was, grabbed this pair
of Perry Ellis. It had supposedly a matching jacket with that. I didn’t need the jacket.
I just wanted those trousers. I measured, they looked great. I took them into the fitting
room. Things fit perfectly, bottom, right there, and these trousers were awesome. They
were 100% synthetic, but I looked at the weave. I felt how they felt on me in the fitting
room and I knew I could pull these off. It didn’t matter that it was going to be 95
degrees and humid outside. These things were going to work great. That brought up a trick
to keep trousers cooler in the summer. Again, we’re talking about linen. Make sure they’re
brought up a little bit so you, again, get a little bit of air movement down around the
bottom of your leg. So that hopefully answers your question about
what type of fabrics you can wear with linen jackets. And whenever you’re out shopping,
you may find a linen jacket that comes with a matching pair of linen trousers. That’s
a linen suit. The definition of a suit is a jacket and trousers that are made from the
same material, so technically there are denim suits out there and polyester suits, but a
linen suit is perfectly fine. You may actually find it’s not too much — oftentimes, they’ll
discount it when you buy them together versus if you buy them separate, so the advantage
there is you’re going to get two discounted pieces of clothing that you can actually wear
as separates. Linen is a bit more resistant than wool to
fading. A lot of times, I’ll tell someone when they only own one suit that they don’t
want to wear them as separates especially if you’ve only got one pair of trousers and
one jacket because you never want to have an orphan jacket. That’s just not the way
you want to go, but if you’re getting a linen suit, you probably already own a business
suit, if not a few other suits, so this is a case where you can actually wear those separates.
Someone can send me the question, “How do I match my linen trousers?” Linen trousers
are really nice. Again, the thing with linen, wrinkles, but if you don’t mind putting up
with that, it’s a great summer wear. Hopefully I answered the question. If you
guys have anymore questions, you know where to go, I love the YouTube
comments down below. You guys know I love talking with you down there, but it’s really
hard to track all that. So if you’ve got a serious question and you want me to make a
video of it, go to, ask it. We pretty much answer all the questions there.
I will try to make a video of what I think are some of the best, most commonly asked
questions that get the most activity. Okay. I will see you guys in the next video.

10 Replies to “Matching Linen Jacket With Different Fabric Trousers? – Match Linen With Cotton – Wool – Synthetics”

  1. I have a lot of linen in my closet. Invest in a steamer. After you wear a linen jacket or trousers, steam away the wrinkles. Linen seems to have a memory and will go back to shape. Hang the clothes on a valet over night and then return them to the closet. Also kep in mind that a linen/cotton blend wrinkles much less than 100% linen. I don't wear denim, so I would not match linen in my case with jeaqns. I am middlle aged and a bit heavy set. Jeans make me look pathetic.

  2. However, I match my odd linen jacket with silk trousers. Silk and silk/linen blends make wonderful summer jackets. You were spot on about cool wool. A cool wool suit is fabulous for summer. Finally, I am not a fan of synthetics. In fact I think I am allergic to some synthetics. How are your trousers breathing in this hot and humid weather?

  3. Since Antonio doesn't answer questions on youtube, i'll help you.
    With a light blue shirt you should wear a dark blue tie, so matching your navy suit will work.
    Also, try a white shirt and orange tie, it goes very well with navy. Hope this helped.

  4. As always, this was incredibly useful. I've just bought a (pre-owned, I'll admit) linen jacket. I suspect it might be a suit jacket, as it's 50% silk, but hope it'll still go with chinos or jeans.

  5. As usual, anothe awesome video for your unique and extensive collection of sartorial advise. Thank you so much for all your guidance.

    Semper Fi!

  6. I loved the video. It was crisp and clear. Helped clear my doubts about matching a linen jacket with different types of trousers…

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