Michael McLeod Is Looking To Prove Himself This Year | New Jersey Devils

Michael McLeod Is Looking To Prove Himself This Year | New Jersey Devils

I'll teach you you keep coming you obviously gained a little bit more experience and a little bit more confidence yeah it's uh it's nice coming here you know young guys meeting everyone and kind of starting to be a leader at this camp so you know it's nice every year and coming here and seeing the team progress like what are you trying to show them this time around I know you have probably have your eyes set on September I think I'm just trying to show them that you know how much I've improved you know fitness testing and all that and all on the ice to you know get getting uh you know some some key things in my game this summer and you know it's nice coming here and showing them you know mid summer progress what is the thing you think that you have to not improve on but you're gonna have to show them when you get the yeah you know I've been working on my shot a lot this summer and you know it's gonna be big for me just trying to get more shots off this year and you know when I'm in those key areas just shoot the puck about the energy today and obviously people coming out to see the prospects of the CJ yeah it's awesome to see you know fans have been great every year when we come to development camp and you know it's obviously so exciting for the organization having done you know first overall pick and you know jack Hughes and temple areas and know type person is it's great for the organization just for you you know and going through this do you feel like you give them some you know some experience on you know what it's like and we walk into this camp and it's first time yeah I think you know young guys are you know gonna be pretty pretty nervous coming in their first camp and you know some of us have been before so you know we we know what it's like and you know you kind of know what to expect and you know younger guys kind of kind of see that and you know they ask questions sometimes and you could I'll just be a leader for everyone you think of the talent on that ice thing yeah it's good it's high pace I'm still guys a talent to make plays and you know there's just it's fun to see guys from you know different countries and different leagues come together and you know just you know just play together and you know make plays together

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