Men’s Dress Socks Guide – Sock Quality Hallmarks & Etiquette

Men’s Dress Socks Guide – Sock Quality Hallmarks & Etiquette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s
video is all about men’s dress socks. We discuss what a quality dress sock looks like, what
it’s not, and anything else you wanted to know about this. First, let’s start with sock history. In ancient
times, hunters would skin animals and put their skin under feet to protect them from
elements. In medieval times, socks were truly a luxury item and only reserved for the top
0.1% of population. During the 17th century, socks became affordable for regular families
but of course, they could only afford the rough, homespun yarn, woolen socks whereas
the aristocracy would have fine silk or cotton socks. If you want to learn more about the
truly interesting history of socks, please check out our in-depth guide on our website,
here. Initially, socks were knitted by hand but
with mechanization, socks started to be knitted on machines. First, socks were actually knitted
on a machine that was flat, once the knitting process was finished, it was put onto a wooden
foam such as here then it was sewn together and that’s why you sometimes see these seams
in the back of socks in old movies because it was purely functional. In fact, the Cri
de la Soie knit ties we offer from Fort Belvedere are knitted on old sock machines that were
repurposed to be used with silk and so you create these knit ties. Over time, somebody
had the idea to create a round knitting machine so socks wouldn’t have the seam that could
be uncomfortable. Initially, it only had 72 needles but over time, machines got more and
more refined and today, the finest machines have 280 needles, this results into an extremely
fine sock and when you use yarns like silk and cotton, you get this sheer look that is
one of a kind and simply the finest sock in the world. If you’re into this kind of stuff
or if you want a nice black tie sock, you can check it out in our shop here. So, how do you know what a good dress sock
is? Basically, it comes down to five different hallmarks. One, it’s really important that
your dress sock stays up at all times. The number one reason for a sock to stay up is
its length. It simply needs to be over the calf. If it’s like mid-calf or a little shorter
or ankle length or even shorter, it simply won;t work and will slide down. The other aspect you want to pay attention
to is the elastic. You want it to be long and not just slim because otherwise, it may
constrict your blood flow and wear uncomfortably. So, always make sure to have a long elastic
on over the calf sock. It also helps to avoid all kinds of gimmicks such as sock suspenders
or braces. Some of them are actually connected to your shirt and to your socks and it’s inside
your pants so when you sit, or simply when you walk and you feel it, it’s uncomfortable
and you can see it through your pants. At the end of the day, all these gimmicks are
only necessary if you have sliding socks that are not the right length and not made of the
right materials therefore, solve the problem at the source, get a quality pair of socks
and never bother about all these other gimmicks and tools again. It’s important to go with
natural fibers, ideally, hundred percent natural fiber blends such as cotton, wool, silk or
cashmere, simply because these fibers absorb moisture more than nylon or any other artificial
fibers and they make you sweat less. A high-quality material also feels very comfortable on your
skin and it will last for a while. In areas such as the elastic on top, you need artificial
materials because there’s just no elastic natural material that would work well. Also,
in your heel, where socks wear the most, you want some elastic material as well as in the
toe area. Other than that, stay clear of blended socks. Sometimes, you will see that sock manufacturers
only use 20%, 30%, 40% of natural materials and all artificial materials because they
try to cut down on sizes. They may just offer medium and large or small, medium and large
or maybe the one size fits it all. If you have a foot in size 6, you’ll need a different
sock than somebody who has size 13, that’s simply unavoidable,therefore, when you buy
over the calf socks, it is important that you get the size that is made for your foot.
Most men aren’t even aware that you can buy socks in several sizes but once you’ve worn
a pair that is actually the right size of your foot, you never go back. That is why
we offer 4 sizes at Fort Belvedere that cover 98% of all men. To check out what size is
right for you, please go to our website and look at the size chart. A dress sock is meant to be worn with suits,
combinations, tuxedos or white tie outfits and as such, you want it to be elegant and
thin. You don’t want a hand knit sock that’s very thick and rough that may be great for
casual events or when you go hunting or in cold winters when you wear breaches but for
a suit, you want a thin, elegant material, that means, it was knitted in a machine with
a high number of needles such as 200 needles, 240 and 280. When socks were knitted on a
circular machine, they still had one issue which was the open area around the toe that
had to be closed either by machine or by hand. The problem with machine kettling was that
it actually left a thicker area and you could feel it in your toe which was uncomfortable
that’s why hand kettling is really the best, quality finish you can get and the most comfortable.
At the same time, it’s the most expensive and because it requires hand labor and a skilled
workforce. Lately, machines have come up that can also finish it in one knitting process
and whenever you have a sock, make sure you go over this area and just feel. If it’s flat,
then it will be uncomfortable, if it’s bulky like on your tennis socks, you’ll always feel
it on your toe. So once you know what a quality pair of dress socks looks like, you have to
think about how to combine them. As a general rule, you’d always match them to your pants
or your trousers. Never to your shoe. That’s just the main, basic rule but beyond that,
there are a lot more ways that you can match your socks and a proper way, so stay tuned
for other video about how to match dress socks with pants and your outfit. We’ll discuss
what colors of socks you have, what shoe colors you can use and how you make it all work in
your outfit so you look your best. Next up, let’s talk about sock etiquette.
So when in doubt, simply wear black socks that match your pants for formal and semi-formal
events. Never wear athletic socks with business attire, they’re usually short and even if
they’re long, they have a high amount of polyester and they just don’t go with the fineness and
the elegance of the suit that includes black, they just look awful with a suit. Of course,
you should always avoid wearing socks that have holes or loose threads in them so check
them every once in a while because otherwise, it looks quite sloppy. Depending on where
you live or who you visit, you never know when you have to take your shoes off and it
can be quite embarrassing to have worn dirty socks with holes in them. Make sure to file
your heels so you don’t have any calluses and to clip and file your toenails because
that way, your socks will last longer. Your left sock and your right sock should always
be worn the same color, never mix and match, it just looks like a clown. Now that you know,
everything you need to know about dress socks, stay tuned for our video about how to match
them with shoes and pants. If you wonder where you can get a high quality pair of dress socks
or even multiple ones, in different colors such as burgundy with a shadow stripe, simply
darker colors, please check out our shop where we really focus on providing you with the
highest quality material, luxury dress socks that you can find in the market today. Seriously,
I mean that. I was always unhappy with socks and they never stayed up and if they did in
the beginning, they slip down after a while, I’ve had mine for years and they’re still
in perfect shape. Don’t just take my word for it, please check out the reviews on our
website. Simply click here to get to our shop and check out or sock selection.

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  1. Great video and article as well. However I don't know why but I have always feeling of "forced" smile in your videos. That is what I think downgrades them a bit. There is no need for this. Being natural is perfectly ok.
    Yep I had urge to write this even though you might disagree with my point because I really like the content you make. Btw I love the shirt and tie combination – impecable!

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  5. Highly relevant topic for me. Where can a stocky guy with large and thick lower legs find dress socks? I buy dress socks in my shoe size (US 12 1/2) but I find that the top opening of the socks are WAY too small for me. The elastic opening can't stretch enough for me to pull them over my calves so I leave them on just under my calves (some 3 or 4 inches above my ankle). Even then the elastic opening digs into my leg and after a long day, they leave an imprint when I take them off.

    I had the same problem with athletic socks until I received "diabetes socks" as a gift. I don't have diabetes but they sure are comfortable. Been using them for years now, but they are too thick to use with a suit. Previously I had a blue collar job where the uniform was jeans, t-shirt, and boots. Now that I'm in an office setting, finding comfortable dress socks is becoming an issue. Any advice?

  6. You know, honestly I'm jealous. Here, men have a very detailed resource for the history, function, and fashion of every component of their garments. I'm not saying women don't, it's just many videos for women's fashion are about coordinating or whatever. I don't actually learn about the history and details of what goes into making clothing for women.

    I'm sure a lot of this information can be applied to women's clothing, but my point is that women don't seem to make it as important. I mean, I had to stumble upon a men's fashion channel (out of pure curiosity) just to see this kind of information all neatly bundled in a video.

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  8. Great video Sven! I really enjoy the amount of dedication and effort you put into your videos! Question: On average, do you tend to wear over-the-calf socks the most often? Also, what do you think about socks in an outfit that includes shorts? Maybe you could do a video over spring/summer attire where the calf would possibly be visible, and what socks (no shows, footie) would be best with sneakers and the like. It's always nice to watch your videos, can't wait for more to come!

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  11. Sock garters aren't a gimmick at all. They're a very sensible solution to the inevitable drooping of any sock that isn't a recently purchased OTC sock. Most socks you'll find in men's departments are mid-length as men seem to prefer these by a large margin. In most cases they will droop at some point during the day or when the elastic loosens after a number of washings. Sock garters are the best solution. Socks will stay up all through the day, and after a couple of days of using them, you'll totally forget that you have them on. The key in wearing them is to attach the garter to the front of the sock and loop the back of the garter over the top of your calf muscle.

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