MY A* GCSE ART & DESIGN: TEXTILES WORK ( Exam Work+ Coursework)

MY A* GCSE ART & DESIGN: TEXTILES WORK ( Exam Work+ Coursework)

hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be me showing you all of my GCSE textiles coursework and exam work TechStars is one of the subjects that i chose to GCSE and if it was me who was doing my textures GCSE this year I would want to be looking at videos of what kind of stuff to do when you look at someone else's well it kind of gives you ideas for your own stuff and that's kind of what I'm trying to do with this video so I just want to help anyone who's doing any art based subjects who's maybe wanting to go in the fashion director and or was just curious of what I did for textiles I did get a star overall so this I guess there's a star standard work you could obviously do so much better than as I don't think it's the best personally I've got a lot of work to get through so I'm going to try men's video as short as possible I don't have all the pieces because I haven't been able to get everything back from my school oh insert any pictures when I'm talking about stuff that I haven't actually physically got with me I will be doing like overlays and clips of the stuff in more detail because with my lighting setup you can't we see everything clearly if you enjoyed this video do give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel and let's just get right into the video if you don't know how textures works what happens is you have like different projects you have one or two projects in year 11 in year 10 I think I had three projects I want to say their point it's near ten and the one project that I did at the start of year eleven they're all part of the coursework and then the final project that I did in your eleven right at the end that was my exam project and then I made a final piece at the end just trying to find the first project for the first project I want to say we did sunflowers because otherwise I would think I would have had more flowers on here this is the first board that I made in textiles so I'm actually quite impressed with myself this is a piece that took me forever to do and I don't know why it took me so long because when you look at it it doesn't look like something that would take you ages but this took me days and days and dates probably weeks and months to be honest I cut out different petals to go on top and then I basically laid them on top of each other so I had newspaper ad fabrics and I did perfect stitching all the way around I will do a close-up for this but it really is that every stitch is the same length and that's what took me so long I think this was something we had to do so we had to learn how to sketch stuff and then also how to use a watercolor and she wanted us to just color in a section of it so that's why any section of that's done and if you can see you have the handle oh the borders around everything and that's because that's what you do in textiles if you do the board you have to mount things otherwise it doesn't stand out and just looks a lot neater so that's what we would talk from the start this is me talking about what happened here for my watercolor and pencil sunflower I sketched out the basic shape of the sunflower then adding the detail and also time to create dimension then I chose a small segment of the sketch and I painted it with watercolors they resembled the colors in the real-life sunflower I was looking at the base and my piece on so I don't know if we took pictures of them or food joy from pictures but I think they were real sunflowers got to do an artist called van Gogh which I'm sure all of you tired of I wrote like a little bit of artists research here obviously bear in mind this was our first board and it wasn't meant to be that proper it was just kind of like teaching us how to do it I was talking about another van Gogh piece here then this this was a piece that I did I think I was up at like 11 or something and I thought okay let's just paint and it turned out really good and I was very surprising myself I don't know how I did it if I'm going to be honest to me oh I know what it is they were going how did it spot that I was drawing this picture here so I think I did a pretty good job is a copy but I feel like every time you do a copy should make your own so it's not a direct copy but this is the picture I was basing it off and I think it was a van Gogh one I think maybe this was also something you had to learn this was and this is why I mean annotation is so important because I can't remember what it was for outline of my patterned sunflower I don't know what the name of it is but I think there's a name for this kind of thing where you do loads of patterns I said this was done in fine liner and I've obviously done loads of different patterns so hey we've got weave a weave is something we often did for every project basically and it's just meant to represent the connors are using in the project so obviously sunflower has reds oranges yellows this was like a really inventive idea of mine I just randomly thought this and what I did is in being cute we were told to always pick up like the sample paint things so it's like little cards that just like a sample of what that paint will look like and then I cut them out with a some flower petal stencil and then I put them all the way around so I think what was meant to go here idea there was something missing here it's the title and I never got round to doing it I think so yeah there was meant to be a title here what was next wasn't this I love this board this is the second project we were doing I think it's Michael Brennan wood right yes so you don't know if you're gonna be able to see it because of the stitching but it says Michael Brennan wood this was based on his work but it was also based on flowers I don't know quite how I got to the idea of using these kind of flowers it was a group we had to learn different flower techniques of how to make different fabric flowers this is one of them I think this is probably another one and this was also another kind of flower I would do a close-up of this and what we had to do is we had to teach the rest of the class how to do that technique or that flower making techniques that each group did different one and that means that the whole class can learn all of them so it just makes it faster then I've talked about how it shows my development and how I use this flower here and my final piece I tried doing like stitching over the felt I don't know you can about see that but again I'll do a close-up for that this is artists research this is me talking about Michael Brennan Woods work what I like about it what I find interesting this is about his life these are the being key things that I was talking about I've literally just done like a plot this looks so cool I love it this is like a a plat made-up string and I've just used different colors of blue because that works with a theme and then I have sweated them through so again as I said we did a weave project this is a weave I did you can obviously tell when you defer that but it's linked to the project because of the colors so this is my final outcome that's just me sketching it was this just the design yeah this was just a design and this is actually the final piece so this is what I was originally gonna do and that's actually what happened I had to talk about my final piece so I think here I would have wrote about the process what went well did I stick to my original design so I would have said that no I didn't stick to that I moved on to that and I made it into a dress which wasn't the plan and then I put pictures of the actual final piece this is the dress that I made for textiles but this is probably my favorite thing I've ever made I would literally wear this what I did was I went into hmmm and I found this top this was a top that I cut into a crop top and then I attached it to this so I sewed onto this fabric I did like two layers of it I measured it all out and then I sewed along the top and I'll it she just pulled it the string after I've done like a loose stitch and that bunches all together I stuck on all these flowers I guess you could call them flower than Irene no he called them but I just stuck them on with hot glue at home and yeah I'm so happy with how they turned out but it took me a ridiculous amount of time okay this one is a very disorganized bubble my next project was printmaking and this is one of the board's I made it's not finished you can even see me if I show you guys okay I'm gonna have to do close-up of this because there's just no way that I can fit this all on screen these here are some prints I need obviously with printmaking we were taught how to do it we did line it Cup I think these are some of the trials I did so I developed these and we did these onto fabric pieces so the whole class did this I started experimenting with different colors these different layers kept cutting more out of my line oh and did it on paper as well I collage underneath I also enjoyed it over some of these this whole board is something I made in year 11 but it was for projects in year 10 this is a mono printing it is Sleeps black ink all over the fabric you can do on paper as well but I did on fabric and then I stitched over it this was something I made in year 11 as well this was something I had from year 10 this is like a pencil sketch that I did of my final piece so this is something pretty bad that I didn't year 10 I think I did this one year 11 this was meant to be what the final piece was gonna be so the final piece is meant to be a skirt but it ended up not being a skirt because my teacher told me not to do it which is probably good advice to be honest I will send me to weave as I said I always did we for each one I guess it kind of works with the colors it's just really nice in person II this was something that I kind of thought of in year 11 because in my project in year 11 I was doing stitch sketching which is sketching on the sewing machine and that how this happened so I didn't have that skill in year ten so when I had it in your love and I used it I put those different fabrics together and then I started on top of them there's the flower this is another flower and that's also flower but this is one of the pieces that I did in year 11 this is like a huge flower that then I have some branches coming off another flower it was just the idea of using the print and then adding colors around I think it's a little bit rushed I guess because there's just fabrics flying about there's still pins here I didn't finish this property this was a print that I made in year 11 again with the same rule I know that I used for my exam so for my mock exam this is the print I use but I just made it again by using the liner again again I've incorporated those past all kind of colors and that was kind of my theme to use like not really really bright colors I guess bright colors but more that these colors all kind of work together so nice pastel blue uses pastel greens just very light colors so that was why I chose those colors this is the final piece I still have one more board to show you I just wanted to show you the final pieces of class this is what I was going to make into a skirt the piece that I just showed you that I was gonna use the print to add on to this to make interscope because it was too short that's why I made that but my teacher said don't do that and make it into a second final piece so that was my second final piece it's the first one this is what I made in my mock exam in year 10 it really didn't work out for me the stitching that you see on top of here was not there in the exam all I did was the prints on the fabrics I was so disappointed who myself I just thought oh I failed I didn't actually know what grade I got but I don't think I was very good that's why I knew it up and I added the stitching on I also did some machine embroidery over the top and it just kind of made it a lot prettier I left some of the loose threads I just think it really works as a piece I did want to make into a skirt but I think maybe you would have lost the beauty of it because you wouldn't have been out to see everything my printmaking board my second one I made this in Europe as well because I completely was not doing any work this all of this everything you see on this board made in year 11 I remember doing this for the textile table did and none of this was done so the piece that I showed you on the this board is linked to Cass Holmes I just couldn't fit it on this board syrup it on that one then I also had a piece inspired by Seeley heart which has gone missing this is artist research for her I did every artist in a different colored border Angie Newman I made this lovely title with stitch sketching then pictures of her work and this is me talking about my opinions so in my opinion Angela's work is very intricate shows going out of detail I was just writing about her work I always had to write about like three specific pieces I would pick three pieces from each artist I like to know write about them and as you can see I typed everything because it was just not fast for me the background is wallpaper I often use wallpaper from being q what you can do is you can get like a sample from being Q so you can get a sample from there wallpaper and it's free so you obviously like if you were gonna paint your room or if you're going to use wallpaper when it room you'd want to have a song first so that's the idea of that if you actually want to know more about that printmaking board I've just shown you it's all in my textiles of vlog catching up on textiles it was called so literally exactly how I made that exactly what I did is in that vlog so I'll link that down below my first projects new lovin was this wow there's a lot of stuff I think if you guys can see that I think it's dust a little love whatever is this is the front of the book my first ever sketch book and I did these little ruffle things because that's what inspired my final piece what is happening there that's okay asleep oh this is the first page I don't know I the model had just didn't work out that yeah this I never finished this was a copy of this piece here so this was one of the artists I looked at this is one page or one artist so I was just doing basically a copy of one of the pieces that obviously was not put on properly okay this is the second artist that I looked at so this is all my artist research pictures of there and I never got around to doing the title this was a space for the title I don't think I ever did any titles for any of these this is a we've inspired by her work this is a watercolor painting that I did that I dress absolutely love this painting hair I don't know how that happened either and I always made a new background each page so this is why me a sketch sketch books are a time consuming stuff is falling out this book like crazy this is another page this is for a different artist I don't know why I chose this artist but again I analyze the pieces that I liked from his work what was that these are pages we had to do so we had to do three people out of collage so I used follow up but then I made like a little triangle dress so it was made out of collage triangles I would do close-up for this is quite a cool thing I did and then I just took pieces out of magazine that also took models out of magazines and then create them with different pieces that also made like a funky background here the issue with this background is that you can't really see the things on it I really quite like these designs I don't know what the task was for these that this is why I needed annotations but I forgot to know I forgot I didn't arrive to do annotations for these so this is a fabric based mood board so this was my mood board just different things that I wanted to include in my project colors fabrics ruched fabric or ruffles this kind of thing I used a lot on my project so that's why that's there I also use plots a lot so that's also works on my mood board and these are just there's another task that we had to do again okay this is not falling out what happened here okay I see something I never got around to finishing we did like a close experimentation where we experimented using recycled fabrics because it was called upcycling so it's like recycling old fabrics so I'm just gonna okay I'm really trying to hold I'm really trying to tell these all up but I will do a close-up of these obviously yes this page wasn't done but I've gotta say that back is lovely I use newspaper and I stuck it down did I use a sponge baby to just add colors that I think this is an experimentation page you have to do different techniques you have to show how you can do different techniques so here I was showing weave this was actually like herb weave for made out of this was like a really loose knitted jumper fabric and I just caught it from the jumper and then inside the holes I just weaved in and out and I made a weed this is mono print this is collage I guess and these are marbled ink so marbling this was something as I said I used it and I used this in my final piece so yeah this is just inspired by my final piece I don't know why I've drawn a model there yeah the background for this was really unnecessary okay those are just gonna have to come out say this is me – I'm post-it notes of what I was gonna do we've lost final piece in color hey that didn't happen but I nearly finished the sketchbook which is quite impressive but I as I said this this is not finished and this is probably the piece of work that I hate the most I didn't hate it but I just I'm not very proud of it I did do a final piece for that I do have it but I didn't take it all because it was it was very big I will insert some pictures now of my final piece it was probably my least favorite piece again this whole project wasn't probably my favorite it was kind of a feel like it really the design wasn't well thought out it just wasn't it wasn't in my comfort zone I think it was also amok and I really didn't like it but I went at pictures anyway I just think that it just didn't come together how I had planned and I don't think I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do to be honest but anyway moving on moving on I don't have my exam boards pretty much I didn't have much else to show you pop for my final piece this is my exam final piece but it's not the whole thing this is basically the main body of it I just added like a little bit on top but it's not meant to be like a corset say that I wanted to wear this this mmm this is just a tree basically this was very hard to do because the fabric is so thick it's like sheep's wool merino wool and I've used that together with water I did pretty well given that it was very hard to see through but it would have just wrapped around the mannequin I'm pretty happy with that to be honest it does look like a tree I think it doesn't look like a tree I don't know this is using the technique of stitch sketching I did make this fabric so I made so before the exam it was meant to be a tree but I made it quite messy I probably should have spent more time on that but that was before the exam the sewing on top was in the done for the bottom it was kind of like a piece of white fabric that I then use the heat gun to put holes in and then I put some thread on it yeah that's my final piece and I think that's actually everything for my textile stuff it's quite knowing that I can't get my exam boards back but you know is what it is so for now I will just insert the pictures but then literally were huge and they had all of the research artist research on them I used like a fabric as the background and I put the artists titles I did some design sketches and we've I think as well I just put different trials on there and just things about my project so it was basically the same as these walls I've shown you now it's just that we're a lot bigger and little for this exam piece hey guys all for my textiles coursework and exam work if you guys are looking to do textiles or an art face object this is kind of what you would need to do to get a start as you can see not all of my work was polished not everything was there a lot of it was falling out my book hopefully you can get an idea of what kind of thing you need to do what kind of standard you need to have obviously every project will be different to mine you may not be given the same projects as mine don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel you can also follow me on my social media everything be on the screen it's that demise to me on everything if you want to add me on snapchat my code will be right here my snap code you just screenshot that and my name is DeMarco a beat on that apart from that I'll link all of my textiles blogs and videos down below if you won't check any of them out they might be of use to you if you're doing techstars and if you have any questions leave any comments down below but apart from that I'll see you guys or in my next video

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