Men’s Winter Coats/Jackets – The Parka | Men’s Fall Winter Essentials Series – Down

Men’s Winter Coats/Jackets – The Parka | Men’s Fall Winter Essentials Series – Down

(upbeat music) – Hey, welcome back to my Men’s Fall and Winter Essential series. So when I first released my peacoat and overcoat video and article, a lot of New Englanders,
Canadians, and Northern Europeans complained that they couldn’t
wear any of my favorite pieces because they just weren’t warm enough. Now, I’ll admit it, living
in Southern California, excuse me, has actually skewed my
perspective in this regard. So, let’s rectify this. To me, there’s really
only one winter jacket that I like and that
looks great on everyone, and keeps you nice and warm, and that is the parka. But not all parkas are created equally. I’m over this hood. So, first and foremost,
I’m constantly asked for stylish winter jackets. When it comes to crazy cold weather, I think that utility
should supersede style. And that’s not to say that, my hair has gone crazy, that’s not to say your
parka isn’t stylish, but no one’s going to
look at you in your parka, and think, “Wow, your
outfit looks so amazing.” Parkas are designed to go over your outfit and be taken off the
second you step indoors. So, if you really want to
look stylish in cold weather, then wear one of my fall jackets, or an overcoat or peacoat, and layer like your life depends on it. So, let’s quickly go over what to look for in a good parka. First, depending on your
climate, and how cold it gets will determine how long
your parka should be. So, the colder your climate,
the longer your parka. So, you’ll want a hip-length parka if you live in a climate
that’s cold but not crazy cold. If you live in the tundra,
then you’ll want a parka that goes down to your
knees or even past that. If you live somewhere where
it’s kind of in the middle, then you want to go with a parka that hits about mid-thigh. So, just don’t be that guy in San Diego wearing a knee-length parka. It’s just too much, and looks weird. As for colors, I love
navy, black, and olive. Just make sure the
material isn’t too shiny. If I had to choose a color, I prefer navy because
it’s still really dark, but it’s easily wearable. Olive is also a really great color, too. Black can sometimes look a bit
jarring in such a big jacket, but all of those colors will
look perfectly acceptable. Next, make sure your parka
fits relatively well. So, what I mean by that is you want the shoulders
and body of your parka to lightly hug everywhere. You don’t want it to be
too loose or too tight. So, when you are trying on
a parka for the first time, it’s really important that
you’re wearing at least a sweater and shirt. Make sure to zip up that bad boy, because you want to ensure that it doesn’t fit too tightly in the body. As far as lining goes, I prefer down, but synthetic is perfectly acceptable. But I just think that down
keeps you a little bit warmer, but as always, your mileage may vary. So, the last feature you
want to look for in a parka is a detachable fur trim on the hood. This is not a deal breaker, but is more of a convenience thing. I just think it’s nice
when you have the option of removing that fur trim. That way you just get two
different looks out of one jacket. Even though they’re mostly a utility item, and style takes a backseat,
I couldn’t help but style a parka outfit for you. So, one of my favorites is by Parajumpers. I really like the fit
of all of their jackets. So, I style this navy parka, with a crewneck sweater,
wool trousers, and wingtips. And, of course, I threw on a scarf and some gloves to finish it all off. Check out my website for
my other favorite parkas that’ll fit any budget. And I’m really curious, definitely
leave me a comment below and let me know who makes
your favorite parkas. Alright, so subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, and if you liked this
video, give it a thumbs up. Thanks so much for watching,
I’ll see you in the next one. (upbeat music)

80 Replies to “Men’s Winter Coats/Jackets – The Parka | Men’s Fall Winter Essentials Series – Down”

  1. Thanks you on behalf of all Canadians! I prefer North Face over Canada Goose… they can often be found on sale and are of comparable quality. Pretty sure Canada Goose does not permit their vendors to discount their coats.

    FYI – I own the Uniqlo "Parka" you listed and it is definitely not a winter coat… it's more of a rain jacket… just an nylon outer with no lining at all. Zero idea why they call it a parka.

  2. Hi, I'm moving to SoCal in the winter and I have no idea what coat, jacket should I bring/buy? Could you please give me some insight about it? What your thoughts on Trench coat in SoCal? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Ashley!! for something thats knida in the middle some of the heavier field jackets ie: Barbour, are a kinda inbetween. A little lighter visually than a parka, come in all the colours you mentioned. Always appreciate your tips, hopefully one day we can all pay you back somehow……! cheers

  4. i don't think that's the best coat for men. A pea coat, professional overcoat looks much better and works good for every men.

  5. Could you do a style breakdown (like your James Bond one) on the Russian character from "man from uncle" I think his style in the movie is really cool

  6. I own a pretty old and ugly Nautica but its sooooo warm that I just dont care. Its for those cold days where i couldnt be bothered to be cold for a second!

  7. Great video as always, Ashley! Would you recommend the HM wool pants used in the outfit from your article? I'm mostly concerned about the quality. And are those the grey or black colour?

  8. Thanks for doing this! I live in the Chicago region and for 95% of the winter, I get by wearing a wool fisherman's sweater (WoolOvers) and a wool navy pea coat (Schott's from an Army-Navy surplus). A parka is good for those sub-zero days. I used to wear a North Face coat but it was permanently stained from a hot chocolate spill.

  9. You do some great videos (and you have definitely improved your presentation style), the only thing I can add is can you do style for body types other than model? I need to lose weight bigtime, but until I've done so I can't go naked.

  10. Long coats, & trench coats, are cool [like the one worn by Green Hornet] but still parka is the best. And yes, I do own a long coat similarly worn by the Green Hornet.

  11. I got a great deal on the J Crew Nordic Parka. It's very warm, down insulated, and has the zip off fur trim on the hood. Only complaint is it's a bit heavy.

  12. Dude that guy in San Diego wear the Parka to keep himself alive. He look like a homeless dude. If you ain't got a house a Parka keep you warm a night.

  13. Should a parka be light weight or heavy. Mine is Italian, super warm and heavy, actually the heaviest I've tried. It's comfortable and I don't mind the weight but I'm curious

  14. 2:07 waaaaait a minute. The water is not frozen, the tree has green leafs and his glasses are foggy….THIS AINT NO WINTER!

  15. You know whats better then a parka a greatcoat; its looks better, and it's warmer because wool is vary warm.

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