Matching Shirts & Neckties Every Time | Best Dress Shirt & Tie Combinations

Matching Shirts & Neckties Every Time | Best Dress Shirt & Tie Combinations

How To Perfectly Match A Tie With Any Dress
Shirt [0:00:00]
Pop quiz, gentlemen. Which of this necktie is going to work best
with this dress shirt? What do you think? The solid? Maybe the dot? Maybe this casual necktie right over here? The answer is that all of them can actually
match this dress shirt, but only a few of them are going to work really well. The goal of today’s video, give you the information
to perfectly match your necktie to your dress shirt every time. [Music]
Today’s video, guys, I’m breaking it into two parts. First off, I’ll talk about neckties; the rules
the different types, talk about dress shirts the rules the different types, then how to
match them and everything that goes with that. After that, I’m going to give you examples. So, we’re going to have examples of a dress
shirt, we’re going to talk about two neckties that would look great with it. One necktie that probably doesn’t work too
well with that particular style and why. Are you ready? So, before we can match neckties and shirts,
you have to understand the basics of neckties and understand that some neckties are going
to be more formal other neckties are going to be more casual. Now, is this arbitrary how does it happen? Guys, a few key indicators. Number one, color. So, if it’s going to be a solid color and
a dark color, that’s going to be more formal. Lighter colors and especially colors that
start to bring in patterns, all of a sudden that becomes less formal. Now, what do we notice over here? I mean, this is solid, but why is it over
here on the more casual side? Because of the textured weave. So, weave is very important as well. You’re going to see something that’s woven
from a wool and has just a very rough texture to other ones that have more of a — they’re
just basically called woven ties because you can actually see the heavier weave. This is all going to be more casual. Now, you may notice the styles of the neckties. So, skinny ties, ties with square bottoms,
those are also going to be more casual. Now, coming back over here to the formal side,
you’re going to see ties made from silk, made from synthetic materials that have a sheen
to them are going to be more formal. Now, let’s talk about patterns. So, what you’ll notice about patterns is it
they go almost all the way across, but there are some key indicators and some patterns
are going to be more formal than others. Most formal patterns are going to be small
repeating patterns. This you’ll see in ties that you can actually
wear in a business environment. Small dots, even though they are small repeating
pattern, they’re going to be a little bit more casual and so you got to be careful about
wearing these in a business environment, but if the colors are muted you can still pull
it off. Now, patterns when you see a little bit of
a crest, this can be actually, you know, kind of middle-of-the-road it becomes more casual
though if you bring in a bit of humor if it uses a really bright color or if it’s something
that maybe has a hidden meaning, then, yeah, it’s going to be a little bit more casual. Stripes. Stripes have a long history in neckties. They actually used to symbolize what military
units, what clubs, what schools you went to. Nowadays, that’s not very common, but still
they have a place in the business department. This one though because of the lighter color
of the necktie, I pushed it down a bit. Patterns over here that are going to be a
bit larger going across also in my opinion make the necktie a bit more casual. So, I started this off talking about how this
solid dark colored necktie was the most formal, but I didn’t get too much into color and what’s
fun about menswear is neckties are one of the few places where you can bring in a bright
strong color and it’s perfectly fine for a business or formal event. Right here, we’ve got this bright strong red
with a small repeating pattern. You can wear this into a business meeting. This would be considered a power tie. This one right over here a beautiful royal
purple with a nice crust on it, you could actually wear this into a business meeting. Over here, even this, you know, we’ve got
a yellow dot, but it’s pretty muted, I think you could still pull this off in a business
meeting. Over here this is going to start to get a
little bit too casual and that now takes me to understanding dress shirts and how to match
these neckties to the dress shirts. So, throughout this video, guys, I’ve shown
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they don’t want your shirts to come untucked. I love it when company spends a little bit
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description. Go check them out. [0:05:21]
Now, gents, let’s talk about the formality of shirts and how to match them perfectly
with neckties. So, shirt formality goes a number of things. First off, the color, white is the most formal
of all shirt colors. When it comes to dress shirts, a white dress
shirt is going to be more formal than a light blue dress shirt or dark blue dress shirt,
a black dress shirt, a red, definitely a red dress shirt. When you go with a darker color, understand
that’s a casual shirt, but when it comes down to it this right here is going to be the most
formal of all the colors. So, it’s going to work best with the more
formal neckties. You see how this works? Another thing you need to look at in the dress
shirt. What about the style? Now, notice this right here, did anyone pick
up on that? You’ve got French cuffs. You’ve got the fold-over cuff which is going
to be the most formal of all the cuffs. Therefore, this dress shrit just is not going
to work very well with these neckties. Another thing to look at and I’m not going
to get into too deep is going to be actually the spread of the collar. If it’s a spread or a point collar, that’s
going to be something usually more formal. If it’s a wide spread, that’s going to be
more casual. If sometimes you’re going to see a very close
point, that actually is going to be more casual as well, but still made to be worn with the
necktie. So, the next shirt I have here this one’s
going to be much more casual. Notice that it’s got a small repeating pattern
in there. It looks maybe solid from a distance, but
when you get up close you’re going to see that pattern. Now, because there’s a pattern because the
shirt overall looks darker, where do you think it’s going to fit in terms of the neckties? Right here in the center, right? You could actually pull it off with one of
the more casual neckties. I think it would actually look pretty good
with this one. Over here, no, I think they’re just going
to be a little bit too formal. Now, understand that if you had a button-down
collar, you definitely which is going to be a much more casual, you want to go down this
range over here. But, it’s those details, again, when you’re
matching that shirt to the tie, you want to pay attention to all those things; the formality,
the colors. All right, gents, now time for the examples. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. First stop, we’ve got the chambray shirt. So, it’s the refined cousin of denim. What are you going to want to wear with this? A solid knit tie, that going to work perfectly
with this. You want to go with something with a bulky
texture, it’s going to complement the rougher look of the chambray. Now, you could also wear a patterned wool
tie. Now, the combination of the subtle texture
and the patterns, it’s going to stand out and it’s going to work really well together. What not to wear? Guys, silk ties, any solid color, really formal
tie, a tie that has a high sheen to it, you’re going to want to probably not wear with this
casual shirt. Example number two, the casual check. Now, the casual check is formal enough for
the office, but it’s also relaxed enough for smart casual. It’s arguably one of the most versatile shirts
that you’re going to see out there. Certain ties are going to go better than others. So, first off, do wear a solid tie of any
material the pattern of the shirt is subtle, but going with a solid color tie is going
to help basically to bring it back to basics. It’s actually going to raise the formality
of it just a bit. It’s just a great look that I highly recommend. Next stop, do wear our regimental or a university
stripe tie. Now, these ties have bold but consistent patterns
and they look great against smaller patterns. Do not wear foulards, club ties, or other
small repeating pattern ties. See, the deal is is that this shirt already
has small repeating patterns, so to repeat that is to have the patterns in excess. Instead, go for something like the solid tie. Example number three, the classic striped
dress shirt. The classic striped dress shirt works great
in a casual or a business environment. It can be dressed up, it can be dressed down. So, what type of necktie do you want to wear
with this? Well, it actually depends on the size of the
stripes. And that’s the key is you want to make sure
that any type of pattern or any type of striped tie that you’re going to wear with this that
it doesn’t mimic the stripes in the actual shirt. So, a safe bet right there is going to be
able go with a solid necktie, a solid in almost any color. You can also bring in small repeating patterns
like a foulard or it may be a little diamond. Any small repeating pattern, this is going
to be very different from what we’re actually going to see in the shirt. You can also bring in florals, you can bring
in a wide variety of different check patterns on neckties, you can even bring in dots. The key here is that the shirt already has
a pattern, so any pattern that we want to bring into the necktie should be different
should be of a different size and make sure that the color complements the color of the
stripe. Makes sense? [0:09:58]
All right, gents, so armed with this information, you should be able to perfectly match any
necktie out there with any shirt and look sharp. And that’s the goal, you want to go out there
you want to be able to put this together because like I talked about the beginning this shirt
right here I could match with any of these, but it’s only going to look amazing with a
few. Now, I didn’t get into this, but make sure
to start simple, then work and get to more complex. You want to practice putting these together. It is a bit of an art, it’s not an exact science
because your own colors and complexion, your hair color basically what you like what you
feel confident wearing, that is also going to play. And let’s have some fun. So, the Tie Bar sent me some cool accessories. I’ve got some extra ones, tie bars. I’ve also got some extra neckties, I have
some extra shirts. Go check out the Tie Bar. Let me know the shirt and tie combination
that you would put together. We’re going to go down and check out all the
comments here on YouTube, we’re going to select a few of you guys send out some cool gifts,
but you have to be specific. Go check out the Tie Bar. I’m going to link to them down in the description. Guys, a great company. They have got some amazing deals and I can
tell the quality is amazing for the price you’re paying guys. [0:11:10] End of Audio

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