MOUSEPADS – Cloth vs Hard Plastic – G440 QCK+ Nick Reviews

MOUSEPADS – Cloth vs Hard Plastic – G440 QCK+ Nick Reviews

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  1. I feel you nick, with my mouse and soft pad, my right pinky finger is always off on the right and slides around and it makes me cringe when it slides across the silk feeling texture.

  2. I use my homework book as my mousepad. The glossy feel of the cardboard cover is just the right surface for my mouse and I.

  3. Wrong… Slippy pad should be best for low sensitivity fps gaming. because you want less resistance/friction when moving in millimetres esp when sniping

  4. Your analogy regarding high sens – hard pad; low sens – soft pad doesnt make any sense to me at all. Its like saying: i'm slow at skating the ice, so i need less slippery ice. Besides that nice video to watch.

  5. Well i became mg 3 with logitech rough and tiny mousepad..with some chineese mouse…( maxd low settings 90 fps average)..

  6. i have a hard plastic one, and all i see is it getting scratches, and now it feels annoying to move my mouse around, don't buy plastic.

  7. 1. Would cloth mousepads not become cracked at the edges over time? My cheap cloth mousepad cracked at the edges.
    2. Would plastic mousepads not grind mouse feet?

  8. Hey nick so I realized I use the same mouse pattern as you, as in I only use my wrist to move my mouse. I kinda realized this was a problem early on but thought it was only me. I find it hard to find a right sensitivity/mousepad combo that works for me right now im using g602 plus steelseeries but I don't like it. Is hard surface better? plz help

  9. pretty sure, if ui play on hard surface, since it moves easier, u want to use lower sensitivity, the only reason ur using higher is beucase of ur limited space.

  10. Never get a textured razer mouse pad because the textured part is a little glued on piece and it peels off out of the box, or at least has in my experience.

  11. i am very sad now, i was about to buy G440 thinking it will be long lasting… 5-6 months is nothing 🙁 i am using my Razer galiathus for around 2 years now and it's in the same shape as it was… sadly it's killing my wrist :(. how about
    Razer Vespula… will it hold longer? is it the same as G440 in a way ?. please help a fellow gamer out 🙂

  12. I've found QcK and Razer Goliath Speed to be way too irritating to my wrist and fingertips. Goliath is amazing pad, but sadly too uncomfy for me. Xtrfy pads are supersmooth though.

  13. here is the best mousepad its 3$ and you get two of them

  14. My sensitivity is around about 1.00 and I just brought a huge desk mat to keep the colour scheme. It's a playmax, only cost me 30 dollars compared to a razer memepad.

  15. I have a hard pad, however since iv used it for a long time there are "scrapes" and its missing "paint/color and texture" do you have any ideas how to prevent it for the next mousepad i get?

  16. Hey nick! This actually really helped as I use a cloth pad but just bought the hard Razer Firefly! Would you consider doing a Csgo/H1Z1, etc.(Fps in general) Top 5 mice???

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