Meanings Behind Jersey Numbers Of NBA Superstars! KD, Lillard, Westbrook & MORE!

Meanings Behind Jersey Numbers Of NBA Superstars! KD, Lillard, Westbrook & MORE!

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  1. Sorry for not posting in a while. I was gone on a vacation. Make sure to check out part 1 of the video as well and don't forget to comment on your favorite lucky number!
    Posting will be back on a normal schedule and it feels great to be making contents for you guys once again! Hope you guys enjoy this one 😀

  2. If I played in the NBA number 21because I am adding the numbers up because my two favorite players Klay Thompson and DeMar DeRozan

  3. Westbrook lost his best friend in high school kelcie bar#3 that’s what it says on Westbrook’s wrist bands

  4. Westbrook actually wears the number 0 bc it was his bestfriends number who passed away and he wanted to honor him

  5. I wear 55 because that was the schools joke to give the bigger kids 55 but I slimed down and bulked up and I wear 55 as a reminder to never be big again

  6. My number in every sport is because my grandpa was born in 1947 and fought in Vietnam, he managed to get 1 bronze star and 1 silver star. He was an amazing athlete who like me played football basketball and baseball. He was going pro in basketball and football and semipro in baseball but he got drafted he thought me everything I know about sports he died when he was trying to fight off someone who was holding my big brother and I at gun point

  7. Paul George: I made my number be 24 because of my childhood idol Kobe Bryant
    Jimmy Kimmel: change it to 13 because PG-13
    Paul George: Oh that sounds cool that has a nice ring to it

  8. I don’t know if I would be able to choose this number but I would choose number 03 because that was the year I was born in (2003 not 1903 lol) or I would choose 6 because that’s the month I was born on (June) OR I would choose 20 because that’s the day I was born on

  9. I’m going to be number 7 if I get into the nba to represent how lucky I am in life if that’s taken well then I’m going to wear 99(Ik pretty weird right?) but I chose this because that’s the overall I want to be if 2k still exist during that time and I hope it does.

    Edit:I currently wear number 7

  10. 17 has been my jersey # ever since bec I was born on March 17th. Back then there was no deep meaning behind it but as I got older I just randomly felt comfortable with those digits and it reminds me in the court of all the hardships, trainings, and sweat I put in this game every year and to remember all the pains I've ever had just to get better.

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