49 Replies to “Mother and Bride Disagree Completely About Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Canada”

  1. Mama dear it would have been better you didn't come for the appointment. Give her the money let her make her choice.

  2. I feel so bad for brides who have mothers like this. Why do they feel the need to be so controlling? Surely you should be happy with whatever your daughter wants to wear, as long as she’s happy 🤨

  3. I LOVED THE LACE ONE WITH NO SLEEVES IT WAS SO PRFECT BUT IT NEEDS A BLING BELT oh sorry for the capitals didnt mean too

  4. Mum you are a pain in the neck and your not wearing the dress omg your daughter is young and beautiful not an old hag and at least your daughter tried and comprise

  5. I’m sorry, was the mom getting married or the daughter? She was so opinionated I thought it was her for a second. 🙄

  6. If your mum, mother in law or whover is being a pain in the arse, dictating how your weddi g is to be, all you have to do is look her in the eye over a lovely sweet cup of tea in fine bone china floral cus at the next ladies gathering and then sweetly but firmly ask with a smile, of course, very ladylike and feminine… Just asl a polite question, like "Oh, so who's the bride to be we are all here to discuss and honour? Who? Me? No… No… Can't be me… Must be…" Then look in the direction of the offending control freak, "social organiser" woman and suggest she would look fantastic in a purple outfit with large green flowes or some such gross suggestion… Most will laugh and some opressive control freak women will take the hint and just withdraw to seethe and sulk in their rage. You can then offer them snother cup of tea and cake etc, to show feminine respect. But, if tbey persist, just fi d any lame excuse to leave the group. I even called off one of my intended weddings just 3 weeks before the wedding day. Because con trol freaking, social orhanisertype women were giving me the shits, dictating everything, from colour of maids' dresses, my dress, my wedding rin g, the church, the reception, who would do what etc. Like it was their own wedding. I simply announced there would be no wedding. Problems solved. A d you should have seen the shocked looks and all their true feeli gs of hate that emerged as a result, even tbreats of legal action unless engagement gifts were promptly returned, which I planned to do, because I had no need for all their junk prese ts cluttering my tiny living space. I just saw a good male lawyer who told me what my rights and obligations were in this scenario. I never " lost" the young man so desperately in love with me that he worked day and night to buy me a ring, which I offered to return. He married some rich woman who fitted in eith his family and was very unhappy, never had any of the kids he wanted, despite becoming very wealthy etc. For 40 years since that day I walked out on the whole wedded bliss scene, he continued to faithfully send me desperate love letters, gifts, red roses etc, with a standing invitation to get married or even just be together exclusively, if I ever changed my mind… I told him that, being married to some dragon of an ethnic lawyer type, who was insanely nealous of me, my changing my mi d re his marriage propsoal over 40 years ago would be highly improbable. Maybe if she died… By natural means, as I couldn't be bothered trying to do away with some female rival for a man's affections. No self respecting woman would ever allow herself to sink to such a level. But, I notice many women do, especially in this. One can enjoy a man one likes, without the need to run risks marrying them and their entire family, mates, problems, kids, addictions, tyranny etc. Nor do you have to drop your standards and run the risks of adulterous affairs, unless, of course, you get off on the danger element, sneakiness etc of these, as many adulterous women do. It's your wedding. So you just tell them. My way or the highway! Because, if you let theget awy with it for your wedding, the oppression, co trol and organising etc behaviiur ie family/community tyranny will only get worse later on. The next bout of it revolving around the question of when are you going to start breeding, as expected, but you may have only wanted to marry for genuine love of your man, not his money or social status or to become a baby production machine, as expected. There goes your life! Marriage can be OK, for some, but you need to con trol your own life, not allow family members lime parents to run your life. Of course, if you keep relying othem to help you out fi ancially or babysitting etc while you work or study, you relinquish co trol over your own life because he/she who controls the purse strings you rely on has the power to con trol your life. I could have had an affluent married life, had I not rebelled against all the oppressive, offensive control. My ex fiance got worn down by it all and finally submitted. For over 40 years he kept wishing he could just walk away from it and just go live in a humble remote simple bush shack with me, minus big mere gue wedding dress, just hunt rabbits etc to make a stew for dinner… Very romantic. But I am a moral woman. I feared the wealthy professional powerful gorilla he was coerced into marrying because he was too weak to tell her and all the family clan where to get off and get his own life on his own terms. So, I advised him to try and put up with it. Because, in any case, sooner or later, death will come alo g, hopefully by natural means, and sort out this entire life mess. Marriage is not the be all and end all of life. It is nit terribly important. It only seems to matter because you were co ditii ed to believe it is important for a good, fulfilli g life.

  7. When you hear that the daughter wants something and the mother wants something else.
    And you hear THAT next sentance from the bride: My MOM is paying.

  8. Woman it ain't your damn dress, it's for your daughter what de bird. Ain't body want no outdated dress from 60's.But the third dress na

  9. I hate the third dress. I just don’t like satin. The shape of the dress and the way the fabric has been pinned weirdly is disgusting.

  10. It's not up to the mom it's up to the Bride to decided what she's going to wear regardless if mom is paying or not. In the end she stood her ground and went with what she wanted.

  11. Hey mom it is not your wedding. At some point your kids grow up and you have to stop demanding & trying to control them

  12. The mother looks like she smoked 2 crack pipes before they came no wonder she has a hard time picking out the right dress.

  13. Shhhiiit, I think the mom is just jealous of her daughter, because, she was rocking every dress, even the ugly one (srry sometimes dresses don't look good).
    But no I don't like that mom

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