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  1. Hi! I used this guide and it helped me a lot. The only question I have is do you need to change the voltage at all? Using a DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury 16gb kit of 2400mhz, hoping to overclock it to 2933Mhz and it just won't happen.

  2. I have the PNY – Anarchy-X 16GB (2PK 8GB) 3.2GHz DDR4 Desktop Memory, how can I get it upto 3400-3600MHz ? it's base XFR2 speed is auto set to 1.35v at 3200MHz. Your spreadsheet stops at 3200MHz.

  3. Wendell everyone talks about faster ram for ryzen, whats better 2400mhz dual channel or 3200mhz single channel? Single sticks are cheaper and in theory would create faster infiity fabric but people go frantic if you're not running dual channel like its going to be 20% slower.
    Can we get some benchmarks to shine some light on this because no one on youtube has tested this yet, they've tested frequency scaling and dual vs single but not infinity fabric VS memory bandwidth.
    Single channel 3200 vs dual channel 2400mhz (same AND different latency)
    Single channel dual rank vs dual channel single rank (same latency and clocks)
    Would be nice to cut to the bone of ryzen memory and flush out the myths.

  4. Been trying to overclock my ram for months and failing. 5820k in x99a sli plus. has 2x8gb LPX 2400 (micron?) Using "try it" presets it wont go higher even with like 2666 cl18, 18, 18.
    Driving me nuts, it previously has 4x4gb 3200 fine but sold the ram for a profit.
    Managed to get timings down to compensate but running dual channel 2400mhz sucks, at (1.2v system agent) 1.35v 2T command rate, timings are CL15-15-15
    tRAS 36
    tRFC 313
    tREFI 8320
    tWR 19
    tRTW 4
    tRTW_L 12
    tRRD 7
    tRRD_L 7
    tRTP 12
    tFAW 36
    tWCL 14

  5. Bought a Ryzen 2700x, Asus Prime Pro X470 board, and 2x 16GB sticks of g.skill ripjaws 3200MHz 14-14-14 b-die ram. The kit was $180 CAD more than the 3200 16-16-16 I was looking at

    Start my first pc build soon and hopefully this expensive memory works well

  6. I cannot understand this going through alcohol withdrawal.

    Perhaps I should wait til end of the week lol

  7. i love how simple quiet and quirky this channel is super chill i like it
    keep the music too! love that style feels like im playing an old psx game

  8. Help!

    Edit: ryzen master software was used.

    HELP! I changed the CL tras and so on to the given numbers from cpuz no my screen,Keyboard and mouse are of but pc is still running. (Memory tab selected #2$#4 to make sure they are really the same)

    Should I wait or turn it off?

  9. Seems like im unlucky, im able to get my 2400mhz 2- cl 15 15 15 35 furyx ram running at 2800 with 1- cl14 14 14 14 32 but cant get it over 3000, even for 3000 i already need above cl20 to get it stable. Tested out again with every new Bios update for my MSI b350 GP board.

  10. This video doesn't explain the constant crashing of my pc, the ram I have is Kingston ValueRam 4gb at 2133mhz locked which means its not overclock supported even though AMD Ryzen supports RAM overclocking, I followed what you have done in this video and my pc only crashes on boot up, plus, I'm using an ASRock AB350M-HDV directly from the factory, its not an aftermarket board

  11. I bought a 3000mhz Gskill 16gb kit but my pc runs it at 2133mhz. I enable DOCP but my pc crashes due to instability. When I enable DOCP the voltage for the ram increases to 1.35. Should I increase it even more?

  12. Cinebench15=876
    3200Mhz Team Force Group Dark ProCAS14(2×8)16GB

  13. Its kinda funny that me not having money to upgrade when ryzen launched turned into advantage. Asus X470-Pro, 1800X, 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz was plug and play.
    Then I proceed to set multiplier to 41 and voltage 1.35 and out of excitement in one go ram to 3466Mhz as well. Well… its 100% 24/7 stable no need to touch anything.

  14. @level1techs .. What software do you use to check if your ram is stable. .Prime 95 ? Ya did not explain what you used to make sure your overclock is stable ??

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