Men’s Fall/Winter Dress Shoes – Double Monk Straps, Brogues, Wingtips – Leather, Suede

Men’s Fall/Winter Dress Shoes – Double Monk Straps, Brogues, Wingtips – Leather, Suede

– Hi, welcome back to my Men’s Fall and
Winter Essential series. So today I wanna go over my favorite dress shoes
for this part of year, which are monkstraps,
brogues, and wingtips. Now wingtips are technically brogues, but just know that when I’m talking about
brogues throughout this video, I’m also including wingtips. So I prefer these during the
cooler parts of the year, because they go much better with the heavier items you’ll be wearing. Don’t get me wrong, you can
also wear these year-round, but I just think there’s
better options out there for the other parts of the year. Check out my Summer Essentials e-book and my Wardrobe Essentials
series for those other options. So here’s the things I look for in a good pair of monkstraps and brogues. So first is the material. Like I said in my boot story,
I love a good calf skin. I also really like suede,
but if you live in a climate where there’s any kind of rain or snow, then you are going to regret the day that you wear those outside. So instead, save your suede
items for the spring or summer. There is, like, a fuzzy
that is tickling my nose. Next is the shape. So I will say this until I’m blue in the
face about dress shoes, but you want a nice, slim
profile with a rounded toe box. Ain’t nobody got time for
some chunky square toe boxes. As for color, I love a
dark chocolatey brown like I’ve got here. Chocolatey. Or even a medium brown, like walnut. Black is also good, but
for your first color, I recommend going with brown, because it’ll go better with the fall colors in your wardrobe. If you live somewhere with
a bit of rain, ice, or snow, then you can and should have these shoes with either Dainite or rubber inset soles. The reason why is because it
gives you some added traction. Now if you live in a climate
like Southern California where it rains, what, maybe
three to four times a year, then having a plain leather
bottom is also really great. In regard to monkstraps specifically, I prefer a double buckle
over a single buckle, because I just think a single buckle looks a little less refined. And if you do go with a
pair of black monkstraps, make sure the buckle is silver, because brass or gold buckles
actually looks really gaudy on a pair of black monks. But they look perfectly acceptable
on a pair of brown ones. And, while we’re talking about buckles, make sure they’re on the
smaller side like I’ve got here rather than some big-ass buckles that you would find on
a colonial gentleman. So let’s get into my favorite
brogues and monkstraps. First up, I’ve got these
Allen Edmonds brogues. So these to me are the
quintessential brogue. I love the chocolatey brown finish and also the Dainite soles, so I styled these with a sport
coat, dress shirt and tie, and some dark wash jeans. For some of my other favorite
wingtips and brogues, check out my article which is linked in the video description. Next I have these Johnston
& Murphy double monkstraps. So these, to me, hit every
point I look for in a monkstrap. I love the color, the subtle buckle, and the rubber inset sole. And on top of all of that, they come in at a really
great price point. Price point. (laughs) So I styled these with a coat, cardigan, and some wool trousers. So those are my favorite
fall and winter dress shoes. Check out my article linked
in the video description for outfit details as well as some of my other favorite wingtips, brogues, and monkstraps
that’ll fit any budget. Subscribe to my channel
for more videos like this, and if you liked this video, remember, give it a thumbs up. Alright, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.

35 Replies to “Men’s Fall/Winter Dress Shoes – Double Monk Straps, Brogues, Wingtips – Leather, Suede”

  1. Great video! I really enjoy how much progress your channel makes, lately! Just one thing, you talk a little bit like you're in a hurry right now, which is kind of stressing . But never mind, you are awesome!
    Sorry for my bad English skills and greetings from Germany (we are kinda all over the internet :D)

  2. Hey Ashley, what are your thoughts on a pair of suede double monks? Can I wear them with my dark washed jeans and chinos?

  3. Ashley , your videos are very informative, and done in very good taste and btw you're hilarious. I love the outtakes at the end of a lot of your videos, don't do away with them!

  4. Great video as usual, Ashley! Just like quick question: What brands would you recommend for a narrow footed guy such as myself?

  5. When you say dark wash jeans, you mean a raw pair of jeans, or a normal, pre-washed jeans that has a darker finish but still with some fades?

  6. I was going to email you, but I picked up a pair of Carlyle's like you recommended but in NYC I am worried they will be destroyed by the horrible side walks and my tendency to wear out the toe and heel areas of my shoes. What are your opinion on toe taps and heel caps? I contacted AE and they said they could do it back at the factory for $60 for front and rear? Or just wear the shoes (still brand new) and then have it added when resoled in the future? Thank you.

  7. Hey Ashley, please what websites do you recommend I Check out in my quest for some nice leather double monk strap shoes? Also, what's your take on Monk Straps vs. Derby's; which is more dressier. Thanks in advance.

    Nice informative video as always.

  8. Hi, great video again. I think your shoe suggestion should include more super high end shoes or European Shoemaker's like carmina, Corthay, Enzo bonafe, John lobb, etc

  9. I hated boxy square toed shoes when they were fashionable, and I will always hate them! I was so happy when people finally grew a brain and realized how ugly those shoes were and still are! But enough ranting for now. As for my policy with dress shoes, loafers during the warm months, and oxfords during the cold months.

  10. Ashley since you said GOLD BUCKLE on a brown double monk strap shoe is ACCEPTABLE does that mean we should just buy a brown double monk strap w/ a silver buckle? What if we have lots of GOLD accessories & wear a GOLD WATCH, ring, & bracelet or maybe a dual-tone watch (silver & gold) ?

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