21 Replies to “Michelle Obama's Stunning Outfits as Told by Designers Who Dressed Her”

  1. I don't know. Michelle looks to me always frumpy. Her clothes make her look chunky and they don't seem to be designed for her body.

  2. Tks President Obama’s for sharing your beautiful wife with the world on the flip side I love her more more I can’t stop she my hero. The reason I achieved the impossible like putting myself to school to become a DNP) psy/ geriatric to doctor in nurse practice ..

  3. You got to be kidding…Michelle does not have 2 things that make a beautiful woman…..nice skin and fit body…

  4. A true icon….gracing more covers and striking more fashion and walking more red carpets as First Lady and since then than Melania Trump could in her dreams….and Michelle is a lawyer not a model….but then….

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