Merged Hulk! Why is Hulk Wearing a Uniform Avengers 4? Concept Art Theory! Professor Hulk Comic

Merged Hulk! Why is Hulk Wearing a Uniform Avengers 4? Concept Art Theory! Professor Hulk Comic

let’s look at the green Goliath wearing
a uniform wearing clothes so if this concept art is real which I think it is
then we’re gonna get a very different Hulk to the one that we’ve seen
previously and that fits in perfectly with what Mark Ruffalo the actor who
plays Bruce Banner and the Hulk said while promoting for Ragnarok basically
Kevin pulled me aside before this and he said if you were gonna do a if we were
gonna do a standalone Hulk movie what would it be and I said well I think it
should be this this this and this and this and ends up like this is like well
why don’t we do I love that why don’t we do that in the next three movies
starting with Thor three then we go into Avengers three and four and I was like
that sounds great and so there’s a there were at the beginning of this arc and
and so yes Hulk speaking is part of that this start to separating out of these
two individuals least identities in the split identity person and where that’s
going to end up going so in Ragnarok help begins to talk but
when Banner comes back has no idea where he is or what has happened the old man
loved showing that there are two distinct entities having completely
separate minds however in infinity war after getting absolutely pummeled by the
mad Titan Thanos he refuses to come out and the scene of him refusing to come
out is ripped actually from the comics an incredible Haupt issued 376 titled
personality conflict so anyway let’s talk about that whole comic book
storyline bana in the comics was talking to two versions of the Hulk that he had
inside of him in his mind the grey Hulk and the green Hulk the Hulk has always
been a powerful dark and twisted reflection of Banner and he had two
versions of the Hulk and it created the grey Hulk is a more intelligent and
Carmo version of the Hulk that was also a more cunning hedonistic and even a mob
boss in Vegas for a time known as Joe fix it and then there was the Green Hulk
who is more common and known as the Savage Hulk win the comic starts the
Savage Hawk is locked away in his mind gray Hulk confronts green Hulk and
banner closes the door of his mind behind them both so Bruce is cruising
along with Betty Ross anyway he sees Marlowe who he used to date when he was
the grey Hulk when he went by the name Joe fix-it the modbus green Hulk and
gray Hawk were going crazy in his mind and they were fighting each other
fighting for control of his mind but Bruce
is able to take control and says that batter is the strongest one out there
the green and gray Hawk stopped fighting for a time and doc Samson is able to sit
them all down and talk as it were inside of Bruce’s mind doc Samson tries to
integrate all three personalities the gray Hulk green Hulk and banner and in
order to do this Bruce has to face up to some traumatic and painful events of his
past and it’s at this time that Bruce in his mind recalls the real monster in his
life and he recalls how his father Brian Banner and abused and Layton murdered
his mother and the reason why Bruce locked away his emotions is because he
was so mad so mad and so afraid of his father that monster who had killed his
own mother Bruce had created the green and gray Hulk to represent the different
parts of his personality the green Hulk fueled by rage and the gray Hulk fueled
by pleasure in a beautiful scene after he realizes that he doesn’t have to
fight his father anymore he’s able to overcome this monster and his mother
appears in his mind telling him that he doesn’t need to fight anymore
and can just be at peace to chew honk and so all of these Hulk’s and venom
merged together so the new Incredible Hulk has the intelligence of banner the
strength of Green Hulk and the cunning of gray Hawk however he doesn’t lose
control but there’s an adjustment period and for a while he still walks around
with no shirts until he shoots 382 where he dons a uniform that is not too
dissimilar to the one in the concept art apart from the chest being unzipped and
in the comic The Hulk jokes that he couldn’t close the zipper on account of
his massive pecs periods upon my glorious pectorals the artist also drew
his face to the penis like a monster and more like banner which is also
consistent with this concept on this version of the Hulk was known as the
merge table for professor Hulk and he joined a superhero team known as the
pantheon is the unit I smashed you – oh sure baby arms what
300 in the movies they skipped the whole cunning mob boss gray Hulk and rather
evolved the character in for Edna rock to be able to speak and live a somewhat
hedonistic lifestyle being the champion gladiators car sitting around all day
beating up people eating grapes and drinking with Valkyrie then in infinity
war he showed the personality conflict that exists between Banner and Hulk and
to close out this arc I think that we’re going to see Hulk and Banner merged to
be this Hulk in the concept art one that has the hawk strength and banners
intelligence but it’ll be interesting to see if Avengers 4 will tackle his
mother’s death at the hands of his abusive father Brian that’s my secret
captain I’m always in and I think that they may give the same
backstory to Bruce movies as they do for comics and that he doesn’t need to be
angry anymore and then he can have peace and still have the power of the Hulk so
do you think that Hulk and banner will merge in Avengers 4 and do you think
that banner will face is past her tune overcome it it’s a pretty hectic topic
to tackle in the movies but with all this new intelligence and drama that’s
going to happen in Avengers 4 hope that they don’t forget about the best thing
about Hulk what makes Hong Kong Oh smash hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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100 Replies to “Merged Hulk! Why is Hulk Wearing a Uniform Avengers 4? Concept Art Theory! Professor Hulk Comic”

  1. It's amazing how Kevin Feige asked Mark Ruffalo what would be the plot for Hulk Standalone movie….Obviously since Mark Ruffalo plays the character there is no person who could figure out a Hulk's story…and Kevin is a genius…despite not having rights for a Hulk Standalone movie he could split the hulk arc in three movies…he is genius the way he brought Spiderman from Sony and able accommodate a new Hulk story is absolutely incredible…Because of Kevin Feige, MCU has been successful…

  2. It's just so fucking great to see see a video that isn't tagged with some big bullshit buzz words like CONFIRMED, or REVEALED, or REAL… thank you for that, seriously.

  3. Its really awesome to think of just how many story lines there are from the comics for all the characters and how many movies they could actually make from them all. I hope we get a Moon Knight movie or at least a cameo

  4. Great, we get a hulk who can do calculus while getting his ass handed to him. I wanted world breaker like if you agree.

  5. the thing that stands out for me is that the fact is you see both tony and steve in the same place like maybe they heal and apologize and mybe their friends again???

  6. 🎀🎀🎀🎀😍🎀🎀🎀

  7. How did Banner remember how powerful Thanos was at the beginning of Infinity War (when he warned the other Avengers that Thanos was coming)?

  8. That art work is not real for the fact that everyone who is not cgi is perfect representation of them from the film and the 2 that are cgi i.e iron man and hulk iron man is clearly from A IW and hulk looks all kinds of messed up like marvel would let that slide his face looks messed up but i understand you need to say you think it is for your video

  9. Thanks for making these kind of videos it gives me a different perspective going into the movies knowing this stuff its pretty neat.

  10. This shit is gunna annoy me so much, if professor hulk is in avengers 4 then marvel have fucked up very badly

  11. I don't want professor hulk I don't think he would be as strong and that is what they need him for he is the trump card we have intelligence

  12. Professor hulk is a great addition to the MCU. He literally is as smart as Banner and as vicious and powerful as his hulk identities. What better creature to face off with Thanos than a Super Hulk?

  13. This explains so much I hope this is how it goes down. I really never understood the thing with him hating his dad now I do

  14. There is nothing perfect about this. Planet Hulk was ruined by having Hulk as the champion, without an obedience disk working for the government killing innocent fighters forced to fight him. It was a disgusting abomination.

    Banner had control in the Avengers and only lost control in Age of Ultron when Scarlet Witch messed with Banners head. Even as the Hulk he realized the pain he could cause Earth if he lost control as seen just before the end of the Hulkbuster fight….

    This is a terrible 3 story arc.

  15. I'm hoping for world breaker hulk the madest hulk ever been so we can see him take on a army or get some good hits on thanos

  16. a little bit off topic but didnt anybody want to see caps shield get broken by Thanos even though he didnt have it??

  17. Yes. Everyone is talking shit about hulk but watch, everyone is gonna cheer and clap when he comes back with a bang in A4

  18. NEVER FORGET THE HULK (2008) MOVIE. It had Tony Stark in it recruit Bruce Banner for the avengers. It was a different actor yeah, but it will always be canon. MARVEL DON'T YOU DARE RETCON THAT MOVIE OUT OF EXISTENCE!

  19. It would be cool if Grey Hulk appeared so it can be a mix of Banner's intelligence and Hulk's strength

  20. The last time we see Bruce Banner, he was in Wakanda. He also didn't have the ability to change into the hulk, obviously because Hulk is more like a child and is scared of Thanos and anyone associated with Thanos. He's used to being the strongest creature and that seems to be not the case, with only the power stone he was defeated which would be a shock to him. Since Banner is still on earth and Wong stayed to protect the New York sanctum, my prediction is that maybe sorcery is involved in the Hulk/Banner merger. All of Infinity War, Banner was trying to get the Hulk to come out and cooperate but the Hulk refused. How else can he convince The Hulk to help? There's a chance that there's some sort of change of heart and "fuck it" situation but it doesn't exactly explain why they would merge into one person rather than stay two separate personalities.

  21. This man merged hulk in the comics look like a goddamn Dragonball fusion or some shit in that creepy ass pic where the light is shining off his head

  22. I like the idea of merged hulk, makes sense that banner would evolve and gain control of his anger. However as far as the uniforms being alike, that's far fetched. The cartoon adaptation showed a couple of episodes where CA, widow, falcon, and hulk have left the avengers and joined shield because of Tony's methods of running the Avengers. Because you're using a comic refrence, i suggest you look up the one I speak of. The four share a SHIELD uniform that resembles the uniform hulk wears even more.

  23. I didn't like how they portrayed hulk being to scared to fight Thano's in infinity wars, you just made the strongest mutant ever, a scared little girl and the fight with Hulk and Thano's was the dumbest, Thor had a harder fight with Hulk and still couldn't knock the Hulk out. Now you'll giving him clothes without any balls what good is he now, Hulk shy, Hulk is small fire ready to go out. Thanks Hulk is weak like the story line.

  24. I hope they talk about Bruce’s mother because technically the mcu hasn’t acknowledged that first hulk movie which was the one that showed the death. I remember seeing that movie as a kid and completely understanding that the hulk was a split personality so I hope this is brought up bc I know a lot of people who don’t know that yet and in a way this could be a big reveal

  25. Real question is how can hulk one punch that giant flying monster in the first avengers but can't even hit thanos..

  26. When hulk said "nooooo", it's because of how he and Thor said "earth hates the hulk". Hulk would of beaten the living shit out of thanos, but hulk was scared that earth will hate him again.

  27. I kinda wanted to see Hulk so enraged that he becomes world breaker hulk or something, but ehh, this is good too.

  28. You missed one final detail from the films which cements this excellent theory. Didn't Tony's holographic mind project gizmo seem a bit random to you in Civil War? Like it was just tossed in for no particular reason except to remind you that he lost his parents. Well, it would seem like that device would be an ideal way for Banner and Hulk to settle their differences and for Banner to resolve his childhood trauma.

  29. Bruce's traumatic backstory and conflict with his father was already explored in the first Hulk movie

  30. I loved the "new" hulk! I have never been a fan of Hulk until Thor:Ragnarok, it is about time Hulk actually got to speak and feel.

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  32. Its probable they will continue with such…with the downward trajectory they have been on with the Hulk character. I am sure you like that idea since you made the video but as I have commented elsewhere I think they are really messing up the Hulk character. One, they should have never made him able to get beat by Thanos (at least not easily). Second all the talking and personal inner conflict drama along with the rainbow of different colors… seems to just be taking away from his invincibility. I have never read the comics as I was an eighties kid thus cartoons and the TV series "Bill Bixby version" is what I remember. Some of the story lines of the comics may have been ok but from what I have seen Hollywood writers’ plots are generally way better. Ruffalo played the part ok, in prior movies except for in β€œInfinity War” where he appeared as a milksop. I guess I am just trying to say leave the Hulk alone! The strong silent type that simply can’t be defeated is what makes make believe hero’s.

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