Mike 'The Situation' Supercut: Best & Memorable Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV

Mike 'The Situation' Supercut: Best & Memorable Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV

42 Replies to “Mike 'The Situation' Supercut: Best & Memorable Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV”

  1. I get the Hamster thing. I hung around girls like that back in the day and I always had the thought of Hamster pop up when thinking of them. It's a certain vibe those types of females enimate. I don't know what it is.

  2. Oh Sammi, you clueless girl. Being with Mike would have saved you so much drama.
    Actually, it is kinda funny seeing her acting so happy and giving him the finger, thinking she got the good guy in contrast with her crying, fighting and ending friendships because of Ronnie

  3. Now I understand why there was always bad blood between Mike and Ronnie. Ronnie did you a favor Mike. Man Mike looked good back then. If he ever looks that good again it'll be when he gets outta jail. Love MIKE now. Used to hate him but man you can't but LOVE everything that guido represents now!!!

  4. Everytime anybody else did something in the house it was funny and they took it lightly but when mike did it that was the end of the world.. clearly they made him into the bad guy even when he was high or not he was always himself.

  5. Mike us a very good father and husband his respectful kind and patient Ronnie on the other hand I think he Ronnie will always be a cheater and he always will be one of those party type guys that goes to the bar and cones home late

  6. I honestly think Mike just wants to find his forever true love sexy men and woman do to have a heart and feelings and they also want to feel and be loved but not all sexy people are like that thiers alot of sexy woman and men that are just complete jerks n rude n nasty n very disrespectful

  7. Awww that was do cute Ronnie said shhhh she's coming all serious guys n thier secrets never break a guy code

  8. I love Micheal he us so cute but it seems like he doesn't want no one to be happy husband always pulling the couple's apart now that Mickey has his beautiful wife thiers no more drama

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