Military Wedding Style – Clothing Advice For Groom – Uniform & Sword Dress Code Tips

Military Wedding Style – Clothing Advice For Groom – Uniform & Sword Dress Code Tips

Military Wedding Style – Clothing Advice For
Groom – Uniform & Sword Dress Code Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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there. All right, this is the question that came
in. “Hi, Antonio! Thank you for the great style advice. I’m a pilot in the Royal Australian
Air Force, a lieutenant about to get married. I want to throw a military wedding, but I’ve
got a few questions. First, what do you think about this whole military wedding thing? Should
we dress in mess dress or class A uniform? How should civilians dress when attending
this wedding? I was thinking to make even a tailored replica of the uniform so it would
look better, but I hesitate though because I don’t even know if I should carry my sword
or even to go through with this. Thank you very much.” I left the gentleman’s name out so he can
remain anonymous, but I can tell you that my thoughts on a military wedding are — hell
yeah! Military weddings are awesome and there are very few people in the world who are ever
afforded the opportunity. I wish I could’ve had my military wedding. The reason I didn’t
is I got married right after I left the service. I was in the former Soviet Union being an
American military officer and getting married especially when there are people attending
that were, let’s just say, former Spetsnaz. It’s one of those things I didn’t really
want to push my luck there, getting too drunk and winding up in the back alley, no. Seriously, it’s something I look back on and
I wish I would’ve been married with my wife at the time that I would’ve been in the Marine
Corps. For certain events like this when you can have a wedding, when you can take her
to the ball or some of these events, which are almost gone in the civilian world — I
mean, who out there has the chance to go to a ball or some of the parties that we were
privileged enough to be able to attend in the military? So my quick answer is don’t even think about
it. This is going to be awesome. It’s a once in a lifetime thing and you’re going to be
able to take it up to a whole another level because you’re going to be able to wear your
uniform. Let’s talk quickly about my thoughts on uniform
and what should go with it. I was in the United States Marine Corps and we get married normally
in our dress blues. We also had a dress white, which was a white trouser with the blue top,
and that looked well. It looked really good especially when the bride is wearing white.
I would look at what do you think is going to look great with her outfit and not to coordinate,
but you’re looking to complement, and there’s a big difference. You just want to make sure that you don’t
wear something that is too much of a contrast. I see army gentlemen here in the United States,
whether they be enlisted or an officer, they get married in their greens and those look
pretty good as well. In any case, what you want to keep is uniform across the board and
get out the message to the guests, especially if there’s going to be a lot of military attending
so that everyone shows up in the same uniform. That’s going to look better and you’re not
going to have anyone feel out of place. You also want to pay attention to what uniform
is the most common because if you choose a very uncommon uniform, you don’t want to have
a whole bunch of guys having to go out and buy something which they may never use again
because another big benefit of doing a military wedding is you’ve already got the outfit.
You’ve already got the clothing. I would say instead of having a replica built that is
maybe a bit more tailored, look to have what you’ve already got and take it to go get adjusted. Again, this is a one-day and I would say to
take that extra money that you’re going to save and spend it on booze or spend it on
some great food. Have a good time. This is once in a lifetime affair. Again, I want to
stress that very few people can do it. I wish I could’ve had one. I don’t know. Maybe my
wife and I are going to get married for the third time. We’ve never been divorced, but
we like to get married again and again. It’s a lot of fun. We’re going to have our tenth
wedding anniversary and get remarried in Hawaii, so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll dress in my uniform
— no. I’m going to wear a bathing suit or something. Okay, so what about the guests? What are the
guests going to wear when they attend the wedding? Just let people know. I wouldn’t
go black tie even though you technically could, especially with a mess dress uniform. I’m
just going to say dark suits. Keep it simple, but also pay attention — you’re down in Australia,
so the seasons are off here. If you’re going to be getting married soon, I think it’s pretty
warm right there, so it also depends on where you’re at. If you’re in Darwin or if you’re
in Sydney, obviously very different dress codes, a different type of feel, so pay attention
to that. I would keep it though probably dark suits to at least a suit. You had a question that you were hesitating
about carrying a sword. I say carry your sword and this is the reason. A sword only has value
that we attribute to it, so when a sword is first made, no matter how expensive it is,
it is just a piece of metal. But when it goes through these events in life with you, all
of a sudden it becomes an heirloom. You attach value to that and that’s why it has value. So all of a sudden, when you pass that on
to your son if he decides to go into the military — I know in the Marine Corps, you could actually
pass your sword on to your son even if it’s not regulation size because you’re supposed
to have a certain size for your build, you could actually have it if it was your father’s,
so something like that. I love the fact that you will something that you would be able
to look at and have very fond memories of. Here’s my sword, by the way. I actually just
have it in my office. It’s a great reminder of where I come from and what I’ve done. Something
like this, I give it value because of the experiences I had in the Marine Corps and
the men and women I was privileged to serve with. So I hope that you decide to carry your
sword. Be careful about local regulations. If need be, keep them out in the vehicles.
I don’t know if you’ll be allowed to take them in the church. You may have to have them
afterwards. Consider a sword arch, so this is where you
have officers or enlisted — it can be a combination of both — are on both sides and as you’re
coming out, they pull out their swords and they arch them up, and you and your bride
go right underneath. Don’t forget you need to have someone designated who will swing
his sword and hit the wife on the backside. That’s Marine Corps tradition. I don’t know
if you guys do that down there, but maybe start the tradition down there. At the end of the day, if you have this opportunity,
go for it. Wearing military uniforms to a wedding I think also loosens them up, gives
people a feeling of really what life is about, and that’s being close to friends and family
and celebrating this limited time we have here. All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with
Real Men Real Style. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

27 Replies to “Military Wedding Style – Clothing Advice For Groom – Uniform & Sword Dress Code Tips”

  1. Great advice, thank you. To bad people in the "Bundeswehr" don't carry swords anymore, it's a nice touch to the dress uniform.

  2. @BIGSLMAN That's too bad – it's interesting how the German military is still regulated by the international community. We'll see how this changes as the 21st century unfolds………..

  3. Sweet he pulls out a sword, thats the stuff. This guy is great we need more people like you in this business world, keep it up Antonio

  4. @jabadroid20 Thanks – people were asking for more props so I decided to deliver. Wait till I visit my friend in Oklahoma who owns a weapons depot and has a flamethrower……

  5. @Porojukaha There are lots of worthy organizations to join – just seek to be a better man everyday and you are on the right path.

  6. Question: Even if you're not serving in the military anymore, can you still wear your military uniform for your wedding?

  7. Question: I'm in Army and I'm getting married overseas and I'm just wondering if there's any regulations on wearing the Army Service Uniform or no? Thank you!

  8. Hi Antonio, Im getting married on March 28, do you know anybody who does the Sabre Arch, we live in San Francisco, CA.
    Thank you.

  9. My recommendation would actually be consulting the warrant officers who are in charge of drill and ceremony for consultation on the dress code, any accessories allowed or would a lining party for the sword arch be allowed. They should give the groom every advice he need, as well as any unique tradition that he should be aware of during the ceremony or even at the wedding banquet!

  10. If you are getting married in a church or chapel remember that you do not wear arms in church.  You can wear your sword into the entry and then leave it there and recover it as you leave the sanctuary.  This can actually be a nice bit of ceremony.  Also, when cutting the cake DO NOT do the stupid bit of pushing the cake into each other's face.  It's highly undignified and disrespectful and inappropriate for a soldier.  Leave that to the civilians.

  11. What Happens If The Girlfriend Goes To The Military And What Does The Girlfriend Wear If The Girlfriend Goes To The Military?????

  12. both mine and my girlfriends father married in their RCN mess dress with swords. I recently began my career as an RCN officer and plan to wear my mess dress with swords for my wedding. Most of my family and friends are also military, and I would expect mess dress or No1 dress with swords for my guests who are military.

    of course there are tons of traditions being in the navy. I have heard it is customary for the side to be piped as you leave the church after the ceremony, as well as the sword arch. It is also custom to invite ones CO and possibly the XO depending on the size of the ceremony. Lastly, I have heard that a crew towed gun carriage is a great way to arrive at a reception venue, but that is very specifically a navy thing.

  13. Is it appropriate for a civilian couple to have a military themed wedding? military style suit for the groom etc?

  14. Really? If the Flight Lieutenant in question isn't capable of reading the RAAF Manual of Dress to know he should wear dress 1B or 1C, then I predict a short career ahead…

  15. Question!!
    m and my boifrend are not pilots btwould want my bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear pilots uniform
    is tht appropriate!!!

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