Mini Jersey Cow – The Perfect Miniature Family Cow

Mini Jersey Cow – The Perfect Miniature Family Cow

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  1. Farmed Animals deserve Freedom on a Farm Sanctuary. they dont deserve the trauma of a Slaughterhouse.

  2. ok, I am ignorant….why does the jersey produce more in the summer? It needs less calories to stay warm so more to make milk or because it has just delivered a calf and ready to go again?
    I love the cute look of the jersey, so beautiful and feminine to me. My wife loves the highland cow though. I want the jersey for milk…mostly ice cream!! She wants the highland as a….pet. I hear that the highland has a high butter fat too so that could be a winner. I am so glad you guys do these videos!
    I need to figure out when all these work shops are occurring so we can fly up to attend one.

  3. Excellent video! I have a miniature Zebu steer but am thinking about adding a Mini Jersey or Dexter. Thank you; very informative

  4. to see the cows scroll to the end most of the video is about their family. The title does not match what the video is about.

  5. Cows need to have a baby, in order for us to harvest (aka steal) the milk. The milk belongs to the mother's baby, people! Are you blind or just brainwashed? Would you just take milk from humans? Gross…

  6. a true mini according to the purest and elitists is under 42 inches, that way they can charge the outragous prices for a cow. a 45 inch cow sells for 1/2 price of a 42 inch. go with what they call a mid – size and save the extra $1500.00 3 inches is not worth the extra cost. , plus truth be known , what they are calling a full blooded mini is not. no records were kept prior to 1993 , almost all mini jerseys have been cross bred with dexter's. request a breeding report before 1993 and watch the seller back peddle on the full blooded jersey claim.

  7. We raised mini steers for a couple years when the kids were small and needed a small project for 4H. A mini milking cow sounds perfect!

  8. Do you know if she lets the cow wean her baby before being milked by people? And is she strictly no slaughter family milking? I don't drink milk or agree with it but the idea of not harming a cow for dairy is a step forward and if people where to drink milk making sure the cow is safe from violence and discomfort is important.

    Very cute cow (=

  9. Loved this on mini jerseys! I only have .6 acres and part of that is house and driveway. I also have chickens. Want a cow sooo bad but don't think I have enough room for one! Thanks for the video!!

  10. Just subscribed to you guys….Very cool channel!!! We went with a mini Jersey for our homestead….Please come check us out….

  11. what do you do with all that milk?! I can see what you would do with a gallon a day, but 3 or 4?

  12. We have a full size Jersey and we love her! But a mini would be so awesome! It's amazing how little they eat. Thanks for sharing this video!

  13. Gah! I'm so jealous! I want to come 🙂 and I want a milk cow, you guys are killing me. Anyone want to buy my goats so I can get a mini/medium jersey? 😉
    So are you all buying from this lady "if" you get a cow?

  14. We have been planning to get a mini as soon as we find our forever homestead.You have shown us it is a good decision. We're looking at a place with 28 acres; we'll keep you posted!

  15. Thanks guys !!! I was just told we have to get a cow lol thanks again !! Share with my family homestead group !!!

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