Muslim NYPD chaplain: saluted in uniform, harassed as a civilian

Muslim NYPD chaplain: saluted in uniform, harassed as a civilian

I was twenty-four years old when I started working at the police department as a Muslim Chaplain. and the uniform in it of itself, just commands a lot of respect. Everyone’s calling you “Sir”. You have men who are twice your age who stop everything to salute you. There was times I walked into the bathroom, guys are standing at urinals, they would turn around and salute me. I’m like, “guys don’t do that.” [Laughs] But that’s because I’m in a uniform, right? I still have the realities of not in a uniform. Where I get pulled over and asked, you know, “do I actually own my car, did I steal my car?” When I engage in conversation and I show my police credentials, I show my badge, the tenor changes quite drastically. Announcer: “He is the University Chaplain for NYU, Executive Director of the Islamic Center here… as well as chaplain for the New York City Police Department.” Announcer: “Working tirelessly to foster dialogue with people of others faiths in order to clarify misconceptions and encourage mutual education.” One day, I was asleep in my bed, one of my friends was staying over. He came into my room and he said “Hey, the FBI is here.” Two agents came into my living room, I got them seated and I said, you know, “What is it that you really want from me?” And they said, “look…. you’re just too good to be true, and we want you to know that we’re watching you.” When I land on international flights, you know, the announcement would go off, “TSA is doing random checks, have your passports ready.” Essentially, I was the random check. They’d then take me, escorted to a detaining room. I’ve seen women who are as old as my grandmother in detaining rooms being railed into by people because they can’t speak English so well while their thirteen year old grandsons are sitting and watching. When they would go through my belongs and they’d find my police credentials. If I was traveling on behalf of the State department. they’d find my State department paperwork. You know, folders with big golden eagles embossed on them. They’d start asking me “You know why are we stopping you?” and I’d say to them “Why do you think you’re stopping me?” they said “Look man you’re, young and you’re male and you’re muslim and those things don’t go so well together right now.” I’ve sat down with people like Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, I’ve met with President Obama on multiple occasions, his senior staff. And these are the kinds of things that happen to people like me, with those connections. You got to really think what’s happening with people who don’t have those connections And what their lives are like day to day. When my wife and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, I said to her “don’t get off the plane with me, you don’t wanna go through this” And she said “No, you’re my husband you know I’m going to walk with you through everything” And we got to the doorway there was nobody there, We got to the baggage claim and I took my suitcases, we left the baggage claim. We’re standing in the outside part of the airport. I hadn’t seen that part of an airport in about six years. My wife starts joking around and she says to me “You should’ve gotten married to me much sooner, maybe you wouldn’t have the problems you had before” And I responded by putting my head on her shoulder and just crying. The deeply entrenched racisms that exist in our country have to be addressed and they have to be addressed not for the sake of any singular minority population. But really for the sake of all of us just as human beings. I really believe that things can change.

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  1. That's super racist I'm sorry he has to go through that some people can't grasp the magnitude of their actions when they do things give into racism fare by allowing people like Trump to become president all they are doing is potentially creating a terrorist (not him obviously) but we need to see and understand what this administration is doing is making us less safe.

  2. The Trump agenda is to make ordinary good people into enemies just because they are different. Donnie is pushing the KKK attitude further and further. When are the US of A people going to start acting more like Christians that they claim to be and follow the simple teachings of love and forgiveness that the Christ taught?

  3. you will never change the radicalized Muslims ,,, there is to much history for it to change now , that,s the real problem that is causing all this fear and distrust in everyone .. you cant say its all Muslims as you cant say its all white at fault , this is the realty of why this is happening …

  4. Maybe you should be mad at your fellow muslims for creating the stereotype, sorry buddy, thats the way it goes, muslims are the ones blowing stuff up.

  5. It isn't simply racism, it is profiling… like he said "Single, Muslim, Man, middle-eastern." Note: I am NOT defending profiling in any way, just saying, it isn't as simple as just "racism"

  6. a Muslim who teaches about building bridges with other faiths????

    Lesson #1 "kill them where you find them"

  7. It astounds me how different America became after 9/11. How one event effected so many people's lives, it effected culture, law, and society. People have been murdered for it, sent to war, countless families have lost loved ones on that day and since, laws have been enacted to prevent terrorism, more laws are in question to help all the first responders who have cancer and are dying or have died due to their service that day, airport security completely changed, Muslims who previously hadn't been experiencing racism felt that drastically change. That day effected so many people in so many different awful ways. Keep it up Vox. It's so great that you are starting important conversations.

  8. traveling as a kid, i thought it was normal for parents to be pulled aside at airports. it definitely is traumatizing.

  9. when I see videos like these, I tend to avoid the comments since they are usually always disappointing and ruin my initial feeling of hope for our future, but the comments under this video are so uplifting, really restored my faith on humanity 🙂

  10. You are well spoken (for the most part) and we'll dressed. What bothers me is the outrage about racism as if it only exists from white people racism is from all people all religions all nationalities all ethnic backgrounds.

  11. any police that arrests based on their bias/racist views should have the death penalty immediately. don't tell me their "doing they're job" they're not doing their job. they simply following their blind hate and therefore lose their "right" to live immediately.

  12. I'm Muslim and I'm pretty young so I myself have never faced any true discrimination cause of my religion. But seeing others go through it is sad :/

  13. What's wrong being a male Muslim? Do they think they are really going to blow them up? Seriously? I lhave lived with many male Muslim and I am a non-Muslim living in a Muslim country and I am not dead. If they really want to blow up all non-Muslim, they would have done that like decades ago

  14. Muslims blow people up and hit families in markets with trucks but oh no this one gets randomly check how terrible what a tragedy. Sick

  15. Thank you Vox, for bringing this content to us. People really need to wake up and understand that it was a conspiracy make a misconception against Islam and turn the people against Muslims. Whereas Islam promotes peace, not killing, not fighting, becoming one unit and living life righteously. Thank you so much guys for bringing the real picture of Islam to the front as oppose to Giant news channels…

  16. Point to note fellow Americans!!! If someone approaches you wearing a police uniform with Muslim headgear, refuse point blank to deal with them as they have disrespected your space by dressing inappropriately and not in the full USA police 👮 inform………… law you can refuse to deal with any officer not fully presented as they should be

  17. yeah yeah, good talk but what abt the female fatwas and the oppression there such a women cant do her duty towards her god less she does her physical obligations towards her husband? and there is always the other islam law such a non muslim should pay the muslim one less they wanna convert. and if ur talking abt being stopped? look at the world. look at libya! a muslim country literally selling humans as slaves. where is the islam peace in that? look at isis! look at everything else islam does. and ur mad crying cuz you were stopped at a airport. they stop people, infact anyone who dresses like a hobbo too. thats their job. as someone inthe police department you should know doing ur job is important. and dont pull i met obama crab. i met him 7 times and he even once played a chess game with me and my father. i cant say more but the point is i met obama and my username is scum gang. tell me something important that has perspective to ur topic not ''i get checked too much'' think man

  18. They weren't saluting you, they were trying to piss on you. Islam is an enemy to the United States. Maybe you don't hate America but Islam needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

  19. I get where this guy is coming from. But the sad truth is that the world is afraid of Islam and the world has reason to. I am not saying its right. I'm just saying its the way it is because you see so much horrible behaviour from Muslims even towards each other let alone what they are trying to do in the U.S.A and Europe. Blowing up NY marathon, driving trucks through shoppers in London and France. Islam needs to get a grip on itself by that i mean if Islam wants to be respected around the world then Muslims need to get those Muslims who want to do the world harm and sort them out.

  20. ha ha according to american goverment muslim attacked america . Now still muslim leaving in america and they are doing government job. After attack by muslims, usa still killing muslim people , but could not stop muslims in their own country. such a shame.

  21. Why do we as Americans cater to Muslims? The head dress isn't part of the uniform, so take it off or don't be a police officer.

  22. may you found. happiness in life & i pray that God will blessed you with beautiful family & friends. stay strong brother, we always be supporting you 🤙🤙🤙

  23. Just today at school I learned about how being a young male Muslim can fit the criteria for people to suspect the guy as a terrorist. I previously thought that to prevent terrorism at any cost, searching the belongings of those men should be done. Now I regret having to hastily assume those activities would solely be beneficial. For this society to be more pluralistic and egalitarian, losing the prejudice of wrongfully labeled people will be key and I promise to do so.

  24. Reminds me of code geass.

    Where the British ruled over japan and treated Japanese like 3rd class non human subjects and then there is this one guy who is Japanese and works for the British and has a high rank.

    Gets mistreated by the very people he lends his life to and still stays loyal.

    Utter slave mindset and traitor to their own people.

    This video is the real life version of it. Yuck indeed

  25. %80 of the Americans don’t have passports, they are ignorant, they can’t travel and see the reality of the world, They have no idea of ​​the cultures of peoples, only the lies promoted by the false media. They do not realize the fact that they are slaves in a massive prison.

  26. I am very sorry sir for your discomfort but to ignore the fact that there has been major attacks and credible threats from people of a similar background and to attribute caution as a result as racism is either niave or malicious

  27. When this hypocrisy thats happening gets spoken about and gets to the eye of the public, they just plug their ears. People hate Muslims not because they hate them, people hate Muslims because they don't want to learn Islam's true message. They keep on committing hate crimes towards Muslims because of their own ignorance. They are listening to the loud minority of Muslims of which commit crimes and terrorize, and often forget that that happens in every religion, instead of thinking everything through.

    At the end of the day :

    * We all are just humans.
    * Religion is a concept of which anyone and everyone is welcome to.
    * Ignorance isn't bliss when it's like this.

    And I'm proud to be a muslim.

  28. Americans are brainwashed to fear Arab looking males. Thanks to the conservative media, Arab looking males are regarded as ''potential'' terrorists. This racist mentality comes from a deep mistrust white America has towards all which is not part of the Anglo-white culture. Blacks, Latino's and even Catholic Irish were regarded as ''more criminal'' and ''potential'' trouble.

  29. Stop wining, your not helping, things can change, they are changing, if all you focus on is racism, that's all you will see. There are reasons why muslims are looked at twice, talk to muslims.

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