Monkey Baby Lala drink milk , wear dress and playing ,

Monkey Baby Lala drink milk , wear dress and playing ,

Please call on everyone to support Baby Lala Please call on everyone to support Baby Lala Please call on everyone to support Baby Lala

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  1. people using monkey to make money from you tuber , poor baby tak away from mother , i think is bad people should not watching monkey video , to stop them be take away from mother

  2. Well I guess this video answers my question I asked in a earlier video where I asked was all you can say was La- Loie, and I also asked where you retarded or something? I guess this video proved, YES You are retarded. Does he even have the brains to know he is holding a live monkey?

  3. What a pair of abuser. That baby need her mom not you ignorant people..What happens to the mom😲😲😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  4. Я тоже хочу такую обезьянку. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊😊😊😇😇😇👍👍👍🌸🌺🦋

  5. The layer and three times too big it is on more it is put upside down it is necessary that the "scratchs" fixation if you prefer, must be front and not at the back. The tail is better if it came out ok? otherwise the baby will do his shit on it is not good. Apart from that,

      the baby seems to be cool it is perfectly handled which proves that it is good with you it emits no signs of stress and anxiety. It is a very good thing !

  6. use a ladys sanitary towel seen it done lots of times on u tube with tiny babies they fit reallt well then put those coloured pant things on over the top or not up to u or do what one guy does he made some with ties at the sides and used sanitary towels it works really well

  7. Mais enfin il ne se rend pas compte qu'il lui a mis un carcan et cette pauvre petite bête ne peut plus bouger.

  8. The diaper is on back to front, the elastic waist goes on the front, lovely video olala is beautiful and well looked after x

  9. E' ORRIBILE QUELLO CHE FATE !!!! Non è una bambola. E' una minuscola creatura che avete rubato alla sua mamma

  10. Baby monkey stolen from mother how come do you agree to some one take your baby it's not allowable
    For sure mother very sad 😭

  11. They poor baby was taken from its mother probably before it even ducked its mothers tit. Shame . Monkeys are not pets!!! Sick

  12. She's so precious I can tell she will be loved by you all thank you some people are very rough that I have seen on YouTube

  13. Oh my God. When will people stop this. Monkeys don’t make good pet. When they are babies they make money off of them like this. You never see the babies when they are yearlings. They die if you let them go free when you finish with them. They have no idea how to be a wild monkey. I wish you tube would ban these videos. It’s so traumatic to be away from their mum. Watch The vervet monkey foundation. This is how it should be done.

  14. How sad. They are sooo amused by this poor babys misfortune. Stressed by all of it
    Will become like Santa.

  15. I guess everybody in china are VO it's all about MONEY everybody's in on it. That baby will never know the love and warmth of her mom. Or will she ever learn anything useful. And I've noticed that all the monkeys that are with humans have their fingers in their mouth. They do it for comfort. If she was with mom she'd be getting warm milk with nutrients that the baby needs and mom would be varrying it. Just look that baby doesn't really move fingers her mouth. They want her to walk

  16. Good job. That's a lucky monkey to have ppl who love her and spoil her. Easy to see you guys love and treat her like your own child A++


  18. Que c’est beau tout l’amour que vous avez pour ce petit .je l’aime je fait que vous regardez tout les jours bravo,!belle journée 👍🏾👏🏼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  19. ขออย่าฆ่าแม่ลิงแล้วเอาลูกมันมาเลี้ยงนะสงสารจังถ้าทำแบบนั้น

  20. ALL these Asian people buy this little creatures on a street market for 30-100 dollar ( we saw it) for this VDs = for Views.= $$$. If the babys are no more cute they bring it on the next street corner and buy NEW babys ( we saw that too). When not filming the little ones sitting in cages.

    And the fact that once this innocent Baby grows & isn't so cute anymore they will simply dump her off
    to the monkey tribe they stoled her from.

  22. Maybe figure out the challenging diaper situation BEFORE you go on camera. It’s too big…maybe a premature diaper would be best. I am curious to know what the cost of a baby primate is in your country? No he/she can’t ambulate with that large diaper.

  23. I don’t get why people want these pain in the ass rats?!?! Must be bored and have nothing better to do.

  24. Poor baby should be clinging to its mum and nursing basically 24/7 at this stage in its young life..They stole this one at 2 days old. a shame to destroy such an innocent creature for their sick and twisted needs..

  25. What a useless pair of idiots trying to put a nappy on a tiny baby that goes up to its neck , god help them if they had children it would never survive

  26. Lala will never move with all that shit on it it has already got clothes on it it's called fur it's covered in it know the stupid woman says to lala can you walk it can't pissing move have you two got nothing better to do than sitting keep saying lala lala lala,. Very sad !!!!!!

  27. no le pongan ropa,que incomodidad para el animalito
    NO! oiga no sabe usted atender al monito,denle su biberón su leche.

  28. cómprenle más grande la ropa,parece que no tienen esperiencia tratar a un bebé,están bien tontines,ay no les pongan ropa estos animalitos NO nesecitan pues ellos tienen su pelaje.

  29. Go to ' Baby Monkey Too' channel. They know how to treat a monkey. They dont dress it up in dumb clothes that are weighing them down ..they treat their animals with respect and ive never seen such happy monkey! Doesnt make their pet monkey walk any other way than like a monkey. Kind and patient people and it shows. I strongly believe that anyone that mistreats another living soul that cant defend itself and/or fend for themselves, has a karma to deal with eventually. Im telling you, karma will get them. Their next life is this monkeys life.

  30. She really dont need a diaper yet
    Can just keep her bottom wrapped in a towel for now
    Until it gets a litte older

  31. ay! que don,tiene que acostar al baba y en el suelo para que así tenga sus 2 manoteas libres y así es más fácil para el señor y para la monita,bueno ahora dele su lechita, los bebés nesecitan su lechita….oiga acaso usted no es pariente del “pastor” cash luna?

  32. U people should have the same done to u for a week.
    Then we would not here u laughing….so sad.
    Ur country should set rules for u people , when using these animals for money.
    Too much animal abuse…
    Encouraged and allowed.

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