Motorcycle gear accident / crash review: Shark RSR2, Alpinestars textile jacket & gloves

Motorcycle gear accident / crash review: Shark RSR2, Alpinestars textile jacket & gloves

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  1. Thanks for the video. I'm going to invest in protection. Better gloves for the wrist. Better riding shoes for the ankles. And may leather alpine star. And a snell rated helmet.

  2. I'm really glad you made it out alive.  Thanks for your insight and firsthand experience, I'm going to be buying some kevlar jeans here in a bit.  Ride safe, and may your tires stay under you.

  3. Thanks for the review. I just got the Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air Jacket last week in the same colors as yours. I decided to upgrade from my Speed and Strength jacket. I can tell a huge difference between the two. The armor in my A* jacket is much much thicker. The rip in the shoulder and wrist area concerns me. I also replaced my S&S short gloves thay have no knuckle protection or much of any protection as there are textile gloves. I purchased a pair of RS Tiachi GPX gloves, for $110, that are 100% leather and the knuckles are carbon fiber, from Moto Liberty in Dallas. I tried all of the gloves they had there from Alpinestars to Dainese and these gloves fit the best. They were more comfortable and one of their best sellers. I had a pair of $200 Speed & Strength gauntlet gloves for a day and I couldn't feel anything while riding. The other gloves I tried on, felt like it would be that way too. Might want to check out RS Tiachi. They are awesome gloves. I also wear a pair of Speed and Strength Kevlar jeans. I originally ordered their newest pair which were slim fit. I have small legs and these things were like putting on spandex. God awful tight. I got the looser one and they fit OK. The knee pads sit in an odd area. Never seen or tried on any other pair, so I don't know if this is normal. The quality seems great though, as the Kevlar is stiched inside the pants.

    I'm going to purchase a back protector insert from A* that is CE Level 2 certified and possibly the chest protector. The foam won't offer much protection on a hard impact. Alot of people recommend getting the A* Bionic protector for this jacket, so you might want to check it out.

    Thanks for the review. Sorry for my long comment

  4. Good review! I just started riding about 6 months ago and I have been "working with what I've got". After a nice highside at about 40-45mph I have definitely been looking for some good gear. I came out with a fractured ankle that wasnt too big of a deal…..that time…. I was in a leather jacket with sweatshirt underneath, doubled up carharts, no gloves and managed to keep my head off the pavement even though I was wearing a nice loaner arai full face.
    LOL…"just slide on your back instead" kind of reminds me of "cmon beavis! Just start running really fast before you hit the ground! Dont be a wuss!" It was kinda slo mo and im the type that always lands on their feet like a cat. But it goes from thinking you can save it, to being smacked down very quickly. U get one shot to position yourself and its done.
    Anyways I was just looking at this same jacket for 100 bucks off a friend of mine. Think I might get it after seeing this. Those gloves look pretty tough, but…..more wrist protection eh? Maybe something with a wrist wrap?
    I see those moto gp guys just kinda skip across the pavement like a stone on a pond and then hop right back on. Thats the effect im going for!
    Glad you are OK. I hope you got your scoot back on the road. Happy riding

  5. Thank you so much for the video. I'm glad you are ok. I will pay more attention to the gloves factor… 

    How did you lose the back end?

  6. Great video glad to see your ok.. Need to look at your gloves video. I need some decent ones.. Your gear held up good.. The gloves though… Jeez..

  7. At least u haven't learned the hard way like I did, check my video "a squid for a day (road rush)" on YouTube

  8. Thanks for the video! We saw the jacket was tore, but did you get any rash at all on your upper body? And as far as my gear goes, i will be upgrading my gloves, getting some riding pants and boots! Thanks again for the eye opener!

  9. Expensive leather will often survive a crash or hold up well enough to be repaired. Cheaper leather will often do a good job, but may not survive the crash. There is a LOT of variability in quality when you're talking about cheap to mid range brands; some are good and others use paper thin leather with only single stitching. Check out sportbiketrackgear; the reviews will tell you if the product is suitable for track use. That is, if it will hold up in a moderate to high speed crash.

  10. 1000s on top end gear isn't needed. But paying atleast 350dollar on a leather jacket seems normal and about 300 on pants, 300 or so for boots, and about 200 for gloves and about 300 for a helmet and that's already 1450dollal for a decent (leather) outfit. You don't need a 600 dollar helmet/jacket/pants/boots for your safety.

  11. Yea. Surely you don't want to do something stupid like riding with shorts and no helmet, but I have yet to see enough proof to justify spending 1000s on top end gear. I have seen leather jackets split open too. I noticed in your other vids it's apparent you do machine work. I am an auto tech, and my hands are my lively hood. So I do try to protect them as much as possible. I do splurge a bit more on gloves and boots.

  12. This video is very insightful. I am a skeptic when it comes to all this gear. I think a lot of it is luck over anything else. But great vid

  13. I started riding back in April, and have picked up quite a bit of gear, as I'm sure most new riders do. Videos like this give quite a bit of insight into what materials and brands hold up in crash scenarios. Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is why I won't wear mesh or textile gear. Glad your OK. You will like the Astar Atem. I have the same one and is a great jacket. I will only wear leather as far as jackets go, sidi St race boots, kevlar pants and full gauntlet gloves always. Even when hot! Rather sweat than bleed!

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