MEASURE Your Dress Shirt Before TAILORING It!

MEASURE Your Dress Shirt Before TAILORING It!

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  2. I like white Oxford Knit material shirts from R.Lauren. They feel soft and breezy on your skin. Sponge bob shirt saved, good job!

  3. Just found your channel and am now working my way through your videos. Very good content, dude. I have been searching on You Tube, for a long time, for videos by guys that sew. Today one of your videos showed up in my recommendations. It is so great to have found your channel. And your videos are really well done…..quality. Thanks for your postings.

  4. Thanks to your videos I have basically tailored my entire wardrobe after losing 50 lbs..50 dollar used machine vs the $300 already save…yep I'll take it

  5. I found your videos because of my search for "sweat solutions", which, by the way, I totally related to stuffing paper towels in your shirts and all the trials and tribulations that come with hyperhidrosis.
    Anyway, I kept watching more of your vids and they're great. I'm super keen on trying self-tailoring/sewing machines, but I wanted to say it would be fantastic to have a video where we see you actually use the machine (especially on a dress shirt like this). I mean.. so you flip it inside out and sew along the line of pins.. and then what? There must be a bunch of material left over, right?

    Anyway, I'm subbing your channel. Great work.

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