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  1. i think this keyborad isnt required for android wear because we can type with pocket in 5 seconds. i dont want type with wear in 50 seconds.

    (sorry for bad english)

  2. This thing will eat battery superquickly. I think minuum is a better choise for this task: it's a virtual keyboard (normal battery usage), doesn't occupy 90% of the screen, gives similar typing speed if not better.

  3. how it was able to differentiate between a lowercase L, uppercase i, number 1 in order to make a '#' symbol baffles me.

  4. Surprised to see Microsoft making something like this for Android Wear rather than making their own watch platform that would benefit from it. Still, this is an interesting approach given the very severe constraints of the watch interface. With some refinement, it might give Minuum a run for its money. 😉

  5. LMAO. the letters are too small. its kinda awkward putting messaging on your watch and searching on google.

  6. This app completely misses the point of what an Android Wear device is supposed to be. It's supposed to be a quick at-a-glance way to get information or perform an action. 

    I could speak an entire paragraph in the time it took to write out two words with this app. I think MS might be trolling Android Wear.

  7. I'm sure a good amount of work has been put into this, but the method seems slow and tedious as heck to me.

  8. @AshwinGupta why'd you wanna double trap when the space bar is right there and only requires a single tap?

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