16 Replies to “My 3 Favorite Fabric Shops on Goldhawk Road London”

  1. hi! thanks for the video. I m looking for upholstery fabric for a good price. Could you help me with that? Many thanks Tania

  2. I really found this video helpful. Does anyone know where THE place is to buy Broderie Anglais/Eyelet deep border cotton fabric? Especially in black? I am having no luck!

  3. Hey I'm new to sewing my own clothes and wanted to know about the pricing! What would be the normal price for popular fabrics??

  4. I got so excited when I saw you were in London. I haven't been to Goldhawk Road/Shepherds Bush Market for years but now I am inspired! I'll make a trip next weekend. Did you do a 'meet and greet'? It would have been lovely to meet you. I hope you enjoyed your stay 😘

  5. I would visit them all.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I am a beginner sewer and this video made me sew happy, LOL.

  6. So pretty. I love these fabric shop videos. Thanks for sharing😍✌🏾ohh quick suggestion – I'm not sure if you've heard the "Seamstress Tag" going on in YT by Hollisews it'll be great if you could the tag!

  7. hey! I would love to visit universal fabrics. Are thee fabrics expensive
    ?what's the average price ranges?

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