Migos – T-Shirt [Official Video]

Migos – T-Shirt [Official Video]

Oh copy let's go one stop me no one just one off in the chamber ain't no need for me to get the toughest one go into this woman's cat it's full up siga full of Rahman cookie no j1 outcast nigga I don't do the yeah seventy-five same color t-shirt white nineteen ninety five ninety two thousand five thousand women are these dope still apply those grilled mob ties grilled crow as real hope pies all-time high hot you with butterscotch and fuzzy Dago pilot butcher such way back window strap it not gonna hit the gas fuckin pull me over basically you're a boy drinking sodas I get high all my officer heard you gonna go sir stop all that guessing gone nigga don't wanna go there's never been a gutter always been the soldiers tongue niggas in the hood puffing like a rope just diving off the stage in the crowd it's a mosh pit yeah shout it bad but she broke her she don't she asked me when the tripping nigga with a pocket full of cat it won't kemo sabes choppa amen it just nagging he had to cut the ad a sinner tapa and the cabbage niggas pocket watches so I gotta keep the rocky earth mama told me not to sell word – 17:5 same color t-shirt white mama taught me net upsell word mama 75 same color shirt

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  1. This will always be my favourite Migos song. Takeoff is definitely the best rapper out of the 3 and Quavo is the best at hooks. Offset is the most well rounded and suited to doing solo music. Put together they are 🔥🔥🔥. Just a shame most of culture 2 was disappointing.

  2. The hell? The beat was on point but they weren’t talking about nothing. How was this good compared to other rap songs? I’m used to people busting harder lyrics, like ice cube, snoop, Eminem, and others

  3. I dont understand the beef with bone. I mean slow tone deaf rappers using autotune with beats made by some teenager in his basement. It's just not even really a competition. But I bet they sold a bunch more records by dissing bone. So smart business move but watch mojo has this as their best song its just so basic and slow with no flow or changes and they dont control their breath. Plus auto tune is literally a device made for people who cant sing. I bet if u ask the auto tune king drake he will admit its weak af. At least drake know what's up. I dont get the battle with rappers who paved the way for you to make money. If bone didnt blow up the music industry and bring rap to the suburbs then three amigos and the like wouldnt have the chance to make money. I dont ever hear guitar players shitting on jimi Hendrix they are just happy to be mentioned in the same sentence. Also these guys say they are the best group ever and they aren't even the best from Georgia. They smart tho. I mean I want to start a crowd funded record I make with all auto tune and choppy beats and rap. Guarantee no one will know the difference. Bone is the real best

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