Motorcycle Jeans vs Regular Jeans – Crash Tested

Motorcycle Jeans vs Regular Jeans – Crash Tested

Hello, I’m Ryan F9. And today. We’re going to crash test regular jeans, versus riding jeans Our contenders have a few things in common, both of them support the typical five pocket design: Wallet wallet, hand hand, and pocket watch, just in case you live in 1885. Also they have similar weighted denim, Icon was quick to brag about the 14 ounces in their riding jean which is kind of ironic because the regular Wrangler is actually 14.5 ounces. And that’s where the similarities stop, I mean our $200 icon overlord has TPU knee armor, backed up with CE level one D30. The knees and the seat are also reinforced with Aramids which differ from Kevlar by registered trademark and not much else. Meanwhile the $25 wrangler relaxed fit, has jack-shit. It’s just a jean. 5 torture tests today, I fully expect the Icon Overlord to win all of them but the question is: By how much? our first test is puncture strength. Rambo’s BB gun shoots at 500 feet per second or 550 kilometers an hour to the ear of a motorcyclist. Not that any of us could actually go that fast, let alone in riding jeans, But if we did, what would happen if we ran into a pebble, a pointy-er pebble, or a downright sharp pebble? It’s time to find out Well, looks like the Wranglers did stop the BB, but the other two shots appear to have gone right through, now I’ll fire the same volley through the Aramid ass of our Icon Overlord. So this time we stop the BB, and the lead pellet, the penetrating pellet still made it through, but even still plus one for riding jeans Now we’re going to test abrasion resistance with a belt sander. I have 40 grit to approximate asphalt, and a 19 kilometer an hour spinning speed to approximate sliding. Wranglers are going down first Wow Three and a half seconds for the regular jeans. Wranglers were originally designed for rastling cattle in the 1940s, so I expected better from them. Time to see how the motorcycle jeans compare. All right, seven seconds to get through the denim and the Aramid abrasion layer, is twice as good. I can also say that these didn’t heat up as much as the Wranglers. That’s the great thing about Aramids, they protect you from the friction heat of a crash as well. So, plus three point five for the riding jeans, since that’s how many extra seconds they’ll buy you before you start losing skin. Just for curiosity’s sake, let’s see how the riding pants slide in the areas that don’t have that Aramid backing behind them. Hmm. Well that’s interesting, two seconds is less than the wranglers got. Looks like icons riding denim isn’t anything special without its aramid backing I’m sure Icon would love for us to move on from that rather embarrassing result, so let’s take this good moment to contemplate the nature of failure, now meanwhile I’ll dock one and a half points, since that’s the number of seconds that Icon Overlord fell short of the regular Wrangler’s when we tested the area without Aramid. Speaking of things without Aramid, the overlord stitching. There’s no Kevlar, no nylon, in fact there’s nothing special in this thread except for a shit ton of yellow dye. I reckon seam strength won’t be much superior to the regular jeans. Starting from the point of first resistance, the regular Wranglers last 15 cranks on the carjack before splitting the fabric. Meanwhile the icon overlord lasts through 22 cranks also splitting through the fabric before even busting a seam. So very good all around, notch another seven points for the riding jean. Now impact is a complex phenomenon of physics, there are elements of velocity and
acceleration, momentum and impulse, force and shock, so naturally we’re going to measure it with a cantaloupe and a sticker. No protection from the Wranglers whatsoever. We blew past 100 Gs on the shockwatch sticker, and totally shattered our kneecap surrogate, gross. Wow, it’s a totally different story with the Overlord, it’s much less damage to the cantaloupe, and less than 100 Gs. Do we pass the 50g sticker though? Ah, no. We did fail 50 Gs. So impact protection was better on the motorcycle jean, but by how much? Well, I do generate a hundred and five miles per hour of club head speed. And of course the first step is to change that into sensible units. So now we’re going to have to grab the kinematic equation So we have D=V naught T + 1 / 2AT squared. So then solving for our friend, Newton, and dividing by the gravitational constant 9.8, we’re going to get our answer, about 183.99, and we’ll call it about 184 Gs. So that’s what I can put into an unprotected cantaloupe. But of course the Icon Overlord would have stopped some of that, because we know only between 50 and 100 Gs got through according to the shockwatch stickers, so . . . somewhere between 84 and 134 Gs is what the icon overlord succeeded in preventing. We’ll split the difference and call it about 109 Gs better than the regular riding pant. Now we’re going to look at fire resistance. Now when everything goes to hell, I bet you these wranglers are going to burn through pretty quick. And we’re starting to get through there now. Yep, straight through, head over here to the overlord . . . It has Aramid in here, Aramid has a higher heat capacity, and so we’d expect it to take longer for us to get through it. Indeed it’s looking like that’s probably going to be the case. We’re not really getting too much go through here. Just starting to come through the first layer of denim now, but we’re not quite through the aramid layer underneath it yet. So, yeah, it’s doing pretty well. Nice work Icon. I’ll take a look at the knees slider up here. Now these, eh, TPR sliders have an knack of scratching up your tank. Which is kind of shitty. Also, the denim, the ink in it really leaks first time you wash these guys it just bleeds everywhere. It’s not fun either. So the motorcycle jeans were more fireproof. In fact it took about four seconds longer to burn through them than the regular jeans. Adding it all up our motorcycle jean was better by 123 points. One pellets worth of puncture strength, two seconds of abrasion resistance, seven cranks of seam strength, 109 Gs of impact resistance, and four seconds of fire proofing. Despite our totally shit scoring system. The conclusion is pretty clear: Riding jeans are better than regular jeans. Next week we have quite an interesting one: This brand new Klim adventure glove, versus a two year old Klim adventure glove. Does safety really degrade over time? Is it worth replacing your old motorcycle gear? We’ll find out next week. Consider subscribing to our channel if you want to know the answer. Until then thank you very much for watching take care

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  1. should have done levis. in my experience over a lifetime of wearing different jeans every day i know that levis are the toughest.

  2. this test is not accurate an false information,
    one dose not slide on on part of the body, they slid from multi parts of body thus the other tests are void

  3. Hey Ryan, Wranglers and Levi's are cool and all – but not all Denim is created equal. A 14oz denim in a shuttle loom vs 14oz denim from a projectile loom. How does Regular Denim, Selvedged Denim, Selvedged Denim with Kevlar/Aramid, a "Denim" technical riding jean, a textile pant, and … maybe a leather or surprise pick of your choice for comparison? If you read this, thanks!

  4. OMG it's 3:30AM, pitch black in my room, the house's empty and I hear that howling sound at 2:14 WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!! scared the life out of me!

  5. A few weeks ago i crashed going about 10mph (front wheel lost traction) going round a corner with normal jeans on and it still gave me road rash and ripped up my jeans I could only imagine if I had been going like 50 😳 got my Kevlars next day haha.

  6. One morning I thought about putting on my armored motorcycle pants, but it was a hot day and I decided to wear normal jeans. That was a big regret, as that was the day I crashed and slid across the road, shredding my pants like paper and my precious flesh underneath. I still feel the effects of my shredded knee 5 years later.

  7. Motorcycle jeans aren’t practical for commuting to work everyday if I’m only going 5-10miles each way

  8. I just wear regular jeans because they don't sell the Motorcylce Pants in skinny jeans. That makes it a no-go. Regular jeans and T-shirt and I ride my Busa. That's how you do it if you real gangsta. Pretenders can wear all the safety gear, and don't forget the yellow jackets…lol..look like dorks, which is opposite to what riding a bike is about. Bike-riding is innately dangerous, and that's the allure. You start wearing safety gear, that's defeats the purpose.

  9. Unless the width at the point where you jacked those seams apart is exact in circumference (which I doubt based on visuals) your method of testing is flawed which means your results are flawed.

  10. I wear Wrangler Carpenter Jeans for ALL my riding, on and off road. I guess it's just a matter of time.

  11. hm, you are saying the riding jeans are better but from what I see in the video the black ones are just really expensive jeans with some fancy plastic.
    but anyways the true question is: how would 8 wrangler jeans sewed into one super jeans with 8 layers compeed (8 x 25$ = 200$)

  12. Woahh. I just learned now that the small pocket was for watches. I was totally convinced it was for lighters, as I always put my lighters there. Haha

  13. I don't doubt the results of this but the user error in this vid is off the charts. Not reliable data my bro, but most likely right.

  14. Too bad these riding jeans never come in fat ass sizes you never see these jeans in sizes of 46" and above. Regular jeans it is.

  15. I had to stop watching this at 7:20 because it was just painful to bear from a scientific standpoint. The timers counting when you lift up to go back on to the material. The unkown pressure and contact area you applied the sander. You mis-spoke about what the BBs did in terms of penetrating. The car jack does not tell you force based on turns. It tells you distance it opens up at a non constant rate: that is one turn with the jack closed will open it up more than if it were nearly fully opened. Since the non icon jeans were smaller, they got more work done to them in less turns. Plus there was more material in the icons through the circumference, allowing it to give more ( you can stretch a 10cm rubber band further than a 1cm rubberband of similar size and material)

  16. You spend a lot of time preparing these videos and making them flow smoothly while presenting your thoughts.

  17. Your first test result is fucked. Watch the footage. The BB's do not go through the Wranglers.

  18. This test would have been better if you compared all the top brands of riding jean including the titanite jean

  19. I dont think you want superman DNA bike pants, just incase you do get in a crash and brake a bone medics should be able to cut through. Itll be hard and painful to get em off same way they came on with a broken bone

  20. Full leather gentlemen. If it's too hot for full leather it's too hot to go riding. I wouldn't wanna crash in jeans ever..

  21. Wait so you want to tell me that a basic jeans that you can buy for a few bucks at a thrift store is not going to defend me as much as an overpriced bike pants with guards and layers made especially for riding a bike? Wow, thanks, this might've saved my life here since i'm an imbecile.

  22. Point of fact here…. The 1940 (well Ok the 1950) jeans were way, way different than those distressed, brushed denim pair you're using.

  23. So does that mean regular jeans with sweatpants underneath would work pretty good? I'm to poor for multiple pairs of 200 dollar biker jeans.

  24. Doesn't matter what you wear if you ride like a Dick you will fall off like a Dick! lol! Personally a pair of worker or painter's knee pad's from a Dollar store under the Jeans is fine at least the next time I PLAN to deliberately fall of my Bike I will make sure I'm wearing them! i would suggest that $200 bucks of bike jeans shouldn't be used when in the workshop sanding or using a blow torch! lol! As for the Car jack thing? Well we wont get into getting a hard on when you see the biker babe you have the hot's for?

    Joking aside Ryan, Love the vid's man you say more with humor than any serious vid can, thanks keep the good work coming. Peace.

  25. Im not spending 200$ on riding jeans I would rather use some Wrangler I just do wellies and ride trails that Ryan f9 cant do cuz he big gay

  26. Hey I use my fifth pocket all the time, my favorite use for it was when I had an iPhone 5 and it fit perfectly in my 5th pockets nice and snug and protected and out of the way, now that I have a honking android I like to put a knife or multitool in it.

  27. What the hell, buy complete SWAT combat body armor. Proven to discourage drunken barroom fight challenges. And you will look super macho.

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