Melissa McCarthy’s Family Halloween Costumes Include a Cactus, Wolfette, and Bob Ross

Melissa McCarthy’s Family Halloween Costumes Include a Cactus, Wolfette, and Bob Ross

You have children
that I really– I met once, but just in passing. I’ve just seen them. But I want to hear– So we know they exist. I know that they’re real. It’s not just stories. But tell what’s happening
with them and Halloween. Do they like it? And what are they dressing as? Because– They do like it. You have to describe them
briefly, because the younger one is quite something. Yeah. I mean, they’re both fantastic. The older one– Viv is definitely Ben. She looks exactly
like me and is Ben. And then the younger one
looks just like Ben it is me. So the younger one is just
always like, let’s go. Like, she’s just
like– she’s feisty. And then– And they’re girls. And they’re girls. They’re very into
Halloween and the debate going into what was being made,
because I still always want to make their costumes. So when they want something out
of a bag, I’m like, no, like, no. And I’m the one whining. So Viv is going– which, way to ruin
their Halloween, huh? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Viv is going as a– I almost said
porcupine– as a cactus. So she has a green sweatsuit. And I’ve been sewing
on pipe cleaners that stick out all the way over. Right? That’s good. She’s prickly. And safer. Prickly and safer. [APPLAUSE] And we’re making a headband
with cactuses up there. And I may have found
cactus shoes online. I don’t know. And then Georgie is going as
the big bad wolfette, which, every time someone says, oh,
the big bad wolf, she goes, ette, ette. She’s a woman. And– [APPLAUSE] –what my favorite– right? Good for her. Good for her. [APPLAUSE] What I do love is that
she put it all on. It looks amazing. It absolutely looks like she’s
in the touring cast of Cats. Does she sing? She does. They’re into dancing. And she’s very into,
like, emoting things now. So it’s like, when she’s
singing, she’s like– [LAUGHTER] And it’s always like,
don’t look at me. But then if you do look
away, she’s like, no. You have to look. At then she wants it. But she’ll be doing so
much stuff that’s like, don’t, I’m embarrassed. Then I look away. And she’s like, you have
to keep looking at me. So it’s like a real, I
don’t know where to look. I’m averting my eyes,
but I’m in trouble– That’s so cute. –for averting my eyes. But yeah. And I think we’re
going to go out. And we’ll go out early,
before it’s all [INAUDIBLE].. And you’ll dress up
also, you and Ben? I think so. Ben is going as his spirit
animal, which is Bob Ross– [LAUGHTER] Oh my god. –who he loves so much. If you don’t know who
we’re talking about, you have Netflix. Everyone should have Netflix
because of my special coming up. But you should go on
Netflix and look up Bob Ross, because if you
don’t know who he is, it is the most– and
you should have scotch when you’re watching him. You really should. Yeah, for sure. You need a scotch. And he just has this
beautiful halo of– which I found out later,
I believe, was permed– Oh, it wasn’t natural. –which made it so much better. I was like, oh, it’s tended to. [LAUGHTER] I absolutely love that. And he paints and talks
about happy trees. And I think I’m going to go– he and his wife
befriended a squirrel. So I believe I’m going
as his friend squirrel– I see. –which, to me,
makes perfect sense. It does. It makes perfect sense.

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  1. From Africa Ghana.. Ellen If you know the love I have for you..I even wanna put your picture on eBay and put free delivery without no price tag..😊😊😊😊

  2. I really love her. She has such a wonderful character. She's the type of friend who can make you laugh even when you are mad

  3. Melissa: “And he just has this beautiful halo of which I found out later, I believe, was permed”

    Ellen: “Oh, it wasn’t natural.”

    Melissa: “-which made it so much better. I was like, oh, it’s tended to.” 😂

  4. Melissa McCarthy, es asombrosa me encantan todas sus películas son para comérselas 🍝 y chuparse los dedos. Te amó Melissa McCarthy;-)💗

  5. A lovely guest💞. Thanks Melissa for describing Bob Ross to a T ( Exactly; properly; precisely)😊. I would so have like to see pictures of their Halloween costumes, but perhaps that's spoling the surprise!

  6. Melissa McCarthy is so amazing. I absolutely love her. She should be on Ellen once a week. They're amazing together…

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