Mexican People Try “Mexican” Costumes

Mexican People Try “Mexican” Costumes

– I’m enjoying a great time
being the stereotypical Mexican. – I am Chicana. I am Mexican-American. When I see someone
dressed up in a sombrero, it’s not nice guys. – So you got the big-ass
sombrero, you got like the mustache, you got the serape. – I have no idea. No, (bleeps) no, I don’t
have amigos (bleeps) amigos that dress up like this. – This outfit is quite elaborate to put on and I don’t get it. – So it comes with a mustache that it really doesn’t stick. I’m putting it here. – I am actually very much enjoying this donkey right now. – My donkey is dead. Look, it’s lying there. It looks horrible. – These pants are going up my ass. – Costumes are funny. Costumes, that’s the purpose. I get it. I get it that– I’m having fun moving the legs. – If you wear this, we’re gonna call you out on your bull (bleeps). – I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what I am. It’s got the ribbons and you got the top. I can see what you’re trying to do here. – I feel like I work at
a Mexican restaurant, like, “Can I take your order?” – You’re missing the mark. – But I do like this belt. Look at all these shots on your waistband ready to go. – I’ve never met a Tequila girl. – I love Tequila. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tequila. I was drinking a lot of Tequila last night with some friends. Don’t do that on a Thursday. – I don’t like this at all. I wanna take this off immediately. – But like I would not dress up like this. – I’m gonna keep it real wich you. This is actually not that bad. It’s a taco. I love tacos. – You can see the salsa onto my side. On my left, you can see my bra along with the rest of the tortilla, which I think I’m rocking. – If you say this is Taco Bell costume, I would be fine. – This isn’t like a real taco. – I hope it’s not taco costume only. Aah. – There are many things
to be offended about. This is not one of ’em. – I look delicious. I’d eat me. – You can do other costumes, not this Americanized taco. It was horrible. I wasn’t your typical Mexican. – I think dressing up as a taco is fine. Dressing up as a weird combination of stereotypes is wrong. – Stop trying to make the culture a costume for Halloween. It’s not gonna work. – And just have fun being like a character that you love and admire. – Happy Halloween. I hope you guys have a great one. Stay safe and don’t be offensive and stereotypical and rude.

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  1. I apologize for saying I'm not offended by this. I've had a change of heart. I'm very un-racist now (so applaud for me). I agree that this is highly inaccurate, stereotypical and offensive costume. People, please be more accurate in your costume. For example, this Halloween, get a deep tan and dress up like a day laborer, keep a bottle of cheap vodka in your right hand (and some liquor on your breath at all times), stash some moldy brickweed in your left pocket, learn a few Spanish phrases and speak broken English, have a fake social security card with a stolen number in your right pocket, and act like you're trying to escape your latest DUI that just killed an innocent family of four all while evading deportation by ICE. Don't ride a donkey. Ride a street taco cart instead. Blare mariachi music as loudly as possible. Lets keep it real, people. Viva la Mexico!

  2. I am German and to be honest i really don't care if someone decides to dress up in a dirndl with a maas of beer in one hand and a pretzel in the other. Make it a couple costume, make your partner wear lederhosen as long as you don't start quoting Hitler I really don't care

  3. Don’t act like it’s racist omfg, Mexican isn’t even a race. I’m Mexican but my family is french and German, real Mexicans don’t care, only « chicanos ».

  4. I am a Mexican living in the USA and I do not even care about these costumes… People are over sensitive nowadays.

  5. Arent costumes like these supposed to be funny? Also, idk why someone would be so sensitive over a costume that ur gonna wear for one night.

  6. I’m mexican and i honestly don’t find them offensive unless you start making fun of my culture then i will fight you

  7. Just so you know one of the biggest all-time television shows in the history of Mexico was Speedy Gonzales. Jobs would shut down so people could watch it together and that's the truth because my friend who's parents were raised in Mexico taught me that hahaha.

  8. people get offended too easily, i find this stuff hilarious it does not offend me the slightest. whats wrong with people wearing clothes from different countries and different timelines?

  9. I think really if you're going to dress up as An Indian or geisha or something of a different culture do your homework first. Learning about the culture and why they wear the clothes that they do makes it more interesting and fun. Then when people ask you what are you for Halloween? You can actually inform them about ir and it's fun to learn things about different kinds of cultures. But that's my two cents on the topic.

  10. I'm full Mexican and none of them offended me. What's wrong with it? I see nothing wrong, just that they are funny! I don't even care that people wear sombreros! They can do what ever they want really. Just wish that people don't call hard shell tacos authentic Mexican food is all.

  11. My family is Mexican-American and about 90% of my cousins have dressed in a similar manner to these costumes for Halloween. It's not racist, it's not insensitive, its Halloween😐.

  12. If you go to a Mexican city on Independence Day (15-16 September) you will notice people selling sombreros, fake moustaches and stuff like that. It is not "racist". Even Mexicans use it and couldn't care less about Halloween costumes.

  13. Surprised they didn't do a dia de los muertos costume thinking of dressing up if I'm at Mexico at the time

  14. Man they are stupid! I'm mexican and I don't find it offensive. Btw my mom wanted to buy the mexican shooter costume but they were all out lol and you guys wasted them… Yall are sensitive af. I don't care that people make it into costumes, it's funny and I'm glad that they like our culture.

  15. Yo siempre he dicho que esos weyes ya no son mexicanos, como ellos dicen son mexican-american, ya crecieron con otra pinche ideología, al chile que no mamen, me siento más ofendido de ellos que de los gringos

  16. ¡No way! 😫 ¡are you kidding!
    Yeah is costume Mexican…but… No always we clothes vestments traditional. (I'm Mexican, and… ¿Clothe taco? It's funny but not.)

  17. I'm mexican and I don't really care about those costumes.
    Unless you don't play with our culture, I do not care.

  18. The thing about MOST (not all) Mexicans is that they really don’t care if you dress up like the stereotypical version of us. People from Mexico even dress up like this because they find it funny. Most of us aren’t sensitive to things like this cause we know our culture well enough to be phased by it. We are aware of what we are and what we’re not and don’t feel as though we have to prove that to anyone.

  19. ohhhh por favor, en el kinder y en el festejo del bicentenario de la independencia de mexico me vistieron de adelita, y yo estaba muy contenta

  20. I am disappointed that there is a video about these costumes. Mexicans are less likely to be offended about these type of things sense we have a well damn good sense of humor. But then again these people are mexican- american living in america where its a trend to be a victim minority. I feel like this video was made so we didn't get left behind the culural appropriation trend.

  21. I'd love to see a version of this with veterans, police officers, nurses etc wearing the costumes based on their professions

  22. Some people just strive to take offence. Stereotypes are funny in an ironic way; the tequila girl costume is sexy and yes I would also eat you in that taco costume

  23. This is SOOOOO STUPID!!! I’m not Mexican but if I was I would NOT care. I just would laugh hard and loud 😂😂😂


  25. 1. I liked the pancho and the sombrero, but the donkey was too much.
    2. The tequila was too much. It was like Mexicans drink a lot.
    3. No harm. There are people that dress up as hot dogs too.

  26. As a Mexican-American I'm not offended at all when a person of another race wears traditional old school mexican outifts.

  27. For all of you people that are saying that I want to dress up as “ Mexican “ and wear a sombrero you need to stop it’s completely offensive and for the stupid Mexican Americans that are 90% White and 10% Mexican and that think it’s okay you need to check yourself The stereo typical Mexican dressing is very offensive especially if you are not of are culture

  28. As a Mexican (born and raised in Puebla City), I can honestly tell you that few people in Mexico give a damn. Live and let live. Sombreros are just hats and ponchos are just a thing in between capes and jackets.

    If you go to Mexico and ask someone to bring you a "sombrero" they're as likely to give you a Mexican sombrero as they are to give you a fedora. The word literally means "hat."

    People dress up as cowboys all the time, is that cultural appropriation if you're not Texan?

  29. No these are not mexicans real mexicans would be open to it i myself as a mexican like it and ive seen many people celebrate dia de los Muertos and have actually complemented it evan if they are not of mexican decant

  30. I am Mexican. I have a handlebar mustache. I really want to wear a Sombrero and poncho due to utility alone, but I don't want white people to tell me I can't or that I'm conforming to stereotypes.

  31. I'm a real Mexican and I don't find those costumes offensive at all. I liked that tequila shooter on that Mexican-American chick the thinnest one, she is hot. Yum chiquitita

  32. Guys. Everyone is an individual. One or a few Mexican people can't speak for all of us.
    Some of us will be offended, others wont. Also, Chicanos may be more offended because we live in a country that detests us, so seeing people dress up as us for fun is then seen similar to mockery.
    Mexican born people are usually way more laid back,jovial,and friendly, and their environment is different than ours in the US.

    Everyone is different. However you feel about this is fine and likely influenced by your unique surroundings.

  33. Offensive is when someone tells you you’re inferior because of your race. Offensive is not when you have fun and wear a fun costume.

  34. As a Mexican I can say that I am more offended by this video than I am by the costume. Especially by the Mexican people who wore the costume and seem to have grown up in Mexico. Humor in Mexico is brutal, how the heck do you survive down there or do sensitivities just kick in when you cross the border? Honestly, so long and no one is messing with my family or being stupid , wear the darn sombrero, throw in a taco too! Stop this nonsense! You’re only offended because someone in the US told you to be.

  35. I bet these guys have never even been invited to a party. What buzz-kills. Lighten up and have a laugh. I don't get offended by someone wearing fake knight armor and say, "You're appropriating my culture."

  36. Don't listen to them, ttue Mexicans don't worry about this, we have a really strong sence of humor, they're just playing the victim role..

    P.D. tequila girls trully exists

  37. Me siento ofendido porque nos hacen ver como pinches sensibles quejosos, a mi me vale verga lo que estos gringitos tengan que decir

  38. Mexican Americans may find
    It offensive because they’ve grown up with American thoughts their entire life but, Mexicans who’ve been born and rise in Mexico actually find it funny and that looks cools, we even use those kind of outfits at traditional party’s or even in Halloween 👻 don’t worry Americans, that stupid millennial thought about cultural appropriation hasn’t come here yet lol

  39. Wow I remember when I used to actually like buzzfeed. Yikes, can believe I was actually offended by this…

  40. They put a Sombrero on me when I was at the Mexican restaurant for my birthday and my waiter fed me shots of tequila while we sang las mañanitas 😆 I'm not offended by any of this and would say most arent. Raised by my mexican grandma thru portions of my life and also raised to not be so easily offended at every little thing because there's bigger things to worry about.

  41. Finaly i get it. This issue with the image of the costumes are for the U.S. people wich were born in the U.S. and were raised by mexican families. As a mexican from México is very diferent how i see this things.

  42. The real authentic typical Mexican clothes are the ones made by hand by indigenous from the Oaxaca and Chiapas areas, using their creativity and imagination on the designs, very fashionable worldwide now days and we are all proud to share it with the world!

  43. I feel so OFFENDED with those why do Americans do this? Its so Texan or wild west Tex-Mex and stuff…

  44. I'm half Mexican, my mom's an immigrant. I think these costumes are absolutely hilarious.

    Also how there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with the taco

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