Mitt Romney’s Cop Uniform “Fetish?”

Mitt Romney’s Cop Uniform “Fetish?”

rodney was quite a prankster when he was
in college if you guys can remember washington post published this excellent
article about how she was basically a bully when he was in college he and his
friends thought that there was this one male student who was too offended so
they jumped on him and cut his hair visit terrible story but it could be a decent
insight into hui romney was before he was in the public eye well now more and more people from as
pastor coming out and talking about what he was like when he was in high school
and it turned out that he had a michigan state troopers uniform in his bedroom and he wud patni where that to you
impersonate a police official and he would pull people over usually his
friends and pretend like you know uh… or not his friends the
people you went to school with right so they would actually be tricked into
thinking that he was a police official which is pleasing to me latham palsy that’s it not only positive out of the seem to
have it in to do that i i i don’t actually think it does then what what he
does and at one point c i had like one of those red flashing
lights in the prep on top of his wrangler uh… and he pulled over uh… a couple that i guess was getting frisky in the
car something was going on and uh… they had a bottle of bourbon
in the back seat and he was giving them a hard time but then later on they
figured out like i summit debt will be there should be guys are friends of his
and he was doing it is our scare the girls night rev up the excitement i guess i had one
of the women said that she was very scared at the moment and she realizes
she was just impersonating a police official and that it was on finding they had a
good laugh about it later on do you think about this kind of shin and
slightly entirely impersonating a police officials a legal in many safe there was
a legal in the states where he did he advances this is when he was a star in
california ideal so did this in michigan as well yeah so uh… you have not a good idea but of course
is gonna get away with it well i i don’t think it’s a great idea i would be tested for my friends that
that ideas although i guess it recognizes that really would not that
much but i i will say this or initially i saw
this article in it for going person if we subsidize the legal seems kind of dangerous possibly to some
against that but alex consider myself level-headed person i had to be rational
but he’s out there on not not on the show no and so i thought what if they
did come out that brocco bomber had done this in high school college i thought it wouldn’t bother me nearly as much
consuming romney having that it doesn’t bother me as much i don’t think he
should do it and i don’t think it’s a good thing that he did it but he’s young he’s playing pranks and
stuffy it’s not like the bullying rate cut the gay kids hair where he’s not
that kids games or into the ground and shave parts is body like that’s more
questionable this doesn’t bother me nearly as much i don’t like it but i’d also would not think brock a llama should be taken out
of office if you’ve done it and so i can be deadly heart of mit romney i have to
be fair politically in that regard right uh… i don’t like being fair
politically hhaha i believe is for rising politics are so i’m gonna say
that it met rodney doing is wrong if proper vomit in it not so on what time is a real now and i’m totally
kidding at my computer but i thought that in an effort to keep it real just think about the reaction would be
bill it bothered of barack obama had done that because i feel like he would be and labeled as a quality and as you know this troublemaker how did
you get elected into office look at some of the crazy things he did when he was
young but with mitt romney as it should be it’s not that big a deal we sing about
right they everyone’s like avenue you know it’s fairly or canton michigan yeah i do
have some three hundred bothers political connections to get the uniform
in the first place either in the white exactly like the way of the office i did
we get one of those it says she does double standard at we see in the country
like okay sixteen year old black girl gets
pregnant and of course is promiscuous she wasn’t taught properly by parents was a great operate was in a race right bristle can gets pregnant all we can talk about that yet i was
just uh… you throw into session you know exact that is the plug a lot of
people at the sale of the young turks are just lives in the they would talk
about not pursuing reasonable but is actually the difference between a stalks
his word totally fair brock obama down a few
dennis exacting but we don’t we’d like to be more level about record

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  1. Romney’s a bully & apparently a voyeur/criminal too. The bully that Romney is; He can’t resist being drawn to positions of power, whether it being a cop (if only through impersonation) to almost heading the Mormon Church, to taking over companies, just so he can liquidate its assists & insure "The Final Solution" is carried out……………..

  2. American politics seems so different from British, it seems to cause more drama/crap in the US haha!

    From what I gathered from TYT liberals is the way forward, I don't like how (is it the democrats? Who are homophobic?) speak and come across.

  3. Ok im pretty sure Romney cut the kids hair in grade school and did the cop thing in college so little correction there. I like Ana but everytime she says police officials i want to bang my head against the wall they work for us the term is civil SERVANTS. Romney is insane and creepy and a Robot, expect more creepy stories about him. Btw where did he get this idea from? Everytime i see a story about someone impersonating a police officer the guy is a rapist. Fuck Romney & his political twin Obama

  4. It's very rare that I think any Fox News comparisons are fair here. Even if its an obviously liberal show and group of people they often at least try to look at the other side even if they think its ridiculous. Fox News wouldn't even make the effort because they don't actually care about news or fairness.

  5. he dam right should be. Someone who's that polarized and thinks it's ok to violate laws to have fun, should not have political power what so ever.

    Unless your saying that it's ok to break federal laws if your not caught.

  6. Are you serious? He'd be labeled a hooligan? He admits to using cocaine in his autobio. I haven't seen much of that in the media.

  7. Okay… so it's official now… Mitt is definitely a power hungry psychopath. Of all things… your favorite thing to do as a child is to impersonate a person of such power(in the eyes of the average citizen)….

  8. I dont like Mitt at all, but you can't take something he did at 16 THAT seriously. Everyone does stupid stuff when they're young, thats what you're supposed to do. And then you grow up.

  9. What part of Michigan?

    I assure you he didn't dare take his little prank to Detroit. Cops around here will get shot just for THINKING about pulling you over. 🙁

  10. There was a guy at my high school who did that. People caught on to it quickly and started telling him to fuck off.

  11. He so should've been. D: – Then there might be less drama this… election.. Okay I retract that statement. An election without a high drama level? I must not be totally awake yet if that even crossed my mind. XD

  12. If we could take down politicians for past illegal activities, we could do it to Obama for pot, and Mitt for police impersonation… that would be great. Then we could have a real presidential race-

    Wiener vs. Paul, 2012

  13. For sure; but we could do the same for Obama. The problem with that is that it is impeachment on reasonable grounds. And we all know that that's impossible to do.

  14. Romney loves wearing that officer outfit so his male hookers can take it off with their mouths to expose his magical mormon underwear underneath.

  15. Oh please. Obama said he was a bully in high school. And he smoked weed. You guys dont mention that do u. Typical liberals.

  16. "What if it came out that Barack Obama did this stuff……It wouldn't us me as much."
    Made a good point.

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