24 Replies to “MY DAD BUYS MY OUTFITS?! | Challenge”

  1. My favorite part about this video is how sweet she was to her dad. So many younger teens are so disrespectful and unappreciative of their parents and it was nice to see what a healthy parent-daughter relationship looks like to set an example for younger viewers.

  2. I love her honesty, and I'm a brutally honest person so.. but I think she was a bit harsh on her dad. I think she looked great in all of them. I know she might have a different opinion but I think she hurt his feelings, I could tell. "I wish it was gold" was the first thing I noticed. But again, no hate love you ❤️

  3. Actually really liked the dress! Thought it was cute on you. I laughed so hard over the mustard leggings at the end and the Elf pic. 😂🤣😂 Your dad’s so sweet to do that for you! 😊

  4. how am i below average weight of a 11 year old (i’m twelve) am very short and wear the same size jeans as you

  5. It was so nice to see you being nice to your dad 😁 so many teenagers are disrespectful towards their parents. This is so cute

  6. Should be thankful she even has a dad around to do things like this for her. Not many girls do. And every single thing was cute. Besides those leggings.

  7. Unpopular opinion based on the comments the dad did a good job. But honestly why would she keep something she doesn’t love? The dad got his money back it all worked out on the end. Yeah she was picky but that’s how she was raised obviously her family has money so you can’t blame her for how she was raised. Ppl need to calm down.

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