Mini Haul & Outfit Stylings

Mini Haul & Outfit Stylings

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  1. Hi,
    I like your channel
    I would like to ask for help.Please take your time an read this comment….
    Since I was 10, i started praying,and there have been brakes in this practice (I don't really know why).
    Now,as I am older,I realized that God really helps me if I pray sincerally. So I do it at least once a day. I don't get to do it three times a day because:
    1) It would be weird at school.
    2) My prents do not like it.
    We are Roman Catholics libing in a Protestant country. We celebrate Easter and Christmas,but my parents do not feast before this. When I try, they either state that I cannot do it because I'm attending school and need energy for keeping my brain concentrated on what I need to learn,or say that I can do it during the last week (which,I think foesn't count).
    Now I try to wear more modest clothes ( longer skirts and not pants). This is bouth because I like it,I feel more comfortable ths way,knowing that I am not revealing myself,not tempting someone,and at least trying yto make God happy about my behaviour.
    But my mom states that long skirts look weird on me, don't fit me, and that I should try to look stylish,dometimes meaning that I should wear really SHORT dresses.
    I really want to obey the God,but don't want to argue with my parents and be considered weird by them.
    I also know that God wants us to obey our parents….
    What to do?

  2. You're cool but my problem is that i don't have the money to be buy all these new clothes. i have been dressing normal until now and yes..

  3. Could you guys do an advice video cause I'm going into high school and I'm Pentecostal and I'm nervous how people would judge us and I wouldn't know what to do

  4. It wont let me subscribe to your account 🙁 but this video was really nice im in love with that mint color blouse ! God bless you guys may he continue to fullfil his purpose in your lives !

  5. I love your style 🙂 the way you put pieces together makes a complete outfit look so fashionable yet modest at the same time. Awesome!
    When I think modesty I think no fashion, no cute outfits, nothing. But your video inspired me to think outside the box. Idk if I'm making any sense. But anyway, God bless you 🙂

  6. Steph, I love the haul. My favorite was pink top as well.  I loved how you had it styled.  The clothing for your little girl was so cute.  I need to go to JCP but  there isn't one that is close to me. :(.  You got some amazing deals.  Great Video!

  7. Love the videos! Y'all are awesome. I was wondering if y'all can do a video on outfits using colored jean skirts. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! God bless!

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