Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice

Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice

Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your
Over-Coat Be_ Male Style Fashion Advice Hi. I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. And today weíre going to be talking about overcoats, how to choose
the right size, how to choose the right length and talking about how they should fit. If
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talking about. So the question I received was, ìI am thinking
of buying a fall winter coat that would like good worn over a suit. But determining what
kind of style, and specially the length would look good, is proving an insurmountable ñ
is proving to be insurmountable. I was hoping that you could write an article that would
shed some light on the subject. Also, sizing, what size should it be and what length should
it be, how should it fit in the shoulders. These are all questions that I canít seem
to answer.î Choosing a jacket, especially in overcoat is a little bit more difficult.
One of the problems is that when you go out there, your options are almost always limited.
So youíre going to have to go usually to a nicer menís store. If you go to, actually,
a store that maybe specializes in jackets, youíll be able to find a wider range. The
key is you need ñ donít so much focus on the length. And if you ever err on anything on the length,
always go longer than shorter. And Iíll talk about why. So, the first thing is make sure
it fits you in the shoulders because if it doesnít fit you in the shoulders, we ñ they
canít make it any bigger. If itís going to fit you a bit smaller, then look for something
thatís called the right one shoulder, and thatís a shoulder, itís not like a suit
jacket that actually ñ the jacket sleeves is built separate. Thatís one that actually
goes over. And these type of shoulder builds are really good if youíve got oversized or
overbuilt shoulders or if youíre going to be wearing an overcoat thatís maybe a little
bit big on you because itíll help to hide and give you a little bit more slope in the
shoulders. Now, if you have a really slope shoulders,
youíre going to want to go for something that does have a square cut. So, look for
a regular jacket built on that overcoat. So once you know it fits you in the shoulders,
then you want to feel how it fits in the chest. If youíve got more than letís say two inches
of room that you would like to adjust, be careful about buying that jacket because if
youíre going to have to bring in more than two inches, one, an overcoat is going to be
more expensive because the seamstress you take it to sheís going to have to have special
equipment because of the thickness of the fabric. In addition, if youíre going to want to open
this up, make sure that there is fabric in there.
And if you canít see on the inside of the overcoat or you canít see the fabric, be
very careful. Manufacturers, they donít give overcoats a whole lot of room, so you may
not even be able to open up the overcoat. You can always bring in overcoat in and it
may cost you a pretty penny, but itís a very ñ it happens a lot that you canít open them
up. The next thing is looking down does it fit
you on the hips, does it fit you well in the stomach area, it has to ñ you have to have
a room to play with. It can be a little bit big, thatís acceptable on an overcoat and
you can always bring it in. But if itís too tight, youíre going to want to look over
to the next overcoat. Now, letís look at the length. Okay. Typically,
overcoats are going to go either above the knee or below the knee. I personally like
overcoats that go below the knee. And the reason being is I think that they just look
better. They make a man look more proportional. In addition, they actually serve the purpose
of protecting the body. However, if you spent most of your time in a vehicle, you know,
that was why the shorter coats would develop. They were driving jackets. The idea that you
would be able to put this on and slip in and out of your vehicle and not have to worry
about, you know, trying to bring that train with you of extra fabric. So, it really comes down to the length that
a man should go for depends on his needs. If youíre a commuter in New York City, you
should go for a longer overcoat. If you are a commuter in Chicago but you drive to and
from work in your car, well, go for a shorter professional-looking jacket. And both ñ there
isnít a right or wrong answer here. Now, which one compliments the way a man looks,
I think the shorter coats, especially those that are more than probably four ñ about
four inches above the knee, youíre going to find that those ñ they just look like
they cut a man in half and that you can make him look square, especially if theyíre not
well fitted or if the man is a bit bigger in the upper bigger area. But, you know, when it comes down to it, you
need to go with something that suits your needs. Now, I alluded to why would you go with something
thatís a bit longer than, you know, than what you need? So, if you can find an overcoat,
letís say youíre going to a thrift store or youíre going to the sales rack at Macyís
and you end up finding an overcoat that fits you really well. But letís say you do drive
to and from work and you wanted it shorter, but this thing goes well below your knee,
well, the great part is you could actually get that shortened. A lot of men, they never even think to have
this done, but take it to a skilled seamstress, she can just cut that fabric off. In addition,
if the ñ if it actually isnít as at the point where you want it, letís say itís
almost too long, itís like maybe or two or three inches above your shoes, which is too
long, you want to actually use ñ have at least four to five inches of clearance above
your feet. So if itís too long, you can bring that up. And that makes a big difference because
it goes from looking sloppy to looking sharp. And oftentimes, when youíre wearing this
overcoats, especially if youíre commuting via subway, via train, most people are only
going to see you in this overcoat. And so, you want something that fits you well. And
so, donít be afraid to spend a little bit of extra money to get it tailored, especially
if you take care of your body. They look really nice. I mean, in my overcoat, I get compliments
all the time. But then again, itís made to fit my body, like many of my jackets. And I ñ it just ñ my wife loves the way
it looks on me. Iíve had people come up and just ask me where Iíve gotten it. They mistakenly
think that itís the brand. Itís not the brand. Itís actually how it fits the man.
Always, when youíre trying on overcoat, wear the clothing that you would be wearing normally
under it when you try it on. This is very important. Donít try to guess this because
youíre going to probably end up getting it wrong. So, if youíre not going to be wearing
a suit jacket, then donít worry about that. If you are, well then go over to another part
of the store and grab a suit jacket just to put on and then go try the jackets one. But
oftentimes, men donít do this and they can ñ it just ñ they never get the fit right.
They get something thatís a little bit too tight. All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with
Real Men Real Style. And if youíve got any questions, reach to me. Weíve got ñ and
just visit me over at Real Men Real Style and weíve got multiple ways to be contacted.
And take care and I will see you in the other videos.

61 Replies to “Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice”

  1. Very good video. The only suggestion I would offer is for you to show some pictures of the different types of overcoats you where talking about.

  2. Antonio, I was hoping you'd address the height issue with regards to which coat length suits one better. As a man of 5'8", I NEVER look good in coats that are long and reach the knee. My coats are always either waist length or 3/4" length. Longer coats make me look like I am shorter than I really am, or make me look as if I am drowning in fabric or even worse, as if I am playing "grown-up" (a kid wearing dad's coat!) 🙂 IMO, tall men look good in longer coats, but not me.

  3. @Speed00007 I agree – right now though I want to get out a base of videos to see what it is people really want to learn about – then we'll move to release better quality vids.

  4. @cjs33139 Try getting the coat tapered to fit your body. I love my long coat – but it fits me like a glove in the torso and has a very masculine silloutte. Try it.

  5. Cool! Just wondering, where and what kind of overcoat did the speaker get? I'm really curious. Because I have been searching for an overcoat for a long time. Thanks!

  6. Antonio is a custom clothier so he has his own clothes made. He mentions his overcoat is a custom made one to fit his body. IN ADDITION 😀 he has another video where he talks about how to buy an overcoat and in that one we see his overcoat (well the top half).

  7. I have a nice wool + 10% cashmere Chesterfield for the winter, but type of overcoat is best for spring or fall when it's raining? Trench coat? Top coat? Thanks.

  8. How do i k ow if the overcoat fits on top of my suit jacket, i cnat realy see if its tight there, does a change in the suit jacket lapel show its tight?

  9. hi I want to be as sharp as I can be on my wedding.. and Im planning to wear a trench coat any,   my theme was military inspired so I want to be like WWII russian officer any comments/suggestions? thanks

  10. Thanks for these. I used to have to wear a suit and tie to work – I lived in a rural area, and enjoyed the excuse to "look nice". I miss looking sharp, and love your tips on doing so in everyday life.

  11. Which overcoat can make you look taller long or short overcoat? What's the difference with a topcoat? I'm 5'8 medium built I'm trying to decide whether to cut my polish wool military coat shorter above the knee, is it 3 inches above?  Because it's a little heavy and hate it getting snag by the car door. Thank you.

  12. Tony,
    Hey it's Terry from 3/1.  I started watching your videos recently as I'm wearing a suit vice uniform.  Hope all is well.

    Just curious in this video your lapels look different.  I've not seen that before…is it common?


  13. You're the man!!!! Of all the YouTube channels about style, you're the best!!! And believe me, I've seen millions!!!

  14. URGENT QUESTION! Ive always been told for mens trench coats that the "storm flap" is supposed to be on the right side of the coat. I have seen several mens trench coats including this one that i can get a great deal on from Zara which has it on the left side, but its a mens trench coat. I keep hearing people say that it HAS to be on the right side. Any help?? I really want this coat im looking at its very nice and im getting a great deal on it too.

  15. Where can you buy these coats that go below the knee, you know that reaches halfway to the shins. They're so hard to find, all I found were coats that are above the knee which I don't like that style.

  16. I am 5"9" and I have been told that my current overcoat makes me look smaller(bottom of my overcoat comes 1 inch below my index fingertip).I am going to buy a new one and how long should my overcoat be in order to make me look taller?And will a peacoat be better for me?

    Thanks in advance,

  17. I'm 5'8.5 and am about to buy a coat which is 49" long but am worried it might end up reaching too low and getting in the way. Would this be an issue for me?

  18. Longer (over-, trench-, great-) coats all the way. I hate this shortening tendency and have troubles to find something that would meet my personal tastes. And my size. (((

  19. I got an overcoat from Zara which goes right above my ankle and sleeve stops at my knuckles. Is that too long? Shoulder and waist fits very well.

  20. well I have a coat with a sleeve that's a big touches my palm…can this be reduced so it touches my wrist?

  21. I just purchased what could of been a very expensive over coat at Goodwill for 8 bucks and it looks brand new. Khaki color overcoat very warm Eddie Bauer. It has a fur collar. Be sure to check out your local clothes you never know what you may fine. My jacket looks brand new

  22. How do we find coats that are below the knee in length? I have searched everywhere, including Burberry. No one seem to have them.
    Anyone got any shops?

  23. The saddest thing is that Antonio talks as if you'll buy one coat and that'll be all your needs sorted forever; it's a shame that retailers don't put this thought into their clothing – Everything these days is made cheap and made disposable.
    I always shop vintage.

  24. I'm 5'8 130lb and I'm looking to buy an overcoat from Macy's it's online so I can't try it on I've never had a overcoat or peacoat so idk what to look for the sizes on the jacket I'm looking at are 36s 36r 36l 38s … idk what theses sizes mean . I know I'll wear to caller up and I will not wear it botton up

  25. I am looking for a long overcoat that falls below the knees, I read that the Winchester single breasted suits best, the inspiration comes from Peaky blinders. For my three piece suits I have a size 36 vest/waistcoat. does that mean I need the same size overcoat?

  26. If you live in Chicago or the N. East ( Wash DC, NYC, Boston, etc) a longer coat will protect you more fully against the cold…

  27. very interesting subject .
    From experience I would say spend as much as you can afford to get a good coat .
    I am quite tall ( 6 ft 3 ) and bought a Crombie 12+years ago and wore it with suits as well as jeans and boots .. I had mine relined once and this autumn my son bought me a new one that is exactly the same cut and fit and is super warm … Guess what ? I wear nice suits , I wear designer perfumes and just normal .. but put on my Overcoat and everyone compliments it’s perfect style and sharp look without being over the top . Just one of the best purchases you could make so save up and get your money’s worth . Spending more will save you money long term .

  28. Hey man i wanted to ask you something,
    I have got my new overcoat and however its S but still its a bit big for me, could you pleas tell me what can i do ?

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