Men Try On A Police Uniform

Men Try On A Police Uniform

– You don’t even really see the face of the police officer. All you see is the uniform. (calm music) – My general impression
of the police, growing up, was that they were here to
protect us and serve us. – The police have been
ever present in my life. – Both my grandfathers
were police officers. – Sometimes when a police officer will drive by, I’ll take off my hat. – One time I got pulled over. I asked them why they pulled me over. They wouldn’t say anything. They just started going through my car. – I was detained by some cops. They was looking for some dude, and they found me. – They come in as if you’re, you got three strikes, and then work their way down. And nobody wants to be
treated like they have three strikes when they’re like
living their life correctly. – When you see that black and white car, or that blue uniform, or that
black uniform, it’s scary. – Oh God. – It already feels weird
like putting this on. – That badge is real shiny, and like it’s in the corner
of your eye at all times. It’s like a source of confidence. – Oh Jesus. I can’t do it. – Putting on this belt,
I feel already a sense of like authority. And I feel a sense of like urgency, like you wanna use these tools. – I get stressed out when I have to think, “OK, wallet, keys, phone.” And to be a cop, it’s like
you have all these other added layers of stress
before you even step out on the street. – Ugh, this is the hard part. – Alright, and then the final step, huh? (bright symphonic music) – That’s very weird. – I see myself in a cop uniform, I’m like, “Jesus, I look like every cop.” – I am scaring myself watching the mirror. – I look at myself and I
can see all the officers who I’ve looked in their eyes and could tell they didn’t
want to mess with me, but had to. – Honestly, I see jerk before I see hero. And that sucks. – This cop came up to me, as a civilian, I wouldn’t
take him seriously. – The fashion sensibility
of being a police officer seems like it would be sort of
a weird burden to deal with. You know, how do you
carry yourself like a cop? What does a cop stand like? – I see somebody that
can tell the difference between good people and bad people, but have been trained to do a job. – It’d be nice if I could
look at this police officer and feel safer, but I look at myself now it makes a little uncomfortable
and skittish, if anything. Especially because it’s me. – Seeing this reflection of myself, I wanna turn away from myself. – To see myself in this
uniform feels like a joke. And then you realize that
there’s guys who get up and look in the mirror like
this every single morning, and it’s not a joke. – I feel like I understand
why people run away from these guys. – Can we solve our problems without resorting to this? – It is kinda shocking how much a uniform affects you mentally. – Why are we afraid of the people that are supposed to be there to protect us? – Can I take this off now? (“Midnight Graffiti”)

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  1. Stupid.. they’re giving police officers a bad image by putting these YouTube actors and representing them as if they’re the ones waking up every morning. One of them said it themselves trained to do a job(just like any other job- tho this one is high risk.)

  2. Congrats! You now get to patrol the streets, put people in jail and ride in your black 'n' white car!

  3. Should have made them wear a bullet resistant vest to set the mood that what cops do when they put that badge on they might not come after their shift. Not even all of the uniform is there too. Inner Belt, Belt keepers, Body Camera, god half the stuff isn't even on right, the PR24 baton doesn't go in the belt it goes into a ring on the belt. That rubber gun probably is 3 ounces.

  4. “Can we solve our problems without resorting to this?” Ahhh, unfortunately not. If someone has drawn a gun on you, and you had one too, would you shoot him or die.

  5. if i were an officer in their area id red flag their addresses and not show up until i was absolutely certain they had already been badly beaten and robbed

  6. As 13 years old malaysian high school police cadets,its hot because in malaysia,its always summer in Wednesday (but sometimes it’s rainy)

  7. “Men” lol you’re assuming their genders.

    Here’s a funny reaction to this video:

  8. Why would you be scared of police as most police officers men or women are nice and follow orders that the department tells.

  9. wow it's sad that you feel that way about police it really is idk if it was the way I was raised but to me you all do not understand their side of it they want to help you and the people around you they have families and what not if you are scared of them you really should sit back and reevaluate yourself to say your scared of someone who will risk it all in a moments notice to save you is ridiculous it like saying you are afraid of our military personnel  grow up and stop acting like you are always going to be the victim all the time and follow simple instructions plain and simple

  10. America should have no
    cops for a year so that they can appreciate cops more while there family and every one they love gets murdered and nothing is being done about it. That sounds fun

  11. This gets me mad the uniform a cop what makes you a cop is your integrity,pride and the will to protect and help others

  12. Why do these uniforms look so awkward on these guys? I love how they are trying to reduce what a cop is to the uniform, too. Maybe try something that isn't Halloween costume store.

  13. I feel like people in the UK have a better overall opinion of police officers. Cause I live in Scotland, and most of the police don't carry guns. They just feel uncomfortable with them, and carry batons instead. I think that's quite good if they're just patrolling. Like at the parliament and by Holyrood palace (in Edinburgh) they do sometimes. But I've never actually seen one with a gun out. Like in Poland they did and I got such a fright, it was so weird to me.

  14. oh yes u "men" are scared of a uniform. When everyone else is running away from the danger, law enforcement runs toward it. Have some respect to the ppl who protect and serve your community.

  15. They treat you with 3 strikes to keep them safe. And put your self in the cops shoes delling with people that lie and are just jerks and could kill you.

  16. Boo hoo, I’m scared of some dyed cloth and leather, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror! Seriously where did they find these guys. Why are they scared. The only reason you should be scared is if you have something to hide or are involved in illegal activities.

  17. You use the title MEN pretty liberally here. Thank the lord jesus none of these men are actually police. We would all be left to fend for ourselves because I know without a doubt these “men” would run from the sound of gun fire!

  18. Believe it or not they teach you how to stand when dealing with people in the police academy. We have what's called the interview stance. I can always tell a cop from the way he stands in public even out of uniform

  19. It was the black people in the video that made out the cops to be the bad guys but there not it is there fault. Because they should not have done something wrong. Ps let stop disrespecting cops and show them respect .their here to protect and serve not to be raised #cop4life

  20. Is very trendy now to hate on cops. Sometime in another decade it will be cool and trendy to like cops…. people are so stupid and easily swayed by the media and popular trends. people want so badly to be accepted so they go along with the crowd and say oh yeah cops are assholes…lol. .. they think somehow they will be accepted and people will like them.

  21. Almost all of them would have been written up for improper uniform requirements.. they should have at least put forth some effort.

    That’s was a joke btw.

  22. These little children’s reactions made me vomit. How naive.

    The only respectable reaction was from the black dude who was really trying to understand while everyone else was sticking to their agenda/script

  23. Lol that one black dude saying „Oh I got pulled over and then they just searched my car without saying anything“ Dude thats illegal and you should film it, otherwise you‘re lying and just trying to look like the victim

  24. Ya know what you guys are lucky to wear that and police officers aren’t just detaining you because of race they have a reason. So shut up and stop complaining your very dramatic

  25. re title it desperately turn this into a race thing even though there are plenty respectable black police officers that die in the line of duty you entitled ungrateful cunts

  26. Bro… do some damn research of how to put it on. Everything is so off. It’s like watching cheap Hollywood movie of military.

  27. Thumbs down… These sissies sound like the investigative reporter who said his shoulder hurt and he felt PTSD symptoms after firing an AR-15…

    Furthermore, I suppose that's the difference between those ment to be the
    police and those who call the police…

    Being a cop isn't for everyone, Its either in you or it's not… and thankfully it's not for these guy's because they'd probably get themselves or someone else hurt or even worse.

    Just sayn'

  28. For me personally, if I could just put on a police uniform I would feel a great sense of pride. Right now I'm an explorer and just going through the explorer academy about to get my class A uniform which already brings an urge of honor for me as an individual and for my family. Also, yeah I agree it's intimidating but at the same time emotional. I just admire each and every police officer I walk by.

  29. Bro I'm Mexican American, the police department is here to protect us not kill us, I want to be a police officer and am currently in the police explorers program.ive never felt oppressed or afraid in the presence of a cop.

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