Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To The Cardigan Sweater – How To Buy A Cardigan Sweater

Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To The Cardigan Sweater – How To Buy A Cardigan Sweater

Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To
The Cardigan Sweater – How To Buy A Cardigan Sweater Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be talking about the cardigan sweater. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to
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and download my free 47-page e-book. The link to it is right below the video. Okay, so the cardigan sweater. I think over
the last 30 to 40 years, it’s gotten a bad rep. What we’ve seen is it has, in a sense,
been — I think because it’s a unisex garment, something that you see both men and women
wearing that it kind of lost a bit of its masculinity, and that’s too bad because it
has a stored history. So let’s go back to the 7th Earl of Cardigan. He was a prominent
19th Century British Military figure. He mad the look popular. And overall, I would have to say that it sends
a very strong signal. It’s something that many of us associate with academics and we
associate it with men who are in a position of power, usually something that if you’re
looking to project that, if you want to create a more stately image, if you’re perhaps sitting
on a panel and you’re a judge or you’re going to be giving a presentation and you don’t
want to be mistaken for one of the students and you’re about the same age, which happens
actually with a lot of TAs and grad students, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. So let’s talk about the style. The style is
we see an open front, so we have these buttons that go all the way down. You do occasionally
see zippers. Zippers are going to be much more informal and I don’t recommend it for
a first cardigan, so usually, the buttons. And by the way, it has the same rules as the
jackets, so you leave the bottom button undone and I like to leave the top button undone
as well right there. It’s a very nice look, I think. You’re also going to see pockets on this,
so I have some pockets. There are those pockets right down there. This one is a little bit
more of a military design, so it has a breast pocket right here as well, and that’s about
it. You’re not going to see epaulettes. This is a good fit on me. And so, let’s quickly
talk about the fit, very important when you’re out there choosing a cardigan. I would look at different brands, perhaps
even order them. If you can, go into stores and try them on. You want something that fits
well on your body, not close because you’re usually going to be wearing a dress shirt,
sometimes a tie, but close enough that you could actually put a sports jacket over this
or another type of jacket, so this isn’t your final layer, although you can go out and you
can wear it by itself with a pair of dress slacks, some nice dress shoes, or you can
even dress this down. I could wear this with a nice pair of jeans and a casual pair of
leather shoes. Okay, so we’ve talked about the fit. We’ve
talked about some of the style. Let’s go ahead and talk about the fabric. You’re going to
see this is usually made either from cotton or wool or a blend in between, as well as
you’re going to see some cotton synthetic blends. Synthetic has come a long way, so
unless this is a vintage cardigan that was made perhaps in the ’60s or ’70s, you’re going
to be okay looking at some synthetics. The great thing about that is they help save
you a bit on price, but if you want this for warmth, let’s say you’re in Wisconsin or Canada,
or a part of the US that gets really cold, or the world that gets really cold, you’re
going to want to look for something that’s wool that gives a bit more insulation. Okay, so I’ve talked about what to wear this
with. Now, let’s get into that in a bit more detail. You want it close enough. Again, you
can wear it under a sports jacket. You can actually wear this with a suit if it’s a dark,
conservative color, or if you’re looking for a bit of clash, but make sure that it’s of
the more formal style. Once you start going to the zipper realm, it really dresses down
the outfits that you’re with. In addition, let’s talk about with the pants.
Again, it works with jeans, works with dress slacks, and anything in between, so you can
wear it with cords. You can wear it with chinos. I wouldn’t wear it with shorts. Don’t go that
route. The last thing I would say guys is many guys,
they don’t know the history of this. They don’t know the image and the power that it
projects, so wear it and be confident, especially if you’re a younger man and you want something
to in a sense set you apart from the crowd. You need to know the history, I think, to
really fully appreciate this piece, but I believe it’s a classic piece that should be
in many men’s wardrobes, not all men, but if you find yourself in a position that you
can use this, go for it. Okay guys, that’s about it. If you want more
information about men’s style, I’ve got an awesome, awesome e-book, over 600 pages, 14-hour
audio. And by the way, this thing is going to be getting even better. Look for the update
here in 2013 and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.

86 Replies to “Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To The Cardigan Sweater – How To Buy A Cardigan Sweater”

  1. There's different kinds of cardigans… There's a lot of cardigans with a deep V collar. You're grandfather has style, nothing you'll understand until your a bit more mature!

  2. I just bought a few cardigans! I live in a town that has ski resorts and cold weather. I like the mid-layer protection from the weather without grabbing the giant snowboard jacket. It really compliments the V shape lines from the shoulders to the the waist. I also like it because it has a similar role to the vest without the dressiness of a vest.

  3. I'm hoping to start traveling around and meeting people this summer – unfortunately Canada isn't on the list for 2013 but 2014 is a possibility!

  4. Cardigans are one of my absolute favorite items of clothing to wear. This video does such an excellent job of explain why it's a great part of a man's wardrobe. Thanks for the upload!

  5. How is it possible that, every time I have doubts about wearing a particular article of clothing, you come out with a video about it?

  6. What a timely video lol. I wore a heavier shawl collar cardigan today with just a solid T shirt underneath and nice jeans, and got several compliments on it from peers and I'm early to mid 20s. For anyone saying it's an old man's sweater, click the 1st link in the description and look at the pic of Daniel Craig in one.

  7. Honestly whenever I see a young man wearing a cardigan I assume they're gay. But you rock it like a real man.

  8. If a cardigan has the third chest pocket like yours does, what would you say about putting a pocket square in there? Would that work?

  9. love all your videos
    p.s. you might want to do some work on your eyebrow. I was distracted the whold time…

  10. I am 19 years old and I use a cardigan from h&m. I wear it with a polo shirt and some chinos. I know you talk a lot about mens style, but can you start making videos for like young men? I want to dress casual but not overdress for school.

  11. He has videos on how to dress down formal wear or how to dress up causal wear. Check out his channel and just watch every video, they're all worth your time!

  12. just go and try on some cardigans dude,it comes with different styles,i'm sure you'll find one you like the most. i personally like the shawl collar style (:

  13. hey Antonio! i'am from india, mumbai. just wanted to let you know that i watch your videos regularly and they really are helpful! we have an easy access to tailors here, and iο»Ώ now have shifted to tailor-made clothes after watching your videos about custom clothing and it does make a difference!! now i look more sharp and it feels great!! cheers mate!

  14. My eyebrows are that powerful! – Actually – I have a scar there – hit by a rock when I was a kid. Yea – rock fights were not a smart thing but man were they fun!

  15. Hey Antonio,
    What's your opinion on wearing this over a T-shirt? Like a casual style, with jeans and nice sneakers.
    Would it be "disrespectful" to the history?

    Of course, I would not wear a formal cardigan in this manner, but a cheaper, more "casual" one?
    I have yet to purchase one, so I may sound like a dumbnut haha.

  16. My favorite piece of clothing! Mate your a legend, my wardrobe transformed from your vids and truly helped my style and made me found a passion in men's wear. I'm 23 year old pastor and I guarantee you are making many testimonies from this!

  17. I love your videos, Antonio. I'd like to offer a word of advice: Put your "Please like me and follow me" promotion at the end of the video instead. Sometimes you spend too long on this and it is off-putting. Especially if someone is watching your videos for the first time. Let them figure out how useful your advice is, then they will surely like you.


  18. I am 25 years old and cardigans are the sweaters that I love wearing the most! My grandpa and I match but my old man has some awesome style!

  19. sometimes i wear a chunkier shawl-collar cardigan over a v-neck sweater and a dress shirt on colder days, as if the shawl-collar cardigan were treated as a sportscoat. is that acceptable or faux pas?

  20. Dear Antonio,
    Thanks for all the great videos!
    I'm just curious what's your take on cardigan with a lapel design?

  21. It's a classic piece that should be in most mens waredrop but it does have a bit of a grandpa appeal. So careful with the tyling of the vestiment and for sure dont button every button.

  22. No, no, no. It's a very nice look. But you cannot wear a bulky one like he's wearing. Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Canali all had similar styles in their spring line. They are trim, and come in many colors and should be worn with trim, streamlined shorts. This is not a look for the ultra conservative. Like wearing red or yellow shoes,you've got to have the personality and confidence to pull it off. So, if you cannot do fashion, yeah stick to your basics.

  23. Well, it's a very country look. If you're ever invited to a spring/early summer party. It works fabulosly. Maybe you've seen guys in shorts with a sweater thrown over the shoulders, tied in the front. Well, it for and inbetween season were it could turn cool and you can slip it on. It's also a color hit to your outfit. Try it out with some white shorts, button the center 3 buttons only and add some shades and you WILL look ultra cool man. Fashion is not for the conservative.

  24. In what book would you not wear a cardigan w/ shorts? That is one of the most iconic spring country club looks known to man. White shorts, t-shirt with cardigan over shoulder with dark shades Adds a wonderful splash of color to the outfit, and for you ultra-conservatives, its utilitarian. If it turns cool, you put it on and button the center 3 buttons,drop the shades down to top button; youve NEVER looked cooler. Fashion is NOT about blending in; its about setting yourself apart. Be adventurous

  25. would it also go well with a short sleeved shirt? with thin ties/bow? without a sports jacket? and the shoes…a dresser shoes or trainers, the one's i have are a bit with color.

  26. Hi Antonio, your book was a great tool for my Style Change last year, your videos are enriching and I always learn somethingn new. Great job, greetings from Bogota Colombia!

  27. Great advice, Antonio!
    I like your videos, they help me a lot as I started to pay more attention on my overall appearance.
    Keep up the good work!

  28. Do you know of an online shop that ships worldwide that sells good cardigans? I looked all over town to find that, but it looks like the zipper kind is the only option in fashion, and I don't really like that style. >>
    Cardigans is not very common over here and you can barely find them in autumn and never the rest of the year. But I really love that style of clothing.

  29. Hey Antonio. Any time I'm dressing my husband and have a question I go to your videos first and ALWAYS find a video to address my exact question. My husband and I are going to a "casual" afternoon wedding followed by a lunch in Chicago at the end of January. Its going to be a brief ceremony followed by lunch at the same location. Its a second marriage for a 50 something couple and I was told that a suit would be too formal. I was thinking of putting my husband in a shawl collar black button down cardigan with a shirt and tie and black dress pants with a subtle grey stripe. Do you think this would be appropriate? I figure it will probably be cold out and I want him to have some dressy feel but am told a suit or sport coat would be too dressy, I thought a cardigan may give a little structure but still give the softness of a more relaxed feel. What do you think? I'm really just not sure. The other option I was considering was shirt, tie and a suit vest without the suit coat. Thanks Blanca. XOXO

  30. I am in my mid 30s and I love the cardigan. it is my go too on colder days. around the office over my shirt and dress trousers (advantage of a more casual environment). The buttons just nicely allow you to easily get the cardigan on and off and adjust the amount of coverage depending on the temperature variations of the day.

    As for colours I normally go for the classics such as darker tones of blues, reds, and greens, greys and I have some with rather nice braiding work in the stitch that gives everything a great pattern.

  31. I use to wear a black cardigan to school as my uniform with a polo shirt with the school badge. and yes it did make me feel like i stood out in a good way amongst the crowed. I also wore a black sweater vest sometimes as well with my short sleeved polo shirt but in Scotland we call it a (tank top) I would have all the buttons undone with a black undershirt underneath. with the collar neatly opened to the sides. I have always wanted to buy a long sleeved white rugby polo and wear it with a tank top to school. but I couldn't find any and I have dropped out to college now!!! πŸ™

  32. I wear a lot of charcoal cargo pants for work because I do maintenance at a factory and they fit well and are durable/stain resistant could I casually wear a cardigan with them to look a bit nicer on runs

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  34. Cardigans are great for being able to wear a tie with a sweater in cold and like you said it's royal and upscale looking. Love the look

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