Men’s Sweater Guide – Crewneck, Cardigan, Shawl Collar Cardigan – wool, cashmere, cotton

Men’s Sweater Guide – Crewneck, Cardigan, Shawl Collar Cardigan – wool, cashmere, cotton

(upbeat music) – Hi, welcome back to my men’s fall and winter essentials series. So today I wanna go over some of my favorite sweaters
during this time of year which are crew necks, cardigans, and shawl-collared cardigans. So these are all really great because not only do they keep you warm, but they also allow you to create a bunch of new looks depending on how you layer them with
the other items you own. But before I go any further, I wanna make sure you watch
my v-neck sweater video because one, you should already own a bunch of v-neck sweaters because they look great on every body type, and you can wear them year round, and two, that way you
know the dos and don’ts with sweaters and how they should fit depending on your body type because I’m gonna be talking about crew necks and cardigans
with the assumption that you already know
all of these guidelines. So if you haven’t
already watched that one, stop watching this video,
go to the description. I’ve linked my v-neck sweater video and check it out. Oh, and don’t mind the
blonde hair in that video. It was just a phase, I promise. – [Computer Voiceover] Two hours later. – So now that you and I are on the same page in regard to the basic tenets of sweaters, and hopefully your closet is now brimming with v-neck sweaters, let’s talk about their brother from another mother, the crew neck. So I really like crew necks because they can be worn over a t-shirt unlike with v-neck sweaters. And they look really
great with casual outfits or you can take a more formal outfit like a suited look and
dress it down even further. They also just provide a really nice, warm layer to your outfit as well. The two things you wanna remember to do when it comes to
your crew neck sweaters is to make sure you nail down that fit, and you know how to wear them based on your body type. For any body type, you wanna make sure your crew neck fits like a glove. So what I mean by that is you shouldn’t be able to pinch more than one inch of fabric on your tricep, and you shouldn’t be able to pinch more than two inches of fabric on one side of your stomach. As for the length, make sure your sleeves generally end around
the bend of your wrist, and the length of your sweater should hit just past your belt buckle. You don’t want it any
longer or shorter than that. It just drives me absolutely nuts when I see a guy wearing a sweater that is just bunching with a ton of fabric over here and a ton of fabric in the sleeves. You don’t want that. Please don’t be that guy. If you’re a broader guy, you only wanna wear your crew neck as a layering piece. So, underneath a jacket,
sport coat or a suit. You don’t wanna actually
wear it on it’s own because it’ll actually create this huge swath of fabric that will only spotlight your girth. And trust me, it’s not, I’m not talking about below the belt. Now let’s move on to cardigans. Specifically regular
and shawl collar styles. Now I’m like having girth in my head. It’s spotlight. Shawl collar styles. As to how your cardigans should fit, the same crew neck rules apply. So just like your crew necks, cardigans look great with most shirts. I would just avoid v-neck t-shirts unless it’s a really shallow V because the double V that it creates, it just looks very strange. Also I would not recommend wearing a polo shirt with a cardigan because the collar of a polo is just too flimsy, and it won’t look right or lay nicely when worn with a cardigan. Regular cardigans can be worn on their own or they can be worn underneath everything including a suit while shawl collar cardigans should really only be worn on their own because they’re generally made out of a thicker wool or cotton. If you’re a larger guy, a regular cardigan should only be worn
buttoned all the way up except the last button. You want it to actually be undone so when you’re sitting
down, it doesn’t bunch up, and it should only be
worn as a layering piece underneath something. If you wear a regular
cardigan on it’s own, then it’s actually gonna
make you look super wide because, again, it creates a huge swath of fabric which is what you wanna avoid. If you have a slim to average build, then you can wear a regular cardigan either on it’s own or as a layering piece, but almost always have it buttoned all the way up. Just make sure that last button at the bottom isn’t fastened. That way you won’t have
all of this bunching when you sit down. I’m not a big fan of having cardigans being completely unbuttoned because they just start to lose their structure and they start to begin to look floppy and really messy looking. For shawl collar cardigans,
if you are a broader guy, then you should absolutely wear them on their own and completely unbuttoned. When you have it unbuttoned, then it actually breaks
up your width nicely, and it hides any kind of problems areas that you might have in your stomach or your upper body. If you’re any other body type, then you can wear your
shawl collar cardigan buttoned or unbuttoned, but if you do decide to fasten it all up, make sure to leave the
bottom button undone. That way you don’t have any bunching. As for colors, I already mentioned them in the intro video for my men’s fall and winter essential series. It’s a mouthful, sorry. So definitely check out that video where I go over all the colors that will work great for your skin tone. And lastly, as far as materials, I really like wool and cashmere, although cashmere is technically a wool, but I still consider these two different types of materials. Cashmere’s a little softer, and it’s a little bit more expensive. And if you’re a guy that
runs a little bit warmer, then I recommend going with a cotton-blend because it’s a little bit
more breathable for you. So let me show you how to
style some of these sweaters. So first I styled my model in this crew neck sweater that’s
worn over a t-shirt. I threw on a coat and some
wool trousers and wingtips. Next he’s wearing a coat, grey cardigan, dress shirt and tie with wool pants and some brown monk straps. And lastly, I styled him in this navy shawl collar cardigan with an Oxford button down, some dark washed jeans and Chukka boots. So those are my favorite sweaters during this time of year. Leave me a comment below, and let me know which of these three do you like best. Check out my website for an in depth article that includes all of my favorite sweaters out there
that fit every price point. Subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, and
if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. All right, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. (upbeat music)

73 Replies to “Men’s Sweater Guide – Crewneck, Cardigan, Shawl Collar Cardigan – wool, cashmere, cotton”

  1. Cardigans are just so amazing in every single way! Though I need to add some color to my humble collection! Awesome vid Ashley! Love the new presentation but I miss seeing your furniture: that vintage radio, the crate and that awesome metal ball!

  2. Question on Crewneck: now i saw in the one picture that the guy was wearing it on top of a dress shirt. can or should guys do that ever? Also if i wear a crewneck what color shirt should i wear? I saw in the picture at the end of your model wear a light brown with his white tee shirt popping out just a bit.

  3. Great video,Ashley! I saw that you said in your "how a sweater should fit video" that you shouldn't be able to pinch more than 2 inches of fabric on either side of your belly. Also i saw that you said in this video that you shouldn't be able to pinch more than 2 inches of fabric on one side. Is there any difference?

  4. As a larger guy I appreciate you consistently considering body type when providing style advice. I rarely if ever see that from other experts online. Thank you.

  5. V-neck is great if you are wearing it over a dress shirt and tie; otherwise I like crew neck because it is warm & versatile. PS you look great!

  6. The third style is the best because it doesn't look too pretentious and I'll describe it as smart casual Ivy League look. I think people these days still try to avoid cardigans because it gives a Mr. Roger's vibe to it and it makes the man a lot older than what he really is. The last time I wore a cardigan was back in 2011 and it was at a party at a bar and the theme was Oxford University and I wore it with a striped J.Crew button down shirt underneath the cardigan. I looked really young back so I wasn't embarrassed to wear that outfit , but I doubt I'll sport that look even at a party with the same theme again.

  7. I'd love to see a vid on "smart casual" and some looks thrown together!

    Also, what shirt should i go for for a christmas party if i were to wear a navy blazer? I was thinking of dark wash jeans, navy blazer and perhaps a white tee? not too dressy but not too casual?

  8. Ashley when you say that cardigans can be worn "on their own", do you mean without anything underneath them, or anything over them?

  9. I understand where u going with the video editing, but I think the editing was too fast like GQ's videos, its like an ad if you understand what I mean. Your older videos sounded more homely, like a friend who was giving you tips. The back ground music and your voice warn't mixed well. (I hope I don't sound like an ass for nit picking). The background and lighting looks really great.

  10. This channel is a god send! Deserves more subscribers! You've put so much effort in this. I can unsubscribe from the other men's fashion channels now (chuckles). Thank you!

  11. I dont wear many sweaters. In my size they are mostly crap. I agree, the blond hair looked awesome. Just like you look awesome everyday. Keep up the great advice. I will be watching. ha.

  12. Ashley, what should I do with all of my thick wool sweaters and fisherman knit sweaters? Is there a place in a decent wardrobe for such sweaters?

  13. Hi there Ashley, I really enjoy your channel. I do look forward to any videos you may share on dressing in black/grey? Thanks for this:)

  14. Ashley I have a question/request. When you say broader guys do you only mean plus size guys or do you also mean muscular builds? I know you try to incorporate all body types and that's great but I feel as if muscular builds are being left out. I know, such a first world problem, but I would love to hear your response. (Profile pic is no longer accurate, grew muscle mass)

  15. She seemed to have gone though the subject of sweaters quite quickly. I would say about a ten, maybe twelve minute video would be more appropriate.

  16. Ashley. You looked great with blonde hair. Not many Asians can pull off blonde hair , but you can. πŸ™‚

  17. 2:45 So what swear should you wear with a polo then? I have to wear polos all the time at work and they keep the AC cranked up high so I pretty much have to wear a sweater year round lol.

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