My Cats Try the Squirtle Costume | Vlogmas Day 10

My Cats Try the Squirtle Costume | Vlogmas Day 10

Good morning, welcome to Vlogmas day 10. I’m here with Maro because he’s really cold, and he won’t get off my lap Say hi Maro You comfy?
He’s been here for like the past half an hour, and if I get up and try to go somewhere He gets really angry and meows So it looks like I’m gonna be sitting here for a while. We ended up not going to Costco today, change of plans but instead I think I’m gonna start looking through my clothes and Finding stuff that I don’t need to bring with us when we move and I’m gonna donate a bunch today So we’ll be going to a thrift store later, and then we’re gonna set up our Christmas tree And I think I might put the Squirtle costume on Luna. We haven’t tried it yet What’re you doing? You cold? You cold? Boy you comfy? You comfy there? *Chuckles* Comfy boy. Luna’s eating She still uses her little feeder things. So she has to fish for it or else she’ll stuff it all down at once Alright, I finally convinced Maro to get off my lap He wasn’t happy, but I went through all my clothes And I found four bags, four full bags of clothes that I can donate, so that’s good. Four less bags I have to send to Korea. It’s apparently the thrift store’s closed today, but that’s okay. We’ll go back another day I got all my stuff prepared so we just got to drop it off. It’s easy. So instead, I’m gonna get to work on my New Year’s greeting cards I got some really cute stationery in Korea, and I’ve been collecting stuff in Japan I got some cute stamps and some cute stickers. Let me show you guys.
So these are the cards that I got in Korea It’s gonna be year of the dog next year so all the new year’s greeting cards and stationery and everything are dog themed It’s so cute And then in Japan- these are my absolute favorite their little omikuji stickers. Omikuji is like Your fortune for the year, so you peel them back, and it’ll tell you if you’re lucky or not So cute so I’m going to stick those on each of my cards, and then I got these little stamps- “Happy New Year” and then “Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu” Which is “Happy New Year” in Japanese, and a rainbow stamp pad to go with them. Can’t wait to try it Hope it works out, hope it looks as cute as I’m assuming it will. And then I got some little dog stickers, dog New Year stickers, some Japanese New Year’s decorations on them Oh no there’s more, some different ones. It’s also a dog. It looks like a cat, but It’s a dog Let’s do a little test on my notepad cuz I don’t want to Stamp on the cards and totally mess it up. So I think we need some practice Please work. Oh that looks good, looks promising Yes, it’s so cute. Oh my god. I love it. Aww, that looks so cute I guess I should wipe off the corner, so it doesn’t do that next time, but other than that Turned out pretty good.
Look it turned out perfect This ink is so cute Luna, Squirtle time? Squirtle time? Maro, Squirtle time? Maro do you wanna try it first? It’s warm Don’t cover his face This is too big! You can’t see his face It’s too small It’s too small for him Luna, is it warm? It looks warm Maybe she doesn’t hate it Come here, you’re a good sport, good job It didn’t exactly look comfortable on her so we took it off. It was fun while it lasted Looked warm though. I think it was just a bit too bulky. She couldn’t walk properly Keyboard-san’s making dinner for us tonight.
What are you making? Keyboard-san: Curry. Sharla: What kind of curry? Keyboard-san: Huh? Sharla: [Louder] What kind of curry? K: Veggie.
S: Veggie curry
K: Yeah S: Thanks
Alright my job is to find the tree, no idea where it is Oh is that it? I think that’s it You guys, I cannot wait to get one of those really cute trees in Korea and it’ll be next Christmas They were so pretty. Okay, tree out, now where are Where are the decorations, oh well I guess we’ll set the tree up first Curry’s ready, it smells good. It’s my first time trying this sauce. I hope it’s good Good. I finally found a curry, like a pre-made curry sauce that doesn’t have any meat in it I’ll put a picture here, so you can see what the box looks like. I haven’t been able to find it in any stores But you can order it on Amazon.
Okay so we have a technical issue with the New Year’s cards. I ran out of the cute cards from Korea So I pulled out some other cute stationery that I got and I did the stamps on those but Because of the type of paper, it’s not absorbent enough or something. I guess it has some kind of coating on it It won’t dry Oh, it came up on my finger, so I’m sitting here for an hour, and it won’t dry. I did all these cute cards Man What a waste. I put some tape on this one, it protected it. It’s fine, but it kind of smushed it I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to throw them all away. They look so cute Do you think it looks decent with the tape or is that weird I guess that’s not that bad? But it’s not perfect, and it bugs me.
Look at them, they’re bonding Sometimes they get really friendly with each other and Maro make like these really cute noises. It’s like they’re having a conversation They never sleep like touching each other, but they’re always really close I don’t know why It’s really weird I guess they’re friends not a couple Alright the house is looking festive, the tree is up. Let’s open some mail because I feel like some of these are gonna be Christmas cards This looks like a Christmas card. First, let’s admire the very adorable drawings of Maro and Luna.
If you watched my Bunkasai video, there are lots of Norwegian students at my university and they would sell these waffles at the Bunkasai Reminds me of university.
This is from Marie. I know who this is It is a Christmas card. I was right. Yay. I love decorating my house with Christmas cards I get a string and like hang them on the string on my bookshelf or something oh I would love to visit Norway I’d love to go so much. I have a few Norwegian friends, and it just sounds really amazing Maro and Luna, Marie says hi. They say thank you, aww, thank you so much. I love it.
This is from Jennifer in Japan Don’t you hate that when the stickers are so cute and you don’t wanna wreck them? Can do it, I can do it Yes
Oh you have such cute writing Aww I’m so glad my videos helped you Good luck with your exercise and diet, as you know I’ve been trying to do that too I haven’t updated you guys, but I’m doing well. I feel like I’ve really gotten the diet part down I still eat what I want, but I eat smaller portions of it, and I don’t snack all the time And I’m just kind of gotten used to that and it’s really good. I’ll do an update video eventually How do you like living in Hyōgo? I actually was there for Three weeks, I think the second time I came to Japan I had a Japanese friend that lived in Hyōgo and I stayed with her family for Three weeks, I really liked it, but we mostly just stayed in the countryside at her house But everyone was really nice there. Thank You Jennifer Alright, let’s open this one from Monique in Australia. Aww Thank you so much for the pet pictures I love getting pictures of your guys’ pets. If you ever send me a letter, please include pictures of your pets Thank you so much Monique. Don’t worry your writing isn’t bad. I could read it. That’s good enough Let’s switch it up and open up a big package I think I’ll just do like a couple packages per vlog, and it’s not gonna be like a whole big mail video Cuz I feel like some people find those boring.
This one is from Jade and Kieran in the United Kingdom Aww you wrapped them all up! Should I wait till Christmas to open them? Look! Something feels wrong about opening Christmas presents early There are so many things in here You guys! You spoil me! Oh so cute, is that your cat? You guys. Oh, you have nice writing too, aww Don’t worry, I never knew what I wanted to do for a job either Then I ended up being youtuber, who knows what I’ll do in the future. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing that’s all that matters I love this card. Oh my god This is the best Christmas card ever. Oh I want to make ones with my cats too You guys wanna be on a Christmas card? Oh there’s one for Maro and Luna! Oh, oh I see a toy Wanna see the rest? Oh, Luna Maro’s intrigued. There’s some snacks. Snack time? Luna Oh yeah, you heard the food Oh Oww, it’s a finger, Luna It’s that good? Say thank you. Say thank you. Okay, this looks like tea. So I’m gonna open it This looks so nice! I want to try one right now. It’s probably lots of caffeine in it, and it’s already late. I will have this in the morning This one also looks like tea. Ooh Ginger bread Tetley indulgence gingerbread Looks so good, ooh one more possible tea box I know this size and shape. Yes! It’s the cherry one. Okay this series of Twinings green tea is so delicious. You guys know, I love the caramel one. This is cherry bakewell I don’t know what that is, it must be some kind of British dessert or something But I think it’s like a cherry pie something. Oh it looks so good Possibly a snack? This is a new flavor- banana bread. These sound so good I want to eat them right now. I just had curry, but they look so good. Peaches! They’re the gelatine free gummies I haven’t had a peach gum in so long I really like the texture of these gelatine free gummies. They’re slightly tougher and chewier than a regular gummy, and I really like that Also possibly a snack Oh my god, *gasp* isn’t these bite things? Salted caramel I tried these in a different flavor And they were so good.
If you’ve never tried these Nākd bites before they’re like a nice Replacement to chocolate-covered raisins, that kind of thing which I really used to love so That looks so good. Oh my god, it’s really cute stationery Holy crap, the little notepad that looks just like Luna Ah these are so cute another notepad And there’s some stickers I’m never gonna want to use cuz they’re so cute I need to force myself to use my sticker collection cuz otherwise they just sit in a drawer, so Thank you so much, you guys. You really spoils me. I cannot wait to try these teas. Let’s go give Keyboard-san his present Sharla: Present. Keyboard-san: Ah, thank you. Open it! Huh? You want me to open it now? Should open it on Christmas Day right? You’re gonna wait? I KNOW WHAT IT IS If I feel it I know Don’t touch it then!! He wants to wait till Christmas So we’ll put it under our tree. It’s our first present under the tree.
Alright guys I’m gonna end the video here because I gotta edit it then I gotta get up really early cuz I’m doing a livestream tomorrow for my Patreon. If you’re a Sharmeleon tier and up patron I will see you tomorrow in the livestream I hope. It’ll be starting at 11 a.m. Japan time I’m gonna post the link on the Patreon feed so go check there right before it starts Hope to see some of you guys there. Bye guys see you tomorrow I’m hanging with Micaela tomorrow – she’s in Tokyo yay, so you guys will get to see her. It’s been so long I can’t wait to see her You

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  1. Your cats were clearly thrilled by the squirtle jacket lol I do agree it seemed a little bulky for them. And I think the tape would work just try to place it very gingerly so it doesn't move too much and smear the ink. If you have a hair dryer that might help too. Also cute tree ^^! How do you get your cats to behave so well around the tree? My little girl tries eating my fake tree and plays with the topping I have (it's a bird; I know, poor decision lol)

  2. Do you think you’re gonna miss living in Japan? I mean, you’re right next to it and you can get to it very easily if you’d like to, but still. Just curious.

  3. So weird you don't have Golden Curry. Here in Germany it's in every asian supermarket and people say japanese eat it all the time. Is that a lie? xD

  4. Golden Curry brand is amazing! My Obarchan is full blooded Japanese and we always use that brand. We get the black colored box I think it's the spicyest one. We usually cut it with the green box to make it a little less spicy sometime. Soooooo good.

  5. Hi Sharla, Kieran and I are so glad our package made it to you safely and that you liked everything 🙂 We are excited that the present we sent for Keyboard San is the first under your tree! We are loving vlogmas! x

  6. Ahh!! Your cats are so cute!!! Seeing Maro and Luna makes me happy! It was nice while lasted trying the Squirtle costume! XD

  7. Hi, Sharla and Keyboard-san! So glad you were able to find a place! Maro and Luna in the Squirtle costume made me smile so much! <3

  8. Hi Sharla! I love all of your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video about what it's like to date/be married to someone from a different culture and to communicate fully in your second language. I am really interested in the story of you and keyboard-san ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I use the Golden Curry brand too, I love it! I've tried the others and I just didn't like them as much.
    The stamps, might be worth trying out a hairdryer?

  10. It won’t dry because it’s a glossy surface stamped with a pigment ink. The only way to rescue it is using a clear embossing powder and an embossing heat tool to dry it out. The type of ink to use on the glossy paper is STAYZON ink pads. They’re for stamping on photos. They don’t make rainbow though. 💕

  11. I love listening to you and Keyboard san laughing like that xD It reminds me of how my husband and I laugh when we are being silly with our cats <3

  12. Really, you can’t find the golden curry brand anywhere? It’s probably the only or at least most common curry brand here in the states. It’s in every Asian market here in NYC mad even in some grocery stores in the “international” section.

  13. It was really nice of you to stay home and keep Maro warm instead of going to Costco.Aannnddd this could be the last of Vlogmas. And Sharla and Keyboard San. There could be revenge for the costume o.O Maro's death glare from the corner was menacingly adorable.

  14. Loved the comment about your cats being friends not a couple haha also i wish i could dress my cats but they would hate it 😛

  15. Love your vids Sharla! Can you buy those stamps and rainbow stamp pad you bought in Japan (the Happy New Year ones) online? Would love to buy some for myself. ^_^

  16. golden curry is so nice! i sometimes buy that in the asian supermarket here too 🙈 and the cards turned out sooo cute! super like them

  17. Yeah its the most common curry sauce to buy in supermarkets in the states. XD Glad you like it! Its my fave! Also its cute to hear keyboard-san talk like you to do Luna and Maro. My friends end up talking sorta similar how i do to my cats as well just because they respond better :3

  18. For those cards you could try using a hair dryer on it to get it to dry, or you could spray them with a sealant instead of using tape?

  19. Wow that’s the same brand of curry that they actually sell in the states they have them in a ton of just normal grocery stores here!

  20. I have 2 male cats who often cuddle when they sleep. Sometimes they just touch a little bit and sometimes not at all. So it doesnt man that cats are friends or a couple… I guess its just a part of their personality or so 🤔

  21. I"m so glad my letter made it! First time I"ve sent a letter in Japan 🙂 I"m enjoying Hyogo but I really need to explore outside of the big cities more. That's my goal for next year 🙂

  22. Seriously, cause of allergies, I can't find decent premade curry blocks product as well! Easiest thing is to just get the Japanese curry powder and make it from scratch, mine is just arrowroot powder and that special Japanese curry spice with the oil of my choice. Lots more flavor than the premade, and without the fillers in it and you can use the oil of your choice in it. Also, Next time with the ink, try sprinkling it with glitter or sand to absorb the moisture and dry overnight. So funny with the coat!

  23. I feel ya. I have around thousand stickers and I never them cause I think its a waste hahaha but actually its a waste not to use them but ya…..

  24. That is the kind of curry I buy! You can add whatever you like. The black label is the one I like the best. The only thing about it that is not good is if someone has a gluten allergy, it's not safe for them. C:

  25. Cherry Bakewell is one of the best things we have in England.
    And now I need to try to find the Cherry Bakewell Green Tea.
    The company Twinings originates 30 minutes from my home town. 🙂

  26. You can use your stickers in your journal. That way they don't go to waste, but you also get to keep them and look at them from time to time.☺

  27. I love this though the stamp part make me just want to learn more Japanese sadly I heard that most language teaching sucks if you can't pay for it shrug

  28. Hi, I love your cats. That’s cool that they have the same colors but one is fluffy and one has short hair. I subscribed to your channel, I hope you will check out mine and subscribe too!

  29. Very generous to gather up clothing for donating. SO helpful and important to do that where ever you go. The only thing I have to HIGHLY stress is be sure to use a donation center that actually gives the clothing/or the profits to the ACTUAL charity. Lots of CEO'S pocket the majority of the revenue…which is not only very greedy but defeats the charity purposes. Like your videos, Sharla.

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