My Blackwood Cardigan Collection and OWOP Outfits

My Blackwood Cardigan Collection and OWOP Outfits

hi everyone and welcome back to my channel this is Susie from sea salt and stitches thanks for joining me again today today I'm going to share my Blackwood cardigan collection with you I was gonna have it up last week but it's the Christmas period and there's just so much going on and I just didn't have any time so we're gonna do that today and the other thing I wanted to talk about first though is announce the winner to my giveaway that I was running in my last video for week reaching 2,000 subscribers and I've already contacted them so they do know but just so that everyone else knows it was Athena kaku kaku sorry if I pronounced your surname wrong Athena and she actually has a youtube channel so in YouTube channel as well so if you haven't and check that one out then you definitely should the details will be in the description box below and it was completely random by the way just just to be transparent I tallied up all the comments and there were so many thank you so much for all entering and I use the run random number generator and then counted my way up to the right one and it happened to be Athena so there you go and your Christmas present is winging its way to you right now but thank you to everyone who did enter I really wish I could send a thank-you present to all of you but you know but thanks so much for entering I really really don't appreciate it and I really did appreciate all the comments and suggestions on what I should do with that fabric from the textile center fabric hall that was also in that video I've already sewn up the silver and velvet you'll be pleased to know because that was definitely a favorite among among that haul so we'll see what it see what it's like I'm sort of on the fence with it but I'm excited to share it with later on maybe at the end of the month and but yes so anyway I'm actually now on to over 3,000 subscribers which is just crazy in the last like two weeks I've um got over a thousand ex new subscribers so thank you so much and welcome new subscribers and old to the channel and I think the main reason for the new subscribers really is the love that I've been getting for my nap time sewing video I'll put a link up here for it and everyone seems to really really enjoy that and watching the sewing process and a lot of you found it helpful so I'll definitely do more of those naptime sewing videos and if you have any particular garments that you would like to see me sew up during the nap times and please let me know and put a message in the comments one of my ideas that I might be doing is another one of these I'm definitely making another one this is a toaster sweater um and I have fabric already set for that so I will be making one of those so I might do a nap time sewing one of those but if you can think of any other patterns that you're interested in seeing so now it can't be a complicated one because I mean the whole point of the nap time sewing is I'm just trying to get something done quite quickly and if possible you know if it's a slightly more complicated one it might be a few nap times rolled into one but that could end up being a really long video and I'm very conscious that I don't want it to be boring for people either um and I don't want to break it up into you know smaller you know several videos either so ramble over if you have any ideas of things that you'd like me to sew up in the nap time videos just let me know okay now on to my black woods collection now there is a link for everything I'm talking about in the description box below I will link to this it's the Helens closet Blackwood cardigan it is a digital PDF download I did have quite a lot of people asking me where they could get the pattern when I was doing mine that time sewing video I put all the information in the description box below so do make sure you click on show more so you can see everything that's written down there and more than likely if you're looking for a link it's gonna be there okay great so anyway this was for the one week one pattern challenge that was hosted by Sousa Shona from South faction and at the end of November there and I had a really great time it's a good challenge and just to see how you can mix and match your garments maybe you have seven so you could wear a new one every day I had five so I had a little bit of restyling to do and I think that's part of the fun really and so I just wanted to show you which once I have and then I'll put up photos that I had shared on Instagram of my actual outfits that I were each day as well so let's get started right so this is my black knitted Blackwood cardigan it's the first one that I made it's a lovely soft squishy fabric from Minerva crafts and it's just a real staple to have in your wardrobe and it was very easy to sew up there's really actually very little to talk about it apart the only negative thing actually is that the fabric is going Bali now um and that is with not very much wear so I am really a bit sad about that because it is so soft and comfortable and versatile and so I'm going to put get a D bowler and try my best to prolong its life but that is a little sad aspect unfortunately and and I'm looking at my phone here just to double-check on Instagram what did I I wore this on day 2 in this outfit here and that was where my Tova that I made recently as well for the satisfaction blogger team post in a beautiful cotton lon and I really love that and I wore it with maroon skinnies yeah I really like that outfit I hadn't actually worn that combination before so it's it's nice that you know I discovered that that was a good combo and and I'll definitely be wearing that again and then I also wore it on day four and I wore it with my plum pain molly dress hack so to speak oh I hate that term hack hybrid all like yeah so I used the plantain sleeves because I I'm not such a fan of the the drop sleeve of the Mali and that's the sort of wreck Mali top and dress from the city break capsule wardrobe collection I've probably said that in the wrong order that's who this link down below guys and but I used the dress pattern from the Molly and I just merged them together so that I had the normal sleeves from the plantain and I had the Molly neckline so it's not as low as the plantain plantain is from dear and OH and again the link will be in the description box below if you're curious that's a free t-shirt pattern so do check that out it's one of my absolute favorites and and I just wore that with so let me see what was it opaque black tights and my flat red shoes which actually I've got changed into wellies because I went out you know with my with my kids into the park and those little flat loafers are not simple for this time of year they look nice in the house nice bit of red and yeah I really like that pattern as well and our that outfit combination as well and it was just super cozy and I loved it so on to my maroon burgundy okay and this is my Ponte knit and maroon and black word but I made up in my naptime sewing video that you would have seen and it is super soft and cozy it's a little bit tighter on me than the black one because the Ponte has a little less stress stretch than the knit of the the black the black cardigan but I wore this on day one with those same sort of berry burgundy skinny jeans and it goes really well and then also I actually put on like a similar toned top underneath it was all sort of monochromatic but slightly different shades which I thought was really nice and then I flung on that bright pink scarf as well because it was freezing I was very happy to be wearing that scarf and it looked quite nice as well just that extra bright pink to it and then I also wore it on day three with my gable top from Jennifer Lauren handmade patterns again pattern the link will be down below in this description description box gosh I can't talk today guys sorry in the description box below and I love that top and it just goes so well with this cardigan so I'm really happy again to discover that nice and combination and I will absolutely be wearing those together that's actually maybe my favorite and combo of those two that I've just shown you and now we will move on to the next one right this is my yellow slightly fluffy knitted black word that I made as part of my Indian summer collection and if you haven't checked that out please do so I'll put a link up above for you there is a planning video a lookbook and then a summary for that collection and this cardigan is part of that actually so was that gable top that I just showed you as well and I wore this on day one two three four five day five and I wore it with a knitted um sort of jumper tunic that it's ready to wear and you see it in the outfit here and big thick furry boots because again it was really cold and I was really happy for all those layers and actually that was another discovery and that the cardigan went so well with the jumper with the yellow in the jumper so brilliant because yellow is actually not a color I wear very often so to have something else in my wardrobe that it's the same shade color amazing and yeah brilliant discovery you know this is what's happening during the Oh what challenge is that you're you're challenging yourself to and where where are the things that you make so and not just make them and hang them up and never get around to wearing them so I love that and it made me realize that oh yeah I can wear this in different ways so I was very happy to discover that and now we get on to probably my two favorite black words and they were a big hit on Instagram as well slight variations to the pattern and I'm really excited to share them okay this is my longline Blackwood cardigan that I made and I absolutely love it I love it I love it love it did I say I love it I love it so it is a very thin knit fabric from also Minerva actually and I mean it's actually very quite see-through the inside you can very clearly I can very clearly see the knit but on the outside it's very very fluffy and you don't really see that and it just looks smoother sorry I can't think of the right description descriptive word there but basically I just am added I can't remember what it was maybe about 40 45 centimeters on to the bottom of the pattern and I decided to keep the I know this isn't in shops after lifted up to keep the bottom band along there as well and just lengthen the front band as well and what else did I do I decided to this was basically purely inspired by photos that I had seen on Pinterest for this style of cardigan and a lot of them I had buttons so I was like I'm gonna I'm gonna put buttons on them so I managed to pick up these really lovely vintage French vintage buttons 1950s buttons at a craft fair I went to and maybe a week before I made this pattern back in November and they I just thought they were absolutely perfect for it you know you need quite big ones I did have others in my stash but they weren't quite big enough and I didn't think they look quite right they are purely decorative I have not put any button holes on the other side because the black one is not made to join up in the middle and it doesn't bother me in the slightest that you know there's not button holes it is just purely decorative and very happy with that and I just love wearing it it's really really cozy and you can see the outfit that I styled it with on day one two three four five six on day six it was skinny's little ankle boots and a massive big blue scarf just to add a bright color because I actually just love color and I was feeling like it was a bit too monochromatic it's a big bright injection of blue and I love that color blue and it was a super cozy comfortable outfit well I felt a little bit stylish I don't normally feel stylish so I was very happy with that and everyone seemed to look on Instagram as well so thank you very much and my final and black word for the collection is this beauty here um I if you saw my video recently that I did saying let me plan my Christmas party collection and I had this black sequined fabric and I wasn't exactly sure what I was gonna do with it and I did mention that maybe I would make a black wig but most of you said go and make a kimono and I was tempted with that but I would have had to buy more fabric and I just had the idea for the black one stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out and I was like right I'm gonna do it and I decided that there was enough stretch in this it's it's on knit so there is a little bit of stretch on the sequins that I didn't alter the body parts of the pattern apart from this the sleeves here I thought that that was the only part that might end up being a little bit too tight so I just extended the size of the arms I on both the pattern the the body and the sleeve and that's it actually and then I tapered into the normal size here and it actually fits perfectly because the black woods as I said earlier there it's not made to close in the middle so if it's a little bit tighter on the body it doesn't matter because it doesn't have to try and meet and I should mention this at the start I decided to do the neck band the the face the bottom band and the cuffs from the leftover black knit fabric that I used from my initial Blackwood cardigan for two reasons one the main reason being that I didn't want the sequins to be up at my neck and scratching me I thought that would be really uncomfortable and irritate me a lot and the other reason was that I just thought it would make it a bit more casual I'm not quite so formal and I really think it does that and it just adds that little bit of interest you know just a little bit of texture difference from the sparkly sequins to the very matte soft squashy knit accents I I really like that actually now what I didn't do is I haven't topped stitched that down which is what you you are supposed to do in the instructions but I would there was no way I was going to top stitch on top of those sequins and it's fine actually yeah I'm really happy with that and this will be part of my Christmas party collection or whatever I'm gonna call it probably out and so I will probably not talk more about it but I will be sharing it again in those videos as well and I wore this on the final day off the challenge as my final hurrah just a bit of sparkly bling to finish off the challenge and I paired it with my rifle Paper Company LeFleur Ogden kami Hagen kami is by true bias and again the link will be down below and yeah I mean how Christmassy is that outfit I absolutely love it I was really really pleased with how it goes together and I just love I love pairing the black woods with other me maids from my wardrobe which I did fare a few times during the challenge so I'm really happy with that so and that's it guys I really hope you enjoyed the tour of my black wood cardigan collection and and thank you Shona for hosting one week one pattern this year I had loads of fun and I really enjoyed the challenge as I said many many times during this video and thank you so much for watching everyone and I will see you again very soon bye

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  1. Not sure how I missed this video. Apart from loving your Blackwood cardigans, I am absolutely coveting your blue scarf. Would you happen to recall where you purchased it?

  2. I love, love, love this cardigan. Handbags and cardigans are me! I am ordering this pattern today. I Iove how different this basic cardigan looks in the different fabrics you made them in, and how fantastic all of your outfits look. I’m very excited to try making one (or several). I do enjoy your nap time sewing videos. Please keep filming them. Also, I purchased the toaster sweater pattern to make for my daughter who will be 25 in April. I think she will love it. Thank you!

  3. Nice sewing channel, just found it and I am going to watch all of it! I see that you are using Brother sewing mashine, i am planing to buy new sewing mashine , do you recommend Brother? I have a Brother serger that I am very happy with.

  4. Hi Suzanna, thanks for the reply! I got the PDF pattern It’s the Jackie pattern from Iconic patterns!

  5. They are all lovely!! Can you tell me if you made the yellow Blackwood Cardigan  with a serger and did you have to reinforce all of the seams?. I managed to find the fabric and bought some, but , It's a knitted Mohair Blend and i've never used this type of material before and I'm a bit scared of it to be honest with you.  It seems to be a loose knit and i'm nervous that it will run..  Thank you so much.

  6. Love this collection. The sequined one is fabulous! Have gotten this pattern now, and ordered some cosy black French Terry to try it, and then hopefully find some more interesting knits! My suggestion for naptime sewing would be the SOI Molly top/dress! Or maybe a SOI ultimate shift dress as that's not too complicated either.

  7. Great vid! I don't like the term "hack" either…I do like the word hybrid in its place. You did a great job on your Cardigans…I really need a black one and I'll be sewing one up once all the Christmas hoopla is over…the Blackwood is the pattern I've chosen so I love the different examples of fabrics and colours you made yours in. Lovely!

  8. Hi Suzie! You made some beautiful cardigans, my favorite one is the last one and I'm totally going to copy you and make a long one with fake buttons haha!
    Funny story: the day before you posted this video I put the yellow knit in my shopping cart while browsing the Minerva Crafts website and was about to get it for an Artemis coatigan. I actually thought it was heavier and then I saw this video and remembered your cardi and the trouble you had with the fabric, so I went for something else! I think you may have saved the day! 🙂
    Thanks again for the giveaway and your lovely comments about my channel, I was thrilled to win the gift and can't wait to receive it! Oh, and you said my name correctly so don't worry!

  9. Congratulations to Athena. Fabulous collection of cardies Suzanna. I completely agree, the super long grey one is simply stunning. Definitely my favourite. And Im so glad to see these extra long cardies coming back in….it reminds me of one I had in my late teens…lol….if only it fit me now. teehee. Lee x

  10. Your Blackwood collection is wonderful! I like the blinged out one with sequins! Oh, and I am not a fan of the word hack either.

  11. The fabric you have used on your Toaster is beautiful. How heavy is the knit? I’ve only made one Toaster out of a pretty heavy quilted knit and I’ve been afraid that the Art Gallery Jersey knits in my stash won’t support the collar.

  12. I can't believe how easy you made this look! There's no way I could accomplish that in two hours. Great job!

  13. Love your long Blackwood! I love this pattern—- it was my most popular make in my November Makes video! I think I’m going to try doubling the neckband to up the cozy factor. 😉

  14. All your Blackwoods like fabulous as part of your outfits – it was a terrific exploration of "why I love the Blackwood" and anyone watching will 100% agree! That last outfit was just so lovely but they all were – I would be hard pressed to identify a favourite!

  15. Would you happen to have the Jackie Coat pattern? I know it’s online in Australia! Thanks for the awesome videos!

  16. I would love to see a Sew Over It Anderson Blouse sewn up. I have it in my queue and I feel a bit intimidated.

  17. Hi Suzanne, love all of your Blackwoods but I particularly like the long grey version and the black sequin one….😍they are so different and it just shows how using different fabrics can completely change the look. I would love for you to do a version#1 Toaster sweater as a sew along if can fit it in 👍. Hope your enjoying the Christmas season🎄😘

  18. Lovely cardigans !!! I've been living in my cardis this fall, and I just got the this PDF thanks to your naptime video !
    I just need to find fabric for it, so thanks for all the links in the description box.
    I would love any pattern you choose, especially if it's an indie !
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and have a great day !

  19. The black collar and cuffs of the sequin Blackwood reminded me of a tuxedo jacket. And you're right, it will look great with jeans. Well done. xoxo from Arizona USA.

  20. The best remover for balls (in America we call them pills) I've found is the electric shaver type. Used it for years with no incidence. Does a great job. The nice thing about a Blackwood that's gone ball-y is that now you have something nice to wear around the house. By the grace of God, husbands and babies never seem to notice balls. xoxo from Arizona USA

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