Must-Know Words In Korean – Wearing Clothes (옷 입기) [TalkToMeInKorean]

Must-Know Words In Korean – Wearing Clothes (옷 입기) [TalkToMeInKorean]

let’s learn some useful Korean words about wearing clothes hello everyone this is Julian from talktomeinkorean today we are going to talk about help and some other things we wear in everyday life in English you can simply say you wear something or you put on something but in Korean there are different verbs that are used depending on what you wear we already made a video about it so if you haven’t seen it please go check it out the link is down below so the first word is wood wood this word generally refers to all kinds of clothing so if you want to say we have put on clothes loosen it up to take off clothes awesome Jota to change clothes loosen kala stop so you’re not there chew gum clutter oh well yeah all right now let’s get a little more specific about different kinds of clothing a shirt in Korean is chop tip toe tip then can you guess what a t-shirt is yes that’s right it’s he shot tip he shot tip but sometimes people just say teeth he’s had to turn to only cap chocolate a oh yeah yeah an undertone diamond and if the sleeves are long you can say Kim hye-jin pen which literally means long arm so you can say something like Kim PI top tip or Kim PI T shot tip and the opposite is pan-pan pan-pan which means half arm so a short sleeve shirt is panpipe top tip and a short sleeve t-shirt is panpipe TT or pan PI T now all those were for your upper body for the lower body you mainly have your pants shorts or skirts right so first of all tense is paddy-paw G and if you want to say short you literally say half pants which is tan body very easy to remember right and of course to show contrast you can say hidden body or pants let’s move on to skirt a skirt in korean is Chima si ma there can be killed Chima low skirt in type and Chima short skirt and for the short skirt people also say be nice’ coptic using the english word and if what you are wearing is a dress in korean we say one-piece sick one piece it it’s based on the idea that it’s a one-piece dress as opposed to a toothpaste item and if you say dress or to that suit most Korean people would think of a very fancy dress or a wedding dress all right just a couple more words and then we will review what we’ve just learned below your knees you will have your shoes shoes in general are cold Simba Shin Hye’s but if you’re talking about dress shoes that are usually made with leather Yusei Fudo cool too and other types of sugars are never cold could just dress choose running shoes or sneakers are cold mundo moi mundo mwah which literally means exercise shoes and high heels are called high hit is it to remember and last but not least a head is called muta move a baseball cap is Thiago Motta Yahoo Mota and a straw hat is the tip Mota the tip move that and let’s say for the world so now it’s time to see how will you remember I’ll show you some drawings and I want you to name the items that people are wearing are you ready let’s go the man is wearing entirety Palin body and kumoi the woman is wearing an piety chima and good the man is wearing Canon Powershot to logic and food the woman is wearing one pieces muta and I here excellent job everybody that’s it for this episode of MAS no words in Korean and please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can receive updates about our books and discount coupons and I’ll see you in the next video bye hi guys and yeah yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you like to watch more videos like this one please subscribe turn up already look right and be sure to click the notification button as well to not miss any new video comes Amida bye

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  1. 근데, 구두에 스타일 너무 많잖아요, oxfords 도 있고, boots 도 있고 …. 한국말은 모두 다 그냥 구두 에요 ? ?

  2. After more googling than i should have taken, i think i found out that -을 in 옷을 is used to reference that it the action takes place at a future time/ any time. Is this part necessary?

  3. Loved the ending where we could guess the words from memory! I think it's better than giving options because it makes you actually recall them instead of looking at the options and picking from those.

  4. 안녕하세요! Loving the videos, its a great way of learning another language 🙂 Quick question is all caps called 야구모자 or does the ones with a flat front (like this ) have a diffrent name? Thanks alot for the videos!

    P.S. just realised that korean is the first language ill be learning with english instead of my native language, maybe one day i'll learn another language with korean as the base 😀

  5. I knew all these items of clothes but still worth watching. Learned what short sleeve, long sleeve and reminder of high heels were.

  6. 안녕하세요. 당신이 잘 지내시고 교환 원에게 아랍어 번역본을 제출하길 부탁드립니다.

  7. 안녕하세요. 당신이 잘 지내시고 교환 원에게 아랍어 번역본을 제출하길 부탁드립니다.

  8. 토익스피킹 공부하다가 원피스 대신 dress 쓰는 걸 얼마전에 알았는데
    반대로 가르치니 신기 ㅎㅎ

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