Men Wear Lipstick For A Week

Men Wear Lipstick For A Week

– The nice thing about this
one is that it just stays on and looks great all day, I’ve eaten lunch with it and
it still looks this good. – I do not commonly
associate men and lipstick. Other than in drag scenarios. – There was never really a situation where it was acceptable for men to wear makeup unless it was Halloween. – I suppose because men just
don’t wear makeup as much, so I always assumed, as
a young boy I assumed that men weren’t supposed to wear makeup, and then there is always
sort of that gender binary growing up, where boys do
this and girls do this. – I think I’m most nervous
about people’s reactions, and how people will perceive me. – A lot of men wear makeup
and we don’t realize that they’re wearing
makeup, like for example, Brad Pitt wears makeup
in all of his movies. So I think men do wear makeup. And we just don’t realize it. – I think I’m gonna wind up
doing a lot of social stuff that I’m not super happy about wearing lipstick for. – Ah! Oooh! – I was not expecting,
like, a lip eyeliner. – I don’t know how I did, to be honest. I kinda, I definitely got it on there, but I’m, I’m realizing
that I need to do some manscaping, a little bit. – I’m nervous about all
of them, except for nude. – This is my first meal
since wearing lipstick, and the shit’s all coming off on this can. – Can’t even tell I’m wearing it. I like this one. – I hope lipstick is edible, because I’ve been like,
licking my lips all day, and I think I’ve licked off
like, almost all the lipstick. – I have applied this purple lipstick, but I will say this isn’t exactly like a get ready quick in the
morning type of thing. – This is fun, I feel like
Rihanna in this color. And I’ve gotten a lot
of complements so far. – So I’m way more into this
color than the other ones, I’m able to like, totally
throw social norms and masculinity aside. I could kind of see myself
wearing something like this. – Do you like them? – Yeah, they’re cute. – Does it look weird? – They’re overdrawn, too, I like it! – It’s a beautiful color! – Honestly, I think it’s gorgeous on you! (slow techno music) – Well, I guess I’m gonna
have to ask all the girls in the office if they have makeup wipes, because I can’t get this off. – [Redhead Man] Hey, ladylike? Do you like, do you guys
have any makeup removers? – How’d you do that? – [Redhead Man] I tried it in the car. – This type of lipstick is really dry. – Yeah, I don’t like it. I’m, actually I’ve been
worried to go get drinks, I don’t wanna mess up my face – You don’t wanna smudge? – So I’m just seeing
myself for the first time after hours of being in headphones, and with my hair looking kind of crazy and this lipstick, I
look straight up nuts. – I just wore this red
lipstick out in public, I wore it to my bank, and I see my banker, and he told me… – Hello, he looks like a bearded lady. – He told me I look like a bearded lady. – I walked by some dudes who seemed, like, very masculine, and I
realized that I am like, super uncomfortable having my masculinity this compromised, around dudes who I perceive
to be more masculine than me. – Yesterday when you had it on, I didn’t think for a damn minute, I didn’t really even, I
didn’t think about it, I wasn’t like, “Carl’s
wearing makeup today,” I was just like, “that lipstick is cute!” That’s what I thought! – I don’t know, what I’ve
noticed today is that I’ve been getting a few more dirty looks or aversion, not as many compliments, I think it’s color based, honestly. – I like it! You seem very confident. – Thanks, uh, I don’t
feel super confident. I feel pretty embarrassed. – Also, I feel like I’m
jealous, a little bit, of your color. – I think it looks good. And I’m not mad at it. – I don’t know, I think
it tastes bad though. – I mean, I’m mad at the color, and like, the product of this lipstick, but the act of wearing
lipstick, I’m not, so, like, mad at. – After a lot of walking around, nobody seems to care anymore, so, I don’t care. Whatever. It’s just a fashion choice. – I wore lipstick for a
week, and it wasn’t that bad. I think a lot of the problems that I had were mental problems, and, to my surprise, a
lot of people don’t care. In fact, I got more compliments
than I got weird stares. – My hands were often covered in lipstick by the end of the day, and it was just a
nuisance to keep up with! Also, walking down the street,
I was very uncomfortable. – It was more enjoyable and insightful than I thought it would be. – I got recommendations for lip colors, I learned a lot about
lipstick, I learned tricks, and hacks, I had a lot of fun! – I hope that one day I live in a world where I would feel
comfortable even considering incorporating this into my everyday look, but right now, I just feel
like if I wore lipstick every day, it would just
look like I was trying to get looked at all the time. – I don’t know, I don’t
think it’s as a big a deal as people make it out to be. You know what I mean? It’s just paint. – I don’t now if I will
incorporate like, hardcore lipstick into my future, but there was a moment when I was walking to work, I was like, this is one of those moments
where you have talked your whole life about how it’s
okay to do whatever you want, and be the person you wanna
be, but I was practicing what I was preaching, and it felt great. – Just push your envelope. You know, your boundaries a little more. Because, I mean, I’m not someone that would
actively go and, like, wear makeup all the time, but like, this was fun
and I was open to it, and now I, you know, I’m more
accepting of the whole thing. – I tried to put it on blind. – [Woman] You got it all over. – No, it looks pretty good! (laughs) I don’t think, no I think… Wait, where is it that it shouldn’t be? – [Woman] You shouldn’t
have it, like, here. – That’s my lips! – [Woman] Or there. (energetic music)

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  1. I like how they're honest about how they felt like they din't try to deny that they felt like their masculity was compromised. They weren't afraid to say it and admit it and some people would've been

  2. Th guy with the bleached hair should wear lipstick every day he looks so damn gorgeous in all the colors and his lips are everything!!

  3. Now seriously BuzzFeed, answer me this.
    How come 90% of your vids are about women and the other 10% about men putting on make-up?
    Am I the only one who thinks that's a little weird?

  4. Everyone rocked that dark red lipstick. They all looked so good in it. Ginger guy needed serious help with applying every single one. It can't help you feel okay with it if you're getting looked at not because you're wearing lipstick, but because you applied it like the Joker.

  5. Honestly men should be "allowed" to wear lipstick. It was a bit weird at first since I haven't seen it before but they rocked it really

  6. buzzfeed is the easiest place to do these challenges everyone expects it and is very excepting imagine doing this anywhere else

  7. Bleached hair guy should wear lipstick more often- if he wants to. I think the purple and the blue looked great on him, and he has the perfect lips for it!

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