Most VERSATILE Clothing In Your Wardrobe? 10 Items You Can Dress Up & Dress Down

Most VERSATILE Clothing In Your Wardrobe? 10 Items You Can Dress Up & Dress Down

Most VERSATILE Clothing In Your Wardrobe
[0:00:00] Black Balmoral Oxfords, I love them, but they’re
not versatile. Because of the color because of the style,
they belong in your formal wardrobe. In today’s video, I’ve got ten items that
can be dressed up, can be dressed down, are incredibly versatile. What are they? Guys, find out in today’s video. [Music]
First up, we’ve got the lightweight V-neck sweaters. You can see I’m wearing one right now. And that’s what I love about a lightweight
V-neck sweater is it’s lightweight, it can be layered in with other pieces. It can be dressed up whenever I wanted to
wear this with a jacket. I could have dressed this down, simply have
left the jacket and just worn the sweater in of by itself. Now, color. A lot of you guys I know you’re hesitant
to bring in too much color. Well, then, look at gray, a very easy way
to be able to bring in a lightweight V-neck sweater and the V-neck. It draws attention to the chest area, it makes
you look stronger, and it also draws attention to the face and the eyes. Next up, we’ve got dark-colored denim. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. I can wear it with a t-shirt, I can wear this
with a sports jacket, I can wear it with a V-neck sweater we were just talking about. Guys, denim is incredibly versatile, but,
again, dark-colored indigo jeans and what you want to go for no distressed, you want
to make sure the fit is spot on. So, the next three items I’m going to talk
about, they’re all shoes. Let’s talk about the styles of footwear
that you can dress up and you can dress down. First up, I’ve got the dress boot. Now, I love this right here, a very simple
elegant design. The dark brown is going to work with almost
anything in my wardrobe. Again, I can wear these with these versatile
jeans right here. I can dress this up with a sports jacket this
combination right here. Everything you see here would work together
or I can dress it down with a t-shirt with the boots, I think is actually a great-looking
combination. Now, the dress boots, great option, but if
I want to dress it up a bit more, I’m going to bring in a brogue. A brogue is a particular type of dress shoe
that actually it’s going to be not as formal as a Balmoral Oxford which I showed at the
very beginning, therefore it’s got a bit more play in which it can go up and down in
dress. Now, this is something I could wear with a
blue business suit even a medium gray business suit, maybe even charcoal gray. Now, I can actually wear this with the jean
combination, but I think that this is going to look at more home with the variety of different
trousers options like gray flannels or something like that. Now, if I wanted to get more casual, the third
option I want to talk about with men shoe style right here, we’ve got a loafer design,
this one a penny loafer. What’s great about this, you’re traveling
you can slip them on and off when you’re going through airport security, but this is
also something you wear with a casual suit or I could even wear it with jeans. I can even wear this with a nice pair of shorts,
no-show socks, I think that combination is perfectly fine. Now, all the shoes I just showed you guys
are coming from Thursday Boots, the paid sponsor of today’s video. And, guys, I’ve talked about this company
tons of times, I’ve been to New York, I know the founders. These guys are the real deal bringing you
amazing shoes at an amazing price. And this pair of boots, gentlemen, I’ve
had for over three years. They’re about to go through their fourth
winter and I can tell you that I am hard on my boots. I run them through the slush, through the
snow, I try to take care of them, but, guys, like you I’m incredibly busy and I want
something that is going to be able to stand up to the elements. They use a tier one level upper, so that means
that basically it’s a great leather that they’re using right here on the upper part. Now, when I look at the build quality, they
use a stack leather right here in the heel, that to me, attention to detail. And, gents, if you haven’t been to the website
for awhile and you want to get over there, new styles, new colors, they’ve got new
boots coming out. And, again, they have a lot more than just
boots. They’ve got belts, they’ve got bags, they’ve
got shoes, and I can tell you all Goodyear welted high quality designs and look at some
of their older designs. This one, the suede, if you have a pair of
Thursdays in suedes, you’re really missing out because their suede by the way is weather
protected, so little details like that. I absolutely love this company because they
deliver to you a superior product at a fair price. Go check them out, guys. I’m linking to them down in the description. Next up, we’ve got the simple and elegant
metal dress watch. This is going to be made from stainless steel,
maybe made from gold, made from white gold, made from silver, maybe made from platinum. At the end of the day, we have a very simple
face and we’ve got a full metal band. Now, I know that many of you guys are going
to say, Antonio, that’s not a dress watch. A dress watch has to have a leather band and
then a very simple face. And I agree, but this is a modern classic
and I find that watches like this can be dressed down can be dressed up, I can wear this to
the pool, I can wear this with a full business suit. Next up, let’s talk about the most versatile
shades a man can own. That’s going to be classic aviators. Now, when I say classic aviators, we’re
going with a non-reflective lens, we’re going maybe with a silver or a gold type of
metal frame. Now, if you want one with a reflective lens,
I’m not saying it’s bad, but it is going to draw a little bit more attention to the
face and I think they’re a little bit less versatile, but those are pretty good. What you want to avoid though are going to
be the sporty wraps. These are great when you’re out riding your
bike you’re going for a run, but these are not going to be something that are going to
be able to dressed up. And that’s the issue with most sunglasses,
even though I love wayfarers, this is with a high-end suit, it’s just not going to
work as well. Now, if you’re a rock star, you can definitely
pull it up. In that case, you might as well go full wayfarer,
but something like this just screams for attention and to me is more casual. [0:05:09]
Next up, let’s talk about the simple white button-down. The difference between a button-down and a
dress shirt, it really is tiny and that’s why I’m saying that this white button-down
here made from a broad cloth which is a basket weave a very simple weave that can be dressed
up can be worn as a dress shirt or can be dressed down. I could roll the sleeves and even wear this
with a pair of shorts. Now, what are you not looking for? What’s going to make a shirt less versatile? So, the buttons right here on the collar by
definition this makes this shirt casual. The shirt now cannot be dressed up. Other things you’re going to look for if
you’ve got a white shirt, but let’s say it’s got epaulettes, it’s got the double
breast pockets, it’s made from linen, this is going to be a more casual shirt. It’s great to have in your wardrobe, but
it’s not going to be the most versatile shirt in your wardrobe. Now, this shirt right here, this has a twill
weave. This is a dress shirt and this one right here
another thing, notice, it’s got the French cuffs. So, things like that are going to make this
a very formal shirt, but this isn’t a shirt that you can actually dress down. Next, let’s talk about the versatility of
the blue suit. I’m going blue, personal preference. I find it works with more items in most men’s
wardrobe. Some of you guys may want to go with gray,
but when it comes down to it, the solid or semi solid – semi solid meaning that there’s
a little bit of a pattern here, but from a distance it looks like a solid. This is one of the most underutilized items
in a man’s wardrobe when it comes to versatility because we all know how to dress it up. Yes, wear it with a power red necktie with
a white shirt with black Balmoral oxfords. Boom! You’ve got great interview attire. But, how do you dress this down? So, one of the things a lot of guys don’t
do is they don’t separate the two pieces and I’m not saying you should do that if
it’s your only suit, but if you own multiple suits, then go ahead. I know, I do this, I wear this jackets oftentimes
as a sports jacket especially if you’ve got maybe a contrasting button right there. So, that button right there makes it look
a little bit more casual. This has a slight pattern in it and all of
a sudden this is a jacket that I can wear as a sports jacket. When you’re doing this, remember, if you’re
going to send this off to the cleaners, send the trousers and the jacket together off to
the cleaners. Now, when it comes to versatility, dressing
it down, it’s something with a jacket like this. With a jacket like this, you could simply
bring in a shirt that you wouldn’t normally wear a necktie with, something that maybe
has a fun pattern maybe a floral pattern in it. But, remember you can also change up the shoes
as well. Go for that light-colored loafers, those penny
loafers I showed you earlier. Guys, right there you’re going to be able
to have a lot more fun with a suit be able to dress it up dress it down and it could
become a versatile piece of your wardrobe. Now, moving on from suits, let’s talk about
what I think is the most versatile color when it comes to a sports jacket. So, some guys are going to think it is blue,
I actually think it’s brown. But, when I say brown, I’m not only talking
about the darker color brown, I’m talking about the tans, I’m talking about the golds,
I’m talking about combinations with patterns. Now, I am saying that you can dress this up,
I wear it with a pair of slacks like this tropical weight wool, I wear it with a knit
tie, a light-colored shirt, that’s a great combination, maybe with some of those brogues
that I showed you earlier. Now, if I wanted to dress this down, I can
wear it with blue jeans, I can wear it with those dress boots I was showing you, I can
go with a shirt that’s maybe a little bit more louder, something I would not wear with
a necktie, but to me, brown sports jackets can easily be dressed up and dressed down. Now, we’re talking about versatile outerwear
pieces. So, I’ve got three pieces right here, but
notice the colors, nothing is outlandish nothing is going to really grab attention. It’s going to work with almost anything
in your wardrobe. We’ve got gray, charcoal gray over here,
we’ve got a medium gray over here, and then right here we’ve got navy. Now, each of these are classic designs and
depending where you’re at in the world you’re going to want to go with a design that suits
your purposes. If you live in a big city, you want to go
with a classic overcoat. A classic overcoat, you can actually wear
with pretty casual clothing maybe just a sweater and a pair of jeans, nice boots, throw that
overcoat over it’s going to look great. Or you could go with a pea coat. The pea coat is going to be more casual than
the classic overcoat and actually has a military heritage. I think it’s great for younger men. Now, the pea coat, the design is not going
to be very long, so if you’re a shorter guy, pea coats look great or you’re a taller
guy, make sure you get a pea coat that fits you correctly. Now, when it comes to classic rain jacket,
the Mackintosh, you want to make sure maybe you’re out in Seattle you’re in an area
that it rains a lot you get a lot of crazy weather. This is going to be lighter weight that’s
great because you can layer. I can wear it over what I’m wearing right
now, it’s going to work for that combination. But, you want to make sure whatever piece
you go with is going to actually work for the elements in the environment you’re in
right now. All right, gents, so I know on this list I
could have probably added gray flannel trousers, I could have gone with white sneakers, but
I want to hear from you guys down in the comments what did I miss? What would you have added to this list? And, guys, go check out Thursday Boots, I
absolutely love this company. And Thursday Boots is so much more than just
boots. They’ve got these brogues right here are
amazing and they’ve got a Goodyear welt. Look at their prices, guys. It’s a steal. So, if you have not been to their website
lately, you want to go check out all the new styles all the new designs, they are just
killing it with the look of the boots, the overall feel the quality. I love this company. I’m linking to them down in the description. [0:10:06]
And, in case you’re curious about boots, Antonio, why should I wear boots? Because they’re going to make you more attractive. I’ve got the research right here, guys. Go check out this video of why boots are going
to make you more attractive. I actually got five reasons and I talk about
boots and how to wear them and why they should be in every man’s wardrobe. [Bleeping sound]
Did you guys here all that noise? I’ve literally got construction going on
outside. I had to walk out and say, hey, stop it. I’m trying to film a video. No, I didn’t say that. They were just looking at. I did ask them when they were going to be
finished, but, yeah, throughout this video, we had a little bit of construction over there. So, I’m wondering, did you guys hear it
at all? Let me know in the comments. [Music]
[0:10:45] End of Audio

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