43 Replies to “Melania Trump dazzled in a pale pink cape dress while she & her husband dined with Japanese emperor”

  1. Long Live, ( Our King and Queen ) Donald J Trump an Melania Trump .. Living LEGACIES In Their Own Time … 💙 💛 💜 💚 💖 💕 💜 💛 💚 ❤️ 💞 💖 ………

  2. I loathe these hideous cape dresses…does she imagine herself a princess, always in a cape? Evil witch!

  3. Every time I see her fat ass husband ,he's added twenty additional pounds of girth to his gorilla frame…..uhlllll….vomit..

  4. Are you kidding me? Fake Melania, illegal immigrant….you Magats are delusional . Hopefully, her husband Willie indicted soon!

  5. Gorgeous pale pink cape dress on Melania! Both the Empress and FLOTUS looked beautiful! The trip looked peaceful for all.

  6. Could you see Hillary trying to get her big fat crooked lying thieving moo moo ass into something like that?

  7. Bellissime tutte e due… Melania e regale e bellissima donna con tutte le curve al punto giusto ..l imperatrice Giapponese di una dolcezza e bellezza da sogno!!

  8. Wow. Are we really talking about how accomplished these people are based on what they are wearing? How embarrassing.

  9. I love the first lady. She's stunning and classy. Every dress she wears is so elegant. Especially I love her pin heel shoes.👠🛍️💍💐

  10. It’s not the dress that counts ….inside or out….it’s the heart.
    And Michelle Obama has a sincere HE❤️RT OF GOLD.
    And so does President Obama.
    Michelle’s dressing is not vulgar on the contrary very modest and becoming of a Presidents wife.

  11. Love you Love you Love you amwaaaa

  12. Why she always uses that over the top dress cape I bet she would do it again when she goes to UK and be the broken of all the Etiquette rules this people can have money but you can't buy Class

  13. she is classy and beautiful, she is a woman of test and civilization and that what i call a first lady mrs Trump a woma of class,

  14. La raffinatezza dell' Imperatrice Giapponese, la bellezza della First Lady Americana e l'eleganza della First Lady Giapponese si ammirano in questo bel video-ricordo di uno storico incontro.

  15. First Lady Melania Trump is so beautiful and elegant, we are so proud of our beautiful First Lady An President Trump always has a very smart well fitted suit always impeccable, so proud of or President An First Lady that know how to behave anywhere in the world. God Bless our President And First Lady .

  16. In Japan, this is considered crass and too opulent. The Japaness are a humble people and do not flaunt their wealth.

  17. Finally a beautiful first lady inside & outside no like the last one ..vulgar Michael Obama ..I mean Michelle ( not )

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