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  1. I have moisture wicking hanes boxer breifs and its amazing! Especially when gaming in a hot room theres no puddle of ass sweat or waking up my boxers arent soaked in sweat

  2. Great video Justin. I agree, it's cool that science can be inspired by nature to wick moisture …but don't you think it sucks that we have used man-made fibres for this science. Fibres that don't biodegrade and pollute our oceans. This problem can't be removed from the environment and it causes immeasurable damage to the earth and wildlife… not to mention our own health? This leads me to my question, can't we be inspired by nature without using man-made, non-biodegradable fibres? Is there not a moisture wicking alternative that is 100% biodegradable and safe? Doesn't wool have the most complicated fibre structure which wicks moisture naturally and cannot be replicated by man-made fibres? Therefore can we not blend wool with other natural or biodegradable fibres to create a sustainable moisture wicking fabric for our future generations to enjoy, without ruining our planet?

  3. The flow at the end was cute and helpful – I'm taking a textiles class and it's a bit confusing – great vid. do you also talk about hygroscopic fibers like silk?

  4. LOL! Now can you tell me which fabric I can buy that will do the best to absorb vapor or moisture? I'm looking to buy a bolt of cloth for use to make a washcloth that sucks in water and water vapor.

  5. I love the fact that I searched for information on wicking and this video came up, complete with a pretty frkin dope hip hop track explainin the whole thing. Bars and information, 2 of my favourite things.

  6. If you wear a moisture wicking undershirt below a moisture wicking shirt will both shirts wick efficiently? I wear Nike Dri-Fit t-shirts underneath a moisture wicking Port Authority collared polo shirt every day. Does wearing layered wicking shirts encourage one's body to sweat?

  7. The fast-moving flying camera angles are annoying and distracting. Literally makes me motion sick to watch it swing around.

  8. my science-head girlfriend made me like your clip. She most def wants to bone you, or just rub herself on your beard.

  9. I am searching the meaning of "wick away the sweat". What is the meaning of wick? you have explained it nicely. Last part is so funny.

  10. Wow!! I love this video. Everything about it was on point! I am a Biology major and the way you connected the info was great. For a second I thought you might pour a little water on the inside of the shirt and see it wick to the outer layer too. But I like the celery demonstration.

  11. So, I guess I really need to buy organic celery otherwise I might be eating pesticides that are drawn up into the celery with the water. hmmmmm

  12. That was dooooopppppeee!!!! Didn't expect that at the end. Great content and flow of the show. Instantly subscribed lol

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